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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Prom Pictures

Your faithful Author WJUK

Your other author Gavin (Me)

Group Photo

Thats just a few photos from our school prom

EDIT BY WJUK: Sorry for jacking your post Gavin but I figured if it's about Prom then it might as well be put here.

I present to you the Prom Video. Given to me by Gavin. Who, in turn, was given it by Laura. Things get a little crazy after that. But anyway, it's only 10 seconds long - I didn't film it. So, I spiced it up a little...

Just watch.

Decided to use the new feature on Blogger. Video uploading. Awesome.

Nevermind, it took wwaaaaaaaayyyyyy too long. So I opted for YT instead. Enjoy!

Direct Link.

And remember. If you have any queries, suggestions praises please send them to me.

And you have complaints... Gavin will be more than happy to oblige. :)

Looking back on the Prom...

It wasn't really a prom at all. Unless suddenly during the course of this (or maybe last) year the word 'prom' suddenly came to mean: 'raving party/just sitting and talking.' The talking was ok. But as Tom L (or was it Ashley... meh) put it: 'It's annoying when your talking to someone and they reply for a bit, then walk off like you never talked to them; like you never existed.

There were some funny bits in it. One time me, Gavin, Daisy and Ashley were sat around (half a) table. Started talking and what not. To be honest, Daisy was talking about something and I was hardly listening anyway. But Ashley walks off after the chat, comes back and cannot remember we talked. LMAO. You had to be there to enjoy the hilarity of the situation.

There was also dancing. But not dancing you'd expect at a prom. Most of the time it was just jumping up and down, spinning your head in circles etc. There was some amusing bits in it. Especially if it concerned: 'Jump on it' by Sugar Hill Gang. LMAO. For the most of the evening we were just trying to get the DJ to play it and finally he did. At 11:30. And we were totally unprepared. Gavin comes running into the room with the bar (and the singing lady) and shouts: 'HE'S PLAYING IT!' And there was a mad rush into the dance hall room (because that was what it was). And this was what ensued:

Laura managed to film us (well, I joined in later because there was nothing better to do) - but she can't get it to me until Sunday or Monday. Because she is at a wedding - whoptee doo. I heard it was LQ anyway.

Lets see. What else. Oh and the rooms it was in. Don't get me started. Essentially there were three rooms (4 if you counted the room with the stairs) and they weren't very big. With one entrance connecting the buffet room to the bar room. Oh and did I mention, the adults just liked to stand around the entrance. Effectively blocking everyone's path through there. What made it worse was that a plant was pretty much in front of the entrance. Which means you either got a face full of leaves or get smothered by teachers. *shiver* I opted for the plant. After I moved it aside.

The food was ok. But it was buffet food - so basically it was crap. The chips were to salty etc. The buffet on the cruise was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than that.

And I'm unhappy to say nothing much happened apart from that. Nothing. Well, Ashley, Tom L and I decided to go for a walk. Maybe to KFC. Got half way and decided to turn around as it was too far. I also managed to get a stitch from walking and it hurt bad. I got over it though. Tom L also managed to get us (me and him) some free beer. Nice. Which ended up in the trees by the way.

There was one recurring joke throughout the prom. And, unsurprisingly, it was about Daisy. And her spasmodic headbutting. She was telling everyone that it wasn't a headbutt. Even though her head managed to 'butt' Lewis in the head. I'd think that was a headbutt. But that was generally poked fun of.

Overall prom rating: 7/10 8/10.

What made me change my score? I got in for free.

And it's that time again. For the continuation of the story.

Last we heard of audacious, courageous, gallant, swashbuckling heroes. They came across a simpleton by the name of Lewis Gray... and managed to eat his parrot: Zort. Which lead to a kicking out. Now we rejoin them in the quest to find Gavin...

'You know Gimely what you did was very bad.' I speak. My voice dry and aching - due to the quenching thirst.

'I know. I said I'm sorry.'

'You have probably ruined that man's life forever.'

'Dude. Don't make me feel more like sh*t.'


The sun was at it's brightest and hottest. And here we were walking with no food, no water and I believe Gimely is starting to show signs of heatstroke.

*sigh* 'When is this going to end?' Gimely exasperated. His voice is also dry and totally different to when I first heard it.

'I don't know-'

'WAIT! Look there!' Gimely's hoarse voice shouted. Pointing into the distance. Sure enough, there was something there. WTF?! Trees? Why the hell are there trees there? I'm sure this is still a desert.

I look around me, and yes desolate sand dunes are still surrounding that place. We run towards it going for broke again. Hoping that it isn't a mirage. Hoping that we don't die in this place.

As we get ever-closing. The details start becoming clearer. That is a jungle. No doubt about it. A rainforest. No an oasis. Recalling what I heard during a rather eventful Geography lesson. Undoubted there will be water there. We're saved.

We carry on without a word to each other. Possibly, so we would save energy and be able to reach there. But mainly, because we were in awe that such a place existed.

We reach there and I could see everything clearly now. The lush forest. The essence of life. Every dung beatle, every centipede. It was real alright. Far away a big cat roared, scaring the birds out of the trees and, somewhat surprisingly, Gimely. A bush rustled just a few metres to the north east of us. Something was there...

A low growling sound emitted from the bush. I have a bad feeling about this.

'Is this a bad time to say that I'm scared easily?' Gimely speaks in a distressing tone. His hoarseness still remains but it seems to be pushed to the back of his stagnant mind.

Then from out of the bushes jumps a shadow. So fast. Gimely lets out a shriek of terror. Even with my extraordinary eyesight I can barely keep up with the speed of the 'thing'. It stops on the opposite side of us. We turn to face it. Now, we have the jungle behind us. And a 'thing' in front of us.

I got a good look at it before it started moving. It was... a mutant. Or a hybrid. I didn't really care. As long as we killed it, not the other way around. It had a lions head and mane. The body consisted of a leopards body (I could tell by the spots) but with much enhanced muscles. I sported teeth so large they surpassed Gimely's with ease. It was large. On all fours, it was almost as tall as I was. Sh*t.

'... WJUK... I'm scared....' Gimely babbles.

'Let us see which is quicker. That mutant or my guns...' I spoke with as much confidence as I could summon. Trying to convey hope to Gimely. This battle will be anyways bet.

The 'big cat' - as I named it in my head, that was the only way I could describe it without using 'thing' - leaped. Straight towards me. The leap bore down the gap between us easily. It was literally in front of me. Time slowed. If I don't move I'm going to die.

One more leap and the 'big cat' will be onto me. I must do something! Too late. I saw the claws extend out of it's mutant paws when it was just half a meter away from me. *gulp* I'm done for.

Will the terrifying speed of the 'big cat' prevail or will WJUK stare in the face of the death and laugh? - like he has done so many times before. Will Gimely be able to regain composure and fight?

Find out tomorrow...

Once again

It's Storytime

I left off with Me slowly stepping out in the desert.....with no water.

As i stepped into the desert straight away i knew i won't be able last long, i had no water or food. I had to find shade soon as the heat would soon affect me.
How have i've been walking for....1 hour...2 hours.....i didn't know, the only thing i was aware of was i needed to get home and inform WJUK i was okay. Then all of a sudden i saw something moving in the distance, a cloud of sand dust with a small figure, travelling at speed towards me....I grabbed both katana handles and was ready to fight.....it was getting closer...closer...it looked like a trolf mounted on something...I drew my katana's.

The trolf had a mace and had some armour on this could be troublesome. He got into striking distance, the trolf swung his mace at me, i went airborne and evaded it easyily, this should be easy. The trolf turned around on his mount and let an almighty Battlecry out, BOOM i shot the trolf straight in the forehead, Guns are so useful The creature now unmounted fled frighten of the bang from the gun, I knew more trolfs would be coming my way soon i had to hurry, i checked the trolfs corpse for anything useful, HUZZAH! a hip flask half empty with water, I continued walking

After walking for several hours taking small sips of the water knowing its all i had to survive I came across a gaint door which was open, it seemed to lead no where just a gaint door stuck in the middle of the desert with no purpose or meaning, what? foot prints? could it be?, after quickly examing the footprints i knew for certain, Gimely and WJUK has been here looking for me, finally i knew what i had to do, track gimely and WJUK down before they enter the Trolfs lair.

I followed the footprints for what seemed like hours but i knew it wasn't that long.
I heard a loud murmer I drew one katana and slowly advance skimming the surrounds for and danger, AND there it was, a man with his face hidden in his hands crying, I walk over slowly and waste no time with introducions

'Have you seen a guy with a pengiun come by'

He looked up slowly giving me a a fierce stare

'what? did i do something wrong'

after a long conversation with this local called lewis, i found out Gimley had eaten his bestfriend a Parrot...what a loser...a parrot for a bestfriend

Anyways, lewis seemed friendly although he wasn't the smartest person i knew and the fact that he let me eat at his place eventhough the stench of urine was strong.

everything seemed to be going fine until a piece of firewood fell from the fire and in a matter of seconds the hut was on fire...


Great, i have a completely useless sidekick

To be continued

Friday, 29 June 2007

GCSEs Done and Dusted! Prom...

After a complaint made known to me about how late my posts come up and stuff. I'm trying my best to start posting earlier. But I swear it's not good for my karma...


Oh well. Karma will have to live with it. Moving swiftly on from this topic:

As you may, or may not, know I had my final GCSE exam today. Maths (again). It was another one of those pilot exams. Basically, we are guinea pigs for an untested exam - that probably emits some kind of radioactive poison that plants a very small radioactive cell inside our brains and slowly kills us from the inside-out; very painfully. Probably not though.

It was a toughie as well. There were some very easy questions in there as well. You know the run-of-the-mill:

Coral says: 'Yada yada... <insert random mathematical terminology>'

Coral is wrong. Explain why.

Because she is a woman.

Which also accounts for the crash that happened outside the school's main gate today. I didn't see it as I use the back gate. But Gavin told us bout it, I think it was Gavin anyway. This is how I actually found out about it.

Gavin: Did you see the crash outside.

Lewis: Yea, a woman crashed.

Gavin: Ah, that explains everything.

Which he is probably right. I overheard it while talking to some other dude - thinking back, who was he? ... Nevermind.

Let's move on again.


I'm going.

The end.

Well, even though I haven't paid I'm going. If possible for free. But I might have to pay at the door. I also heard that where we are having the prom could be flooded. Damn. I'm guessing the rodeo bull won't be there from the media awards (yea, some place).

I'll update you with how it goes. Chances are we won't get served. Although I heard other people are bringing drinks, and teachers will buy us drinks or something. It's all just speculation however.

Now, it's that time again.

The continuation of the story that has no name...

Oh wait, before that I have a call to take. It's from Franklin...


Some unknown amount of time passes.

I'm back. It's a woman from Franklin saying next weeks open day for us is canceled. Because only 4 people decided to come. Thinking about it, it's probably me, Kate and two other people! Tom was meant to come, except he had no idea you had to post the later. Despite it saying so.

I also had to choose my subjects. *gulp* I stuck with my original ones, as I had no other ideas on what to do. There are:

  • IT
  • Media
  • Business Studies
  • (and the dreaded) Maths

In no particular order.

Anyway, back to the story.

<Insert dramatic movie voice>
The last we saw of our heroes they were split up. WJUK and Gimely have passed the door and are now traversing the desert. Gavin is also in the desert. Does that mean they will meet up? Let's find out in today's edition of the story...
<End melo-dramatic movie voice dude>

'I'm hot, tired, sticky and thirsty...' Gimely says with a dry tongue.

'Duh. Last time I checked we are in the FRICKIN' DESERT!'

'No need to shout.'

'Then quit your whining.'

The desert is killing us. We need to reach water and shade. Fast.

Suddenly, there in the distance. I can see something.

'LOOK GIMELY! Do you see it?'

'OMFG! Yes, I do!'

With our remaining ounces of strength we dashed across the hard-baked desert floor. Hoping to reach that place before we expire. And hoping that is isn't a mirage.

It's not. It's a quaint little hut. No bigger than 5mx5m.

'There, behind the house! A well!'

Without thinking about it we run for the well. In the hope of finding water. But, the well is strange. It's not of a kind I - or Gimely - have ever seen before. There was no bucket or anything. Just a little pipe sticking out the side. And some buttons. Green and red.


A shotgun is fired. Startling Gimely and I. Gimely falls over and fails to get back up due to his tiredness.

'Hu're yu peple?' The man with the shotgun says.

I turn around slowly. And I can see him clearly, despite the bright sun in my eyes. He is wearing a straw hat - an old, worn out one by the looks of it - and just a loin cloth. Nothing else is on him, except his shotgun. Which by the way is staring right down my face.

'I ask'd: Hu're yu peple?!' He repeats.

'Er... I'm WJUK and that is Gimely' I turned around fully. And try to speak with as much confidence as I can muster, although wary of the obvious firearm pointing at my face. In turning around I exposed my dualies - which are kept hidden most of the time.

'U ar... gunslingers.' Pointing towards my guns.

This guys a nutjob. I better go along with the act.
'Ai. We are. Gunslingers through and through. Descended from the great line of Tet (Tet? WTF was I thinking?). Here on a mission...' The words just rolled out naturally. Spoken with great confidence. I turn to look and Gimely, his face is one of shock... and fear. Even I never knew I was such a good talker.

'Ai. Gunslinger. You say true. Thou, I 'avnt 'eard of the "line of Tet" - 'tis entirely new to me.'

*gulp* 'Nevermind the pleasantries. Let us move on. Into the protection of your humble abode and your water.'

I'm getting pretty good at this.'

Yes, certainly. Cry u ar pardon bout zat little 'ncident. My name is Lewis, from the line of Gray.'

'Do you always talk funny?' Gimely rudely interrupts. I'll need to teach that penguin some manners one day.

'Pardon? What the accent. No. I merely use it to amuse myself at times. It's dreadfully boring out here.' What came from his mouth was a perfect, crisp Bristish accent if I ever heard one. 'Sorry about the confusion. Now, please come in.'

This is weird. Very weird.

We enter his house. Momentarily our tiredness and thirst is forgotten about. But not for long. His house is not big. And is rather empty. A rather primitive cooking stove stands on the corner, depressed and severely needing repair. Apart from that, not much is to note about his home. Apart from... apart from the obvious smell of... urine. I recall that people in the desert use feces to build their house. The though sends a cold shiver down the spine. Not the bit refreshing.

'Why does your home smell of urine?' It just had to be asked.

'Oh that. When I run out of water - which is entirely possible because that well outside isn't entirely reliable...' I knew where this was going. Oh crap. 'Well, when that happens. I drink my own urine.' That last part was spoken proudly. Like he has just won an award for something.

'Haha! Urine! Urea! You suck!' What the hell was that? There by the entrance was a small perch and atop it was a parrot. A rather detestable looking one.

'Pay no heed to Zort. He's always messing around like that. He's my only friend out here. My best friend.' That last sentence was spoken with such sorrow that I actually felt sympathetic for the man. Then I remembered he drinks his own urine. Which reminds me.

'You do have water today, right?' Please be yes. Please be yes. Oh dear lord, please be yes.

'Yea. You got lucky. Started working again yesterday.'

Oh thank god.

'May we have some water to drink?'

'Ai. You gunslingers have gotten far without water. That's quite remarkable.' He walks over to a large pot next to the stove and lifts the lid. Grabbing hold of two tin cup (of an assortment of them) on top of the stove he fills them both. And places them on the table at, which now, I am sat.

I waste no time drinking the water. Gushing it down my throat. The coldness restoring my strength... and my brain. Gimely does the same. But in a sloppier way.

'I guess we need to palaver then...' Lewis speaks out - followed by a monotone sigh. Rather depressingly. He knows that we will have to leave soon.

'Ai. We do.'

'About the trolfs. I'm guessing.'


'Well, they have only entered the area during the last 5 years-'


'WTF? Chomp? What kind of sound is that?' I turn around, not knowing what to expect.

There stood Gimely. Eating... Zort. OMFG! That's it we're screwed.

He devours Gimely in seconds. And burps out a feather.

Blank expressions fill mine and Lewis' face.

'... What? I was hungry.'

F*ck. How we suppose to find out where Gavin is now?

'GET OUT! GET OUT! GEEEEETTTT OUUUTT!' Lewis screams in fury. My eardrums explode (metaphorically) - this dude has quite some voice.

We run out, Lewis close behind with a stick he conveniently picked up. I could kill him any moment.... No, he's endured enough for one day.

'He's lost all control. We won't get anything from him anymore. It's all your fault Gimely. We'll just head East. I have a good feeling about that way.'

'... Sorry...' I never knew Gimely was capable of such things. Too late for 'sorry' now.

In the far distance we hear Lewis. A raving lunatic under the clear blue sky. The heat of the sun blazing the ground. He's not going to survive for long without social interaction.

'Crying. He's crying' This time I do feel sympathetic for him. Destined to die all alone in this desolate place.

'Let's go.' We turn around and walk off into the distance. Never looking back. Yet the crying continued. We heard it in our minds. The crying felt more like maniacal laughter after a while.

Yet, just remembering the feces and urine sends my mind into regurgitation mode.
We leave our intrepid adventurers there. Make sure you get your fill on Gavin's side of the story.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Penultimate Exam

Today was the penultimate exam that I will take ever... during the course of this year.  wOOt!  Just one more maths exam to go and I'm home and dry.

By the looks of things the next exam should be the hardest out of the lot.  How did I figure it out?  Well, let's see.  When I cross-reference the previous maths exams to the time period taking to complete them.  Throw in the impossibility difficult question factor.  Times that equation by 50, then square root in.  And finally, throw in pie for good measure.  And it gives me a guess.

Nah.  Just yanking your chain.  It's just that this is worth a whole other GCSE!  That's like what, 17 GCSE's for me if I get all of them.  Damn, that's awesome.


That's it.  It's ended.  RVB 100 is out.  Courtesy of Roosterteeth.  Man I'm going to miss it, but 1-800-Magic will probably fill the gap pretty good.  Oh, and rumour has it that the videos have different endings.  But I'm not sure as I'm still watching the first one, took me forever to start it up.  I think they are having problems with the sheer amount of people watching it.

Oh and I can't embed it.  Which sucks.  But here's the link.  Click on the RED UNDERLINED words.  Apparently, different words give different endings.  Conspiracy...

RVB 100

Well, I can still only see one of the endings and it was frickin' hilarious.  Do you want a spoiler?  Huh?


Sweet.  As I was typing I managed to jack up another ending.  Amazing.  Starts the same but the ending is different...

Oh and today in the gap between the exams we went to town.  That's Ashley, Michael and I.  And it was really funny because we were going because Ashley wanted to trade in some games into GameStation (which doesn't make a difference now since GAME bought GameStation - those b*stards).  And he got in with 'Need For Speed: Most Wanted' for the PS2.  Opened the case and inside was...

Colin Mcrae Rally Car whatever.  LMAO


It's that time again that everyone has been waiting for...


Can I get a 'YEA'?  No, oh well.  You boring people.

I was left last time outside a giant door with Gimely.  Now I venture in and discover what is on the other side.

'I'm going in.'

Gimely nods as if he understands.  I place my hand on the door.  It feels cold to the touch, despite the searing heat.  The carvings on it intricate to the point that it was not possibly made by human hands.  Not even pre-programmed robots could have done such a fine job.

I gently push.  Nothing happens.  I push harder.  It fails to budge, even a little bit - despite my awesome strength.  Gimely joins in and the door doesn't even move an inch.  And I can tell you we were really surprised - Gimely bench-presses 500 pounds!  We continued pushing, yet the door stands imposingly.  As if laughing at us.

'F*ckin 'el'  Gimely says.  Next he'll be telling me he's a chain smoker...

'One last time.'   I replied.  Pretty much exhausted due to the combined effects of the pushing and the blistering heat.  I place my hands on the door once more.  Cold.

I dig my feet into the cracked sand.  Wait, something was there.  Covered by the sand.  I brush aside the sand.  A doormat.

'Why is there a doormat here?'  I ask quizzically.

'If you haven't already noticed... that's a door.'  Gimely spits out exasperatedly.

'Shut up - I never asked you.'

'Who did you ask then.'

'... The door.'

'You have issues.'

I return my gaze back onto the doormat.  There were words there.  English letters.  How can that be?


That was the only word on the doormat.  Gimely and I practically smacks ourselves in the forehead.  Duh.  That's why the handles are there.

I grab onto the handles.  Cold as well.  But they were metal.  There is foul magic at play here.  I pull.  It moves.  Easily.  Must have been well-lubricated over the years.  A shining light as the door is initially opened.

We are both blinded for seconds.  When my sight returns.  I'm flabbergasted.  My jaw drops to the floor.  Oh f*ck.  You'll never guess what is on the other side.


More desert.

(Wasn't expecting that was yer... Arrrr)

'I think somebody hates me.  You do know I'm a penguin, right?  With a big fur coat...  Do you get what the means?'  Obviously Gimely says that.  Unless I'm a penguin. :o

'Er... you're... very lost?'  I reply in a monotone voice.  Trying to hide a smirk, but to no avail.

'No.  And that blatant attempt at humour was not in the least impressive.  I'm going to overheat...  BADLY.'

'Deal with it.  I'm wearing a BLACK ninja suit.  Don't you think I'm boiling too?'


'Yea, you're right there.  Using meditation can really cool your mind.'

'I hate you.'

We walk through the door.  As we pass through, it disappears.  I take a step back and it reappears.  Damn, how're we meant to find our way out?  I survey the area.  There's nothing here we can use as a marker, to make sure we come back to this location.

Oh well.  I'll think of something.  Or not...


Great, right?  I have a pretty good idea of what to do next.  And I think it's going to include Lewis in it...  You'll never guess what as...

More of the story......which has no name

Okay, so where did i finish off last time.......Oh yeah, i had just left the trolfs "safehouse"

Well, I had managed to get out without hardly no trouble which was a suprise as i thought they would of put some guards on the door, but they didn't, it makes my job of escaping easier.
So, i took my first steps out of doors, which were suprising gaint, either trolfs are messy creatures or they had just moved in, i don't know much about trolfs, WJUK knows strange creatures better than me.

So, i took my first steps out, the door made a huge bang as they shut, which worried me as trolfs might had heard it and they may come sweeping in at any moment and capture me again, but they didn't. The first thing that caught my eye was the ground, the mud was thick and gripped my foot, Was I in a Swamp of somekind? neverless i continued trodding along keeping a keen eye incase everything was watching me.

Crossing the swamp was tiring indeed, I was lucky to avoid fighting as the the terrain wasn't my style and I would of died for sure.

To my prevail I had left the swamp behind me and I stepped out into the blazing sun....A DESERT, nothing but sand, nothing but sand, this walk could be harder then the swamp, after all i had no water.....

Thats all i got time for today, check back tomorrow or later for the rest

Also Maths test suck!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Crappy Maths test...

An actual news clipping from a newspaper. Although it kinda has a sucky name: 'The Daily' what kind of name is that for a newspaper? It's like it was made up by a 5 year old kid sat on a goat, wearing a leather jacket, a shotgun in his right hand and a Cuban cigar in the other.

Moving on. WiiWare.

That word is going to now have a meaning. Read this press release. Or not. It's quite lengthy.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 27, 2007 – The search for the next ingeniously ground-breaking video game has begun. At a private developers conference this week, Nintendo announced the introduction of WiiWare™, a game-creation service that will allow developers large and small to create new downloadable video game content for sale by Nintendo through the Wii Shop Channel of the hot Wii™ home video game system. WiiWare paves the way for smaller, more creative games to make their way to the public at lower prices, without any inventory risk to developers. The first WiiWare content will launch in early 2008.

“Independent developers armed with small budgets and big ideas will be able to get their original games into the marketplace to see if we can find the next smash hit,” says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “WiiWare brings new levels of creativity and value to the ever-growing population of Wii owners.”

The possibilities for WiiWare are limited only by the imaginations of developers. WiiWare provides game creators a simple method by which they can get their games to the public. This approach, combined with the remarkable motion controls of the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™, will give birth to fresh takes on established genres, as well as original ideas that currently exist only in developers’ minds. The reduced barriers to development provide developers the freedom to create and an inexpensive, clearly defined path to reach consumers who will ultimately determine which game will become the Next Big Thing.

WiiWare will be posted on the Wii Shop Channel. As with current Wii Shop Channel offerings, users will redeem Wii Points™ to download content. It will support a variety of pricing options. Details about that and upcoming projects will be announced at a later date. For more information about Wii, visit Wii.com.

From the 'Nintendo Press Room'

It will be awesome if this is all free and normal people (like you) can build their own games etc. Clearly, I never read it. But I think I got the gist of the article *feels smug*

But 2008?! That sucks.

Also this video has been floating around the interweb for a while (specifically YT) but I had a little 10-day hiatus, remember? So don't blame me. Blame the... er... political leaders. Yea, do that.

Nice and simple. It's amazing how such simple concepts for videos can become so big (well not massively, gargantuan big - but still quite big) on the net. That is why the internet is awesome.


Wow Nelly!

Next up. Just a quick word about ManHunt 2.

A quick synopsis. 'Manhunt 2 is a video game developed by Rockstar Games and the sequel to 2003's Manhunt. The game was scheduled for release for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in July 2007, but has been temporarily suspended by Take-Two following rating rejections in the UK and Italy, and an AO rating in the United States.' - In one sentence. Pretty uber-violent.

At least I think so. I haven't played it myself. Duh. You can see how gruesome it is by the boxart. It has an eye on. Yes, very scary indeed. Well, actually a pretty demented eye. And is that the swastika I see in the iris?

My view on this situation: Leak it. Change it so it works on PCs and leak it onto the internet. Then it will become a huge success and Nintendo & Sony will be smacking themselves for missing such a big investment opportunity. Or just forcefully release it onto shelves anyway. Although I'm thinking jail sentence because of that. OR kill everyone. I like that idea better and I haven't even started playing the game.

Now for the bit you've all been waiting for!

*drum roll please*

The continuation of the story. From my point of view. As Gavin has posted his.

So anyway, I recall saying something melo-dramatic like: 'I'll get you back... somehow. Even if it costs it my life.' Just imagine a cool guy pose coupled with that and you have a lady-killer right there. Anyway, read on...

After the incidents of the attacking trolfs, I had a restless night. Gavin was haunting my dreams (in a none-gay and none-wet way; you sick b*stards). I heard the line repeated over and over again inside my subconsciousness: 'You killed me... YOU killed me! It was you...' Often this was followed by: 'Oh wait, it was the mega-ultra chicken. No wait, it was you.' And finally he ended with: 'I'll have to piss on my clothes now... like in that movie...'

I woke up, exhausted. The nightmare still fresh in my head. The rain pitter-pattering at the window. There was a storm brewing... And I am going to be the person who starts it.

Or Gavin. Either way, those guys are screwed.

I donned an awesome black ninja suit - which I got from the time we trained with the spider clan of ninjas; good times - pulled out my dual katanas and dualies. And started on the long relatively short journey to find Gavin. Oh, and did I mention? Gimely is also there, beside me. As my traveling companion. He is also wearing a super-awesome-happy-uber-duper-ultra-mega black penguin-made suit for penguins. He actually looks quite good in it. Although I think he's hating the spandex *shivers at the thought*

Anyway, we set off. First we returned to the scene of the incident. The bush. DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNN *dramatic music ensues*

Conveniently, the inter-dimensional portal was still there. I remember thinking: 'Ha. They forgot to close it.... or don't know how... This kind of convenience only happens in stories... COOL! Maybe I'm a protagonist in a story. Or co-protagonist if Gavin is one too.'

It looked quite eerie. It just had an ominous feeling to it. A feeling of absurd power, uncontrollable by man. Even the trolfs couldn't have this sort of unimaginable power. I enter not knowing what would happen. I touch the swirling blackness. I could still see the place around me, yet - it was dark. Like a visor had been put over my eyes. "I can't turn back now." I leap through. With Gimely close behind. His sharp razor penguin fangs shining in the opaque darkness. *gulp*

I open my eyes to see... nothing. Well, a barren desert. Desolate. Wait, in the distance. There on the horizon, I point towards it. Gimely seems to have seen it as well, despite his smaller stature. Suddenly Gimely looks up, then down. And all around. Nothing happened in this split second. Then a few seconds later, nothing happened still. Gimely speaks briefly: 'Gavin, that way.' He points towards the far speck on the horizon.

'WOAH WOAH WOAH! You can talk? Why didn't you tell me that before.'

'Didn't ask.'

'God dammit.'

We ran as fast as we could (or shunpo'ed [learned that from shinigamis] - wOOt) towards it. Drawing closer by the second.

Don't worry Gavin. I'm coming.

We reach the place, in double-quick time! There standing -somehow- aggressively was a door. A giant door. Taller than what I have seen before, and I have seen a lot of tall buildings. It just stood there, unmoving obviously, in the middle of this desolate place. Nothing to the right of it. Nothing to the left. Despite it's tallness, it was quite narrow. How can this thing even stand? We walk round it to see what was on the other side. Nothing. 'Very strange...' Gimely said. Startling me in the process. I stood parallel to the door. Seeing it right down the side. I take a small step to the left and it disappears. Walk back, and it appears. What kind of devil's work is this?

'It's time we go in.'

That's all I have time for today. The contiuation of the story will come tomorrow. Hopefully. And Gavin's should also be contiuned. Maybe we will meet up. You never know.

I like where this is going though. I think this can be a permanent feature on the blog.

The Adventures of the Dynamic Duo Awesomeness Ninjas Chicken Creme de la creme ... Er... maybe I'll think up a title later.

My side of story.....

Okay, just to let you guys know, I'm fine thankfully, and if i was in the same problem WJUK was, I would of ran aswell.

Anyways, The last you heard of me in the story was I had some of those trolfs having a "chat", well I managed to take several of them down. You know how in films when the enemy surround you and only one of them attacks you at a time, or sometimes two of them come at you, well if was like that for now.
At first one ran at me, lucky WJUK had left a small knife on the floor, he must of dropped it when pulling out his mass amount of fire arms from his pockets luckyily for me. So, this trolf was running at me, gathering some speed, I had the advantage because of the knife so what did I do....as he came in close I dodge a few of his punches and then unleased a couple slashes on his hamstrings and biceps which made him pretty useless so i finished him with my uber-awesome-special attack which involve me dealing a deadly combo and punches and kicks to the head and then slicing his head off with the knife. After finishing one off, two more came at me, i quickly finished them off proving that the trolfs are no match for my hand-to-hand combat, so they all decided to jump on me pinning me to the floor unable to move, at this point i was thinking "Oh SHIT, they going to take me to their base and probe me"
Well, my thought was right becaude they took me ot their base, and put me in a cell with your typical fat trolf who drinks coffee and eat donuts and of course the keys on the table next to him...i knew what i had to do. You know the scene from shanghai noon? You knowthe one were jackie chan pisses on the clothing and bends the bar with the cloth, well yeah, i waited till the guard fell asleep because, 1)I don't want him watching while in doing my business and 2) i don't have to kill him. So, after i bent the bars, i went out of the holding room and it looked like i was in someone basement(cheap bitches who can't afford a real base) so yeah anyways, i continued putting my escape plan into action, i decided i need a weapon incase i got into a small situation involving trolfs. So, i continued down the corridor, like i said early i was in a place which looked like a basement but turned out it was pretty big, so i thought it may be a messed up house and the weapon store room was easy to find, and i tell you something they had a fair amount of weapons, several hand guns, assult rifles, and several swords. I decided 2 hand guns, 1 assult rifle and 2 swords would be enough to open a can of woop ass(i stole that line from the waterboy). So, after that i fled the room and picked the pace and still maintained my sealthyness(Me and WJUK were trained by a spider clan of ninjas) I only came across a couple of trolfs which were easy to dispose of its not even worth blogging about, so that was my part of the epic story, maybe tomorrow after our maths exam another part of the story will unfold, who knows?

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

YGO: Abridged Movie; Gavin's peculiar condition.

Not much happened today.

The biggest thing that did happen was I watched a movie. Probably one of the best movies out this month.

Fantastic Four? No

Shrek the third (or Shrek 3)? No

Yu-gi-Oh!: The Abridged Movie.

And I gotta say, it was pretty awesome. Awesomely funny. Just like the series it pokes fun at YGO - which isn't very hard. I recommend anyone wanting to ROFL, LMAO or LOL their heads off to watch this.

All parts are below:

Funny right? There is so much awesomeness & funniness in it I don't know where to start.

Then we have 1-800-Magic again.

Now I'm just waiting for RVB 100. Which should be out tomorrow night, according to RT. That means it probably be out a week or so from now. :)

That's it for today. Join me tomorrow for the [pilot] Maths test. Which I have been revising for (even I'm not believing this) through... sudoku. Yes. Sudoku.

Peace out... er... bye.

Oh, and Gavin. About Gavin. I think he fell of the face of the Earth. Or the side. I always get them mixed up. That's why he hasn't been posting.

Lemme recall what happened.

*Initiate flashback*

Me & Gavin were walking down the street. Like normal people do. Normal walking. When suddenly from outta the bushes a interdimensional-time traveling-gargantuan-bee troll & elf hybrid burst out of nowhere. Well, actually the bushes.

Oh and by the way he has a Rocket Launcher. And a AK-47. And smoke grenades. Oh and he also knows our names. So, anyway. He says: 'Gavin & WJUK. I come in peace-' Right about now, I pull out a assault rifle and BOOM HEADSHOT the dude troll elf interdimensional-time traveling-gargantuan-bee troll & elf hybrid trolf (troll crossed with elf). Gavin's jaw literally dropped to the floor in a :O emoticon kind of way.

He screeches: 'Where the f*ck did you get that assault rifle?!'

I reply - somewhat nonchantly- 'My back-pocket. Duh. I always carry one of these babies (referring to gun) around with me. Don't you?'

'Hell no.'

'Your loss. These are frickin' awesome. If you want one I'll give you this one. I still have an EMP launcher, dualies, shotgun and Arc Caster in my other pockets.'


'What? Doesn't everyone carry firearms with them?'

'I thought I knew you man...'

At that very moment a group of trolfs (about 10 of them) burst through the interdimensional portal - which we both failed to notice; despite my awesome eyesight - behind the bush. They crowd around the one I killed and start saying stuff like: 'OMFG! They killed Dave!' 'That's not Dave, that's Frank.' 'Dave' 'Frank' 'Dave' 'Frank' ... You get the idea.

Meanwhile, we are both edging backwards... slowly. Then I suddenly pull out the Arc Caster with my left hand toss it to Gavin. Who catches it quite ambidextrously. The sound of the catch alerted the group and as they pulled turned around; I pulled out the dualies from my jacket pocket and shout at the top of my lungs: 'Shoot!'

I blow two trolfs straight away with my dualies, and Gavin managed to catch another with the Arc Caster. The firefight raged on. At the same time as this was happening, we were both running backwards. One of the trolfs threw a smoke grenade (they all had the same equipment as Dave/Frank). Our sight got limited to just a measly 2 metres ahead of us. Which actually benefited us, as we were the ones trying to run away. Right at this moment a hail of gunfire blasted from out of the smoke and hit me in the left arm. The pain was... painful. Very painful.

I look over to where Gavin was and saw that he got hit in the leg, right where it hurt most. The sweetspot. Gavin could only limp now, and the smoke was clearing. He screamed: 'Leave now. Go! Before they catch up.' I had a split second to make a decision. Should I stay now? With the odds against us the chances are that it will end with the both of us getting killed. If I leave now, Gavin will most certainly be killed.


With those words I ran. Ran for dear life. I looked back and saw 4 trolfs running towards me - the others were having a little 'chat' with Gavin. They were quite quick, despite their lumbering bodies. But they weren't quick enough to catch me. I managed to turn around and pull of 4 shots which landed in all their foreheads. I knew that firearms training would pay off. Even though I took to the dualies quite naturally. There lifeless bodies stood for a few milliseconds before hitting the ground with a THUD.

In the distance I could see the rest were frogmarching (actually lifting him) through the portal. To what I can only think as falling off the face of the world. Poor Gavin. I swore to myself: 'I'll get him back somehow.'

You'll have to ask Gavin for his side of the story...

None of the above is true. And if you believe it you are a CRM. LOL


Not bad right? I think I should be a story teller. I use to do it across MSN (now WLM) but I stopped after a while. Can't remember why. It's actually quite fun making up stuff. Very fun, in fact.

EDIT: Oh and if you don't believe I could conceal all those weapons without Gavin realising earlier. I have proof. I was wearing baggy clothes. Still not convinced? Look at this video:

Monday, 25 June 2007

I'm back!

I'm back - officially!

Well, I have a wealth of things to do - especially catching up on all the stuff I missed. Tons of emails and stuff to sort through (well, not tons - it's just a figure of speech, don't take it seriously).

Ok, I'm not joking about this bit. I was really really really bored over there. It felt like time slowed over there. Really slow.

My only saving grace was the PS2; which in hindsight was a great idea to take over there. Star Wars: Battlefront 2. GTA: Vice City. It all came back to me.

Oh and also sudoku. Yes. Sudoku. That's how I've been preparing for the upcoming maths exams.

You: But it's got nothing to do with maths. All you need is logic.

Me: ...

You: ...

Me: Shut up. It's got numbers. Hasn't it?

I'm starting to get pretty good at sudoku. I can finish one in five minutes. When the recommended time was 20 minutes. I totally own3d that newspaper.

Where to start...

Well, I managed to get a pretty bad gash on my knee because I jumped over a wall. I cleared it - easily - my knee just nicked the top of the wall. And the wall (must have been hungry) took off a massive chunk of my meat. You could see my knee cap! And I touched it. It feels... bony. Duh.

I think it was my knee cap, if it wasn't then... I guess it's something else.

What? You wanna see a picture? Ok... I guess. It's mostly healed up so don't expect anything big, bad and ugly. The mirror will suffice for that job. Sorry about the low picture quality - deal with it.

Apart from that not much interesting happened. I fixed my uncle's computer - I've been doing that a lot recently, I should start charging for it. I also managed to find and install the sound driver to match the sound card and whatever; which was a royal pain in the ass.

Good news is I got to eat quite a lot of stuff over there.

Next. Moving on to videos.

Roosterteeth have put up the new episode for 1-800-Magic (which is frickin hilarious by the way). Actually, they put it up quite a while ago. But I wasn't here to tell you about it.

LMAO at the glowing tree. Caboose or Bitterman was awesome too. His voice is awesome.

Then we have the illustrious Kung Fu Jimmy Chow.

This had me ROFL. Both 'purple nurpling' each other. LMAO

Let's see. I've just about wrapped it up there. Except...

RE: Previous post by Gavin.

Was that it? Seriously? You went to a party and the best you can come up with is: 'We I stole a trampoline thing and threw it back over.' I thought I knew you man...

Give us the details. Who was drunk - not pissy ass drunk, but falling down drunk?

At least tell me someone fell out of a window or face planted the ground. It was a party. People are meant to (in order):

  1. Arrive partially late and blame it on others
  2. Start talking to people and drinking
  3. Get really drunk
  4. Start doing stupid things
  5. (OPTIONAL) Get hurt doing stupid things
  6. Wake up naked in a bed next to someone (opposite sex preferred - although not usually) you have never seen before - AND have no rare collection on what happened last night
  7. Scream: 'Bloody Mary' or something like that
  8. Run around like your head is on fire
  9. (CRUCIAL STEP) Jump out the window
  10. Manage to land in a small glass of water Sorry that is what cartoons do. I always gets mixed up. LOL. For this step, just face plant or something.
Setting yourself on fire is a common 'Stupid thing' you can do.

There you have it. What you do at parties. Of course you can do optional stuff, and stuff like (throwing trampolines - although that is classed as stupid things I guess) in between these steps. But that is how parties generally go.

I am not liable for anything stupid you do while following that guide. Copyrighted to UGOTPWN3DBYWJUK LTD. Also don't scream: 'Bloody Mary' three times in a row - you'll regret it. Something... bad happens. Like the women from 'The Ring' gets you, or something. I dare you to try it.

That's it! I'm officially back.

Regular updates tomorrow. Gavin will be staying as an author - as I am too lazy to do anything about it.

If things go well, I may add other people to being authors. For the sake of it.


EDIT: Lmao at my family. They just did the nOObiest thing I've seen in a long while. It was straight from something like IT Crowd. Here's what happened:

While I was away, they acquired a new all-in-one printer & scanner - for very cheap mind you. An 'EPSON STYLUS PHOTO RX620' to be exact. Nothing wrong there right? I'm just getting to the good bit.

They set it up, install it etc. And it works fine for 3 days. Then suddenly, it just stopped working. So they leave it. I came back have a look at it...


Plug in the socket. And BOOM (the printer didn't actually make that noise, or I'd probably be dead - some way or another) it worked again!

LMAO. Should have phoned tech support people like in IT Crowd.

'Have you tried turning it on and off?'
'Is it plugged in?'


Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nothing much to say

Not alot has happened in the last few days.
I had a graphics exam on friday which was rather boring. I mean one of the questions was about making a box for a slice of cake, not a full cake, a slice of cake....it was for some party planning thing anyways. Most people found it hard. Personally I found it hardish.

Also I was at Daisy's "leaving party" but we havent completely left school yet.
The party involved alot of drinking, i do believe most people were drunk by about 9pm when the party started at 6pm, lightweights the lot of you apart from the odd person who actually drank a large amount of alcohol in that time.
Also several of us decided to have a food fight in the backgarden, the food getting throw ranged from pickled onions to chicken wings. Trust me, A chicken wing to the ribs hurts and leaves a grease patch on my top.
Also around 10:30ish i got dared to climb over to next doors garden and take the small trampoline back over to the party for our amusement, after awhile i threw it back over as if nothing had happened.

Thats all from me, if we are lucky Wai June will post soon.

Thursday, 21 June 2007


I managed to get on the internet! 2nd day in a row. I'm awesome.

But anyway, been trying to fix the sound on this in ages. I think I may finally get it.

RE: Gavin's earlier post. I remember watching that 3 hour summary of KH: CoM for GBA. And KHII was (and still is) awesome. Coincidently I was playing KHII last night too.

Seeing as the PS2 is over here. I was playing SW: BF2 (Star Wars: BattleFront 2 - for all you gaming illiterates out there).

Oh and Gavin, you did standard mode this time right? Not easy like last time. :) - On KHII.

And finally. I told her (you know who I'm referring to by now) to go bug you. Because I was tired of her incessant nagging, I've got 3 children over here and she's more annoying than all 3 combined. Before anyone asks: they are not my children. My uncle's children. So. don't believe the rumours.

Well, anyway. She promised never to irritate/nag me anymore and basically do it to you (as in Gavin) from now on.

Huzzah! For my charismatic self that can persuade Daisy into talking to Gavin, instead of me! Although I'm not sure Gavin will be celebrating. LMAO

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My excuse....

Okay, some of you, maybe all of you have notice my lack of updating of the blog in Wai June absence i have one main reason.

That reason is that game there, because of my free time with no exams I decided to complete the storyline in kingdom hearts 1&2 and inbetween them watch a three hour plot summary of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The one thing that I find funny is the fact the main character Sora fights with a Key, yes i know sounded strange to me at first but then i found out the key actually kicks ass.
Also when logging into MSN i got several offline messages from her (her refering to daisy). it was saying stuff like about how she walked viking way and all the stuff wai june mention and then the fact that we were bullying her and that we can outsmart her so its unfair, but to be fair daisy you could get outsmarted by several stupid animals including a sloth, goldfish, monkey and etc. Basically for the people who don't know her, you lucky.

Anyways Cya, I'm off and hopefully Wai june will be back soon.

Quick Post

Gavin Gavin Gavin. *tsk *tsk

I see you're too lazy to update the blog.

I'll just explain how I'm on the internet. I managed to get on because I'm trying to fix this computer. The sound doesn't work. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, it looks like I may be able to fix it. It all depends.

I probably won't be on any other time. This may be the last you hear from me... until the 25th that is.

WJUK out

EDIT: Because Daisy was getting so hot under the collar about this she has forcifully made me update this post to say that she:
  • Walked all the way in the 'Viking Walk' thing, despite having 3 asthma attacks.
  • Didn't ruin the drama play - Even though I never said she did
  • And some other stuff that Gavin blamed her for - I got the information from Gavin

She also wanted an apology. No chance.

'Don't push your luck' was the reply. Just be glad I bothered putting this in. Please stop nagging me now.

Monday, 18 June 2007

The final

As you know in the last post I commented on the TV show Britain's got talent, well Sunday night was the finals and it was tense, really tense, a 6 year old girl who got through was in nearly in tears cos she loss, the fact of the matter is she is a good singer who will become famous anyway but she nearly cried.

My favourite act in the finals and they should of won, was 2 guys who dubbed themselves the Bar Wizards

Spinning bottles around takes more talen than singing, i'm sorry it's true.

But, they didn't win a guy who worked at carphone warehouse who sang opera, yes that's right, a guy who worked as a phone salesmen can sing opera and won a competition which the winner gets £10,000 and to perform in front of the queen.
For the people that can deal with listening to opera here is the video of the winner, and with that note (Lewis Pun, I'm sorry) I'm off

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Stupid Storm

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in the last couple of days. We had a storm which messed my internet connection up and i couldn't update
Okay, the storm wasn't that bad but it was quite bad as we got a leak.
This weekend hasn't been to eventful other than the storm.
On TV the last few days has been a show called "Britain's Got Talent"
Yeah, its alittle like Pop Idol and X-factor but better in every way.

Here is a little sample:
Anyways that is it from me. Cya

Friday, 15 June 2007

Awards continued....

Following on from Wai Junes post about the awards

To be truthful not much happened after Wai June left
Ashley was singing along to songs with some input from me and Alex. Oh, Kris when he was around, most the time he was on the dance floor with some of the other students like Kirt and his friends

Me, Ashley and Alex tried to get the DJ, who was called Steve i think to play Sugar hill Gang- Apache Jump on it so we could dance along to it, You know the dance that was in the fresh prince of Bel Air

but the DJ decided to play some old Classics instead which we wasnt happy with 'cos we didnt get to dance but we were happy 'cos we got to sing along to some songs.

Thats all that really happened after Wai june left.

Oh, wait, Daisy, you know the drama girl that messed up the drama exam? well her older sister was there and she lost her bag which had: 2 digital cameras, a phone and some house keys, so they spent the last hour or so looking for the bag, and they didnt find, Rumour has it that the police are now involved and they have no leads to who may have taken the bag, the search continues.

and with that note im off, cya

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Awards &... Alcohol

 Well there you have it!  I'm back home in one piece with no injuries - yea I know, I'm surprised too.  Was an awesome way to spend a Thursday night.  I'll try and put everything that happened today into chronological order.  Just before that, I'd report that I still got to eat at the buffet even though I didn't pay.  HA!  Lmao.  I just walked up, took a plate and ate.  Although the food wasn't that great.  At one point we were thinking of going to KFC.

Firstly, we had to get there.  My mum took us there and she adamant that we had to be there by 6:30.  I said it was 7 that we were meant to be there.  But no, she doesn't listen - and seeing as she was the only mode of transport; I had to go along.  It ended up with us standing outside for about 15 minutes.

Some time passed and nothing happened.  Then some more time passed and still nothing happened.  Well, there were people coming in.  I knew the occasionally few: Kirt (or Kirtan), Sean, Liam etc.  After a while, nobody from our school came and I was getting a little worried - sure there were people I knew there, but friends make a party so much better.

Huzzah!  About 5 minutes later, Anton comes along.  In a suit.  Yes, a suit.  This is Anton we are talking about (he's the dude that is extremely lazy - more so than me - a lot of times he doesn't go to school, even if he does he arrives late).  Then we waited some more.  My impatient self was getting impatient - I'm prone to do that.

Finally.  Gavin, Ashley & Kris arrive.  In the same car.  And they were all wear suits.  Well, except Gavin he was wearing a shirt.  And there I was in a black shirt and jeans.  Nice.

We decided to enter then.  It was getting quite cold outside - it's been like that for countless days.  We proceeded to sit at the adjacent table to Kirt & Sean and friends.  Other people from out people arrived later on.

At this point.  The ceremony started.  With a rather cheesy films being shown - if I may add.  Just before the actual award ceremony started they showed their staff film.  Which this year was titled on 'Back to the Media' - if you haven't already noticed, it's a blatant rip-off of 'Back to the Future.'  The staff films for the awards always appear on YT.  So I'm waiting for their film to surface there so you can see.

The first part of it was rather civilised - no one was drunk yet.  Apart from the occasional tribal chanting that happened.  Which strangely seemed to be coming from our table a lot.  With shouts of 'Take it off' etc.  Gavin managed to pick up the 'Achievement in Photography' award.  And was very - and I mean very - proud of it.

More stuff happened which I wasn't very aware - or bothered - about.  Then Kris won the award for 'Achievement in Multimedia' which was a real surprise.  The award was from Toby's class.  The very same class in which Kris said Toby smelt of 'curry' straight to his face.  Kris never even finished the course properly.  We (as in me and Ashley) devised that they pulled out the register, closed their eyes and randomly pointed at one.  Probably true.

Unsurprisingly, we won the award for 'Best Genre Film' - seeing as we were the only real group to finish the film properly.  Sure, some other films finished like 'AMP' (stands for something like: 'Asexual Metallica Productions' or something) and Anton's group.  But their films are sub-par, well below average.  Ours wasn't that good either but theirs... I don't wanna talk about it.  On a scale from 1 to 10, ours is about 5/6 and theirs is like... -25.  Ouch.

Then something really really surprising happened.  Josh won the 'Best Student Award'   OMFG!  It was Josh.  The ginger dude.  He was probably the least likely to win (out of the ones that actually did work) save for Daisy.  He got a man trophy (like Oscars) whereas we got a trophy depicting stars.  He also got an envelope.  In it was a 10 pound voucher (not to VIVA LA COLOCHA WOTEVA) to Virgin.  I We were gob-smacked.  He didn't even know he won the award, he was at the back behind the glass screen.

After the ceremony which lasted a hefty time.  It got mildly crazy.  Still no drunks or throwing up.  The buffet was open.  Which I stated before that I got to eat for nothing.  While others paid a fiver.  There was also a rodeo bull thing.  Yes one of those.  It was a beast of a bull.  That made the party a party.  Other stuff happened which I wasn't very aware of again.  Drinks got served to under-aged people etc.

Then we ended up at the back; behind that glass screen.  That's where stuff happened.  By about 10, Gavin & Ashley were doing the YMCA and Grease Lightning.  They were also trying to catch chocolate eggs and minstrels in their mouths.  The was also a 'throwing fight' where stuff was thrown.  Especially this metal tube which used to house a cigar but not anymore, Alex bent it bad.  Daisy was undoubtedly the target.  Gavin managed a 3-in-a-row headshot on her.  Which I applaud.  I lmao'ed bad.  Then more stuff happened but I had to leave about 10:30.  Since I had an early mourning tomorrow.  Heck, the party should be still going on now.

I'm sure Gavin will fill you in on the details that I missed out and what happened after I left.  I'm thinking some throwing up, although Lewis wasn't there.

Tell it to them, Gav.

Introducing Gavin

Hello, I'm Gavin, you know, Mohammad El diablo cheeseman lover dude, that is me right there. Okay, maybe it isn't me, i just randomly got a picture of google.

As you may know Wai June is away attending to his business so I'm filling in for him and then maybe becoming a full time blogger with him if
1) I do a good job or 2) he cba to remove me from the list, which we all know he will go with option 2 as he is extremely lazy

Also like Wai june i have no exams for a fair while, but i have more than him because he decided to take drama which doesnt require a written exam

So, in my spare time i decided to look on youtube for some random things and i came up with this:

and they actually fly quite well.

I've made quite a few and played around with them and sadly this happened ---->
I knew throwing them down the street was a bad idea.

Anyways that is it from me today as i have a college interview and the media awards afterparty to attent, so cya.

Final Day; Award Ceremony

First off, I played badminton today (again).  But due to some technical issues over at where we normally play - they were changing a light or something - we went to the one in Cleethorpes.  The one next to the beach & sea.

And boy, was it windy.  Not like your run-of-the-mill windy; but blustery windy. If you were walking against it you slowed right down, at the same time I was walking up hill.  It's the kind of weather where: if you fly a kite - if the kite is big, you most likely will be carried away; if it is small, the line will probably snap.  Really windy.

Then today, I hurt my hand again.  Too many smashes I think.  I now have a massive piece of skin hanging off my right hand just at the bottom of my index finger... ok, not massive; about 1cm x 1cm.  And it bloody hurts (again).  It's ok if I don't move it.  Except, that's kinda hard when you are using a mouse.  Ouch.


Oh and yes, I did make that picture.smile_regular

Then, today is the final day.  Final day that I'm here - for about 2 weeks anyway.  I may be able to blog over there, I'm not sure.

But just to be on the safe side, I'm asking Gavin to take over while I'm gone.  I'm sure he will entertain you just fine. Isn't that right, Gavin?


By the way, that wasn't really Gavin.  I just made that up.  And I couldn't find a picture of a ninja chicken, so here's the next best thing: NINJA RABBIT!  Protecting all the innocent chickens out there from the... the... wolf dude.  Or a very hairy man.  I'm not sure which it is.  Somewhat hopping for the former.  Poor chickens...

Anyway, if Gavin does a good job.  Then he'll become a permanent author.  Or, if I can't be asked to remove him as an author, then he will stay as one.

Lastly, I'm sure you heard that today I'm going to an Award Ceremony.  At 7.  And it's formal dress.  Formal dress.  Damn.  I'm screwed.  I don't have any 'formal' clothing.  Oh well.

And, I'm going to see if I can get any food to eat - even though I didn't pay for any.  [The award ceremony is free.  But after-party and buffet is not.]

I may try and get another post in later tonight, detailing the events of the ceremony.  I heard there was alcohol... and where there is alcohol there are drunks.  And drunks always make a good story.  Especially, stupid drunks.

That's it for today.  If Gavin wishes, he can add a post introducing himself.  Or whatever.

Bye, maybe for a long time.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

No more Exams! Little Lewis Idiot

Today I had my last exam - strictly speaking, as we have 'pilot' maths exams later. It is good to be finally rid of the burden. Although I never viewed it as such.

The pilot exams are a waste of time, I don't think any GCSEs can come from it. So what's the point? A £10 voucher says otherwise. But thing is we have no idea what the voucher is for. For all we know it could be for 'Viva La Colocha Esprada Choppo' in the border of Spain & France. Or something (less) ridiculous like that.

Again, I finished hella early; leaving me nothing to do except catch up on last nights lost sleep. Although, it's not as easy to fall asleep in a exam hall. As you all well know.

Then on the way back home. Lewis decided to do some tricks on his bike. Big mistake. The first few were fine, mainly just wheelies. Then he tried to stand on the bike, stand upright. He didn't have any brakes either. Finally, it was destined to be, he fell off. Subsequently trapping his foot - somehow - between the bar and pedal. He managed to walk from the incident unscathed. But he learned a valuable lesson... which I'm not sure what it is. You'll have to ask him.

Remember Overlord? And the traumatic, melo-dramtic yesterday? Well, I managed to download it again. Via GS' Download Manage. Which I'm pleased to say was pretty quick. As the time of writing I'm trying to install it. Hopefully my PC can handle it and nothing goes awry. Fingers crossed.

I'll let you know how it goes.

EDIT: Well it didn't work. There was a corrupted file during Installation. The file was - somewhat appropriately - named 'Sheep' lol

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Overlord; hate...

Well, today I got a newsletter from Codemasters - funny, I don't remember signing up to a newsletter from Codemasters. It detailed that the new Overlord demo was available for PC. So I'm trying it out - but it is taking forever to download. Currently at 25% with about 2 hrs and 20 mins left. It's 1.06GB! I'm downloading from FileFront (figures) because all the other download links didn't work - not even the one that said: 'UK: Codemasters.' At this rate the download should be finished at about 3:10-ish. As of writing it is currently 1:00-ish.

Boy do I hate downloading. That's like number on my internet hate-list. Followed by installing etc.

At wits endWJUK's Internet Top-10 hate-list
  1. Downloading - especially from slow servers
  2. Installing - especially if they install a lot of unnecessary things
  3. Pop ups - self explanatory
  4. Spammers - stupid spammers
  5. Trolls - stupid trolls
  6. People who shout random insults that don't make any sense during online matches - like on Halo (not all people on Halo)
  7. Slow loading pages - we've all been there
  8. Ads - especially the ones with sounds *shivers at the thought of them*
  9. Overly cluttered web pages - also produces number 7 (double-hate)
  10. Misspelled domain names - e.g. Goggle instead of Google. Sometimes brings you to very inappropriate sites *wink wink*

Got any hates? Post them in the comments!

Oh and I found out something cool today - well, actually last month but I just remembered to post it today.

Can you read this?

It is cool taht you can raed tihs eevn wehn the ltetres are srcamlebd up. Can you eaiplxn tihs penhomnimon?

It's Prttey fnuny how we can raed tihs einrte snetnece wtih all tehse ltters all out of palce, and we can cnotniue to keep raednig and sitll mekas snece of waht we are raeding. No mttar how mnay tmies you raed tihs oevr and oevr you can sitll mkae snece of it.

As long as the first and last letter of the word is in its correct position, you can position the middle letters in any order and still make sense of it. Our eyes just glance at he first and last letters of a word.

Just thought I'd note that I didn't write the messed up words up there. Would have taken too long. And time is money - as they say. Plus I cba. That was the main factor.

EDIT: I'm dead pissed off now. I went downstairs and left the downloading thing on for the Overlord demo and now it's just disappeared! And I seriously cannot be asked to go and download it again. Agony.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Exam and more exams... plastererererer?!

Exams.  Damn.

Had maths exam this mourning and boy was it boring.  What made it worse was Teacher X (name censored to protect the identity of the - not so - innocent).  Anyway, as I was saying: Mrs Connoly (Keeps making me think of  conjones for some reason - I'm sure that means crotch in Spanish...) decided it was a bad idea that we left the last maths exam earlier.  So... she proposed we stayed for the whole 2 hours this time.  She even put a recommendation to the board - I'm sure she meant complaint but she's a maths teacher not a English teacher.

Well, all in all.  The maths exam was pretty bad.  Although the questions were relatively easy.  The first 5/6 pages were piss - in layman terms, for everyone else: easy.  Then it got harder.  I only missed two questions out - which I went back to and took an educational guess at.  *feels smug*


Then came the Geography Exam.  It was about Spain and Japan and Brazil and all that.  Basically everywhere expect UK.  That was boring.  Not much to say about this exam except we got let out early despite the fact that Mrs Connoly I mean Teacher X *cough cough* put forward her recommendation thingy.  Not everyone got to leave early; only those that finished in the time.  Which was only me - in Higher anyway.  Some other people from foundation too.  Sweet.

To add insult to injury - dunno why I put that, just felt like it - when I got home my mum told me to plaster some tiles.  I had to cut the tiles and plaster them and everything.  It was a pain in the ass.

The funny thing was we brought white tiles while the original tiles were pinkish colour.  But we couldn't be asked to go and get some different coloured ones, so we just went ahead with the plastering.  Now, there are pink tiles outside with occasional white ones.  Yet again, we called it modern art... it's meant to symbolise... hope, freedom & glory.  In some way or another.

The universe as we know will end... soon.  The end of an era.  An era so great it made other great eras weep.  The era of Red vs Blue.  That's right, Roostertooth had already said it was ending at episode 100.  And here is episode 99, the penultimate episode (always wanted to say penultimate... hehe):

Repent all of you!  The end is near.

'Hey Chicka Bob Bob' - Priceless

Is it me just me or did anyone else notice the similarity to the film 'Next.'  Although this is much, much funnier.

Oh and Captain Butch Flowers (always makes me ROFL) and his evil manical laughter.  Lmao.

Then Tucker with his all-knowing... er... knowingness.

Finally Caboose, what can I say.  Magnificent as always.  'I am Caboose!  The vehicle destroyer!

Cannot wait for the final episode.  Will be awesome.

The legacy will live on...

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Dead Arm

Today I woke up with a dead arm. During my sleep I somehow maneuvered my arm so it was behind my head and - I'm sure you've tried it as well - it does that thing where all the blood drains out or something. I woke up. Sat up. Only to see my left arm flop beside me. It felt like I'd been punched (several times) on my arm by a pretty strong person. It felt like this for about 10 minutes. During that ten minutes I could hardly use it - that pissed me off. I could only type with my right hand etc.

What is the moral/point of this story? There isn't one - if there was I'm not aware of it. Or <insert Lewis pun here>.

I just thought I would share my gracefully painful story to the world. Open-mouthed

Let's see... what else happened today? Not much. Woke up at 1pm - against my will & with a dead arm (can't get any worse) - then played badminton till 4... that's it. Oh and I pwned this kid in MSCF. One game ended up 25 - 0. OWN3D! Lmao.

A new Transformers: The Game trailer, courtesy of GT.

I actually feel hyped up about this game. Could be pretty awesome to protect and destroy stuff - especially destroy stuff. I wonder if there is a Nuclear Power Station in the game - because it would be so awesome if you could destroy that and make the surrounding 20 miles into desolate wasteland... my mind is drooling at the idea.

I haven't even talked about the transforming bit yet! It looks like it's a smooth transition from uber-mega-robot to vehicle. Nice. Plus, vehicles are different as well! Land, air - maybe water.

I'm picking up this game. But if it's not good - someone's getting a serious beating. And this time, I'm not joking.

Then GS managed to get a look at Bioshock and here is a video:


With the new video player I don't think you can embed so, the link is the best I can do.

Bioshock... what can I say. Bioshock = must buy. Although I'm unsure whether my computer can handle it. It looks awesome and -more importantly- plays awesome.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow I have exams again. Which is bad. Maths in the mourning and Geography in the afternoon. I'll tell you how it goes. Although I'm not sure what to do in between the two exams. And plus, I have no idea what to revise for the exams. Maths? What maths? Geography? I don't know anymore...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

1-800-Magic - Feedback

Right.  It's Saturday.  And I hardly did anything today - because it's Saturday, duh.  *yawn*  Still a bit sleepy due to not enough sleep but I'm still going.

First off, you may or may not know:  Roosterteeth are discontinuing RvB at episode 100 - nice even number.  And so far they haven't said anything about another series or whatever.  Until now.  I present to you 1-800-Magic; based on the game Shadowrun.  Straight from the website:

'I'm the one...'

Anyone else seeing a Matrix thing going on?  Still hilarious nonetheless.  RT never ceases to amaze me.  The facial movements and stuff are new as well; certainly more interesting than helmets bopping up and down.

Could this be the new RvB.  Time will tell.

Remember Miifa.  Or Fifa '08 for the Wii - if you want to be boring.  A number of sites had a hands-on (GS, IGN etc.) and overall they had a positive experience.  Although I'm not so sure on the camera, it'll be weird to play with that.  But you get to control the goalkeeper with the '-' (minus) button.  I don't understand why you want to, as the AI is probably much more suited to goalkeeper than the player is - unless you practiced a lot. 

'The irony of creating a video game centered on hand motions, which is based on a sport that focuses almost entirely on the player's feet, hasn't escaped the development team behind the game. It's a big part of the challenge for developers to make the game familiar to long-time FIFA players, as well as Wii owners who may have never played a soccer game before. Although the controls weren't finalized when we saw the game, the basic system was easy to get used to: The Nunchuk is used to control a player's body, with the analog stick used to control the direction the player moves; the Z button is used for turbo running and to put spin on the ball once it's kicked.

However, the Wii Remote is used for the other primary functions of a soccer player: passing, shooting, and the like. To pass the ball, you hold down the A button and move the Wii Remote in the direction you want to pass. Crosses or lob passes are executed with the B button and a directional gesture. To shoot, you simply gesture upward with the Wii Remote, and the quicker you move the remote up, the harder the shot. You can also twist the remote during your kick to add some spin on the ball. When on defense, the A button is used to switch players, and the B button is used for checking an offensive player or throwing a tackle. To throw a hard tackle, you hold down the A button and flick the remote in the direction of the player you're looking to bring down. A throw-in is executed just as you might expect: by making a tossing motion with both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk (though, unlike in the real sport, you won't be penalized for leaving your feet).'

Damn, no foot strap this time either.  We'll just have to wait...

Due to having hardly anything to write about today, I've decided to see what has come from the feedback form (at the bottom of the page).  You can be sure I will have my say at whatever is said.

How did you find out about my blog?

CHICKEN (Me: ... cuckoo *twirls hand at temple*)

What do you like about this blog?

Peeking into your life (Me: ... Stalker)

What do you think of the site layout,style, colours etc.?

Horrific... You gave my eyes cancer...

How many times do you visit this blog?


Any comments or suggestions on improving the site? - Include email/name if you want to be named in posts.

well i just love everything about this blog, maybe we shud meet up maybe.."your blog is worse then your bite" :P

love Lewis G

How many friends have you told about this awesome blog?

So many I can't count <--Doubt you'd pick this...

Do you think there should be more authors? More authors equals more updates.

I dunno. Maybe good. Maybe bad.

Lewis G.  Somehow I knew a really awful pun was on the way... "your blog is worse then your bite" But I certainly didn't expect that.

Oh and we should meet up.  When and where?


How did you find out about my blog?

CHICKEN (Me: ... cuckoo *twirls hand at temple*)

What do you like about this blog?

Funny/insane humour, The awesome dude behind the blog, NINJAS (Me: WTF?), The pretty colours... hehe... colours, Daily updates, Peeking into your life (Me: ... Stalker), The media content (videos/pictures), Being able to laugh at people I don't know

What do you think of the site layout,style, colours etc.?

AWESOME! Couldn't be better.

How many times do you visit this blog?


Any comments or suggestions on improving the site? - Include email/name if you want to be named in posts.


How did you find out about my blog?

i encouraged you to make it

pick me for author =D

How many friends have you told about this awesome blog?


Do you think there should be more authors? More authors equals more updates.

ONLY if the other author is totally different.

Lemme take a guess at who this is... Gavin.  Or should I say: Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Lover Dude.  I'm still considering on the author bit - but it's a possibility.


There were some more forms filled out - but they didn't have any comments; so I didn't post them.  If you want yours posted - fill out the feedback form.

Lastly, due to some matters that are out of my control.  I won't be here from the 15th to the 25th.  It's because my uncle can't deal with his kids.  I knew it.  And seeing as I don't have any exams during that time - they are sending me over to watch over and stuff.  I heard my uncle has the Internet but I'm not sure I can get on.  I'll try and get a post in on the 15th - but I'll have to see.  If it wasn't for the Media Award Ceremony than I would be going on the 14th - thank god for that.  Good thing I left my PS2 over there - or I'll be stuck there with hardly anything to do.

Meanwhile, seeing as Gavin's the only one that has asked... I'm thinking of choosing him to be author while I'm gone.  If all goes well, and he does some good posts - he may become a permanent author.  Unless someone else has a better suggestion.


How did you find out about my blog?
What do you like about this blog? Funny/insane humour
The awesome dude behind the blog
The pretty colours... hehe... colours
Daily updates
Peeking into your life (Me: ... Stalker)
The media content (videos/pictures)
Being able to laugh at people I don't know
Nothing (Me: Why are you here?)
What do you think of the site layout,style, colours etc.? AWESOME! Couldn't be better.
Good. Just one or two places that need changing.
Ok, could improve some things.
Bad. Back to the drawing board for you...
Horrific... You gave my eyes cancer...
How many times do you visit this blog?
Any comments or suggestions on improving the site? - Include email/name if you want to be named in posts.
How many friends have you told about this awesome blog?
Do you think there should be more authors? More authors equals more updates. Nope. You're awesome, no one else will suffice.
I dunno. Maybe good. Maybe bad.
Yes. You're antics bore me now.
ONLY if the other author is similar to you.
ONLY if the other author is totally different.

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