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Friday, 31 August 2007

Wii in 2001?

Ok, so not much happened to me today.  So not really anything blog-worthy to talk about.

My sisters have spent the large majority of the day watching anime though, and it's one anime.

One Piece.

It's a good anime and everything.  But I reckon that's a little excessive, don't you think?  Well, anyway there still watching it now.

After browsing the internet I came across some interesting finds.  Apparently this is what the Wii looked like in 2001 (concept design).

I actually think it's pretty cool.  Although I prefer the standard (now) Wiimote & Nunchuk.  It does give me the traditional controller feeling; it especially reminds me of the DualShock controllers developed by Sony.  It also looked like it had many variations too.  I'm glad they ditched that.

Yea, that's how boring my day was.  I posted a picture of the Wii's concept design from 2001...

This is also another little gimmick I came across:

Super Smash Mojo

It's a rip-off of the original Smash Bros site and it looks the part.  It even has regular updates.  AND it's funny.  What more do you want?

I'm not sure how long it's going to stay on though; since I'm getting the idea that Nintendo won't like it...

Q: Why does it say MOTHER on this item?


Ok, I guess it's forward-ho to the story.  Which we still have no feedback for, btw.  Just in case you don't know.

Although it is fun to write and think up insane ideas, so I guess I'll continue anyway.


The minutes that followed the first shot being fired was a blur.

I could only remember gripping the controls.  Ducking dangerously - no, perilously, close to enemy ships.  The ship's auto-pilot was also very intuitive.  It analysed the situation and chose the best path to take through the wave of enemy gunfire.

All I had to keep in mind was to keep firing at the b******.

We had managed to get through the wave of fighters with shields on unscathed.  But I only managed to take out one fighter ship due to their almost impervious shields.  I'm not sure about Gavin & Gimely though, there wasn't enough time for me to be worrying about them two.  They'll be fine.

As I burst out of the group of fighters I could see the main fleet.  Gavin & Gimely also got out fine.

By now the enemy ships had also done a 180 and were chasing us.  Our ships were only slightly faster than the fighters so we were dodging in between the gunfire.  At one point there was so much gunfire that Gavin & Gimely were blocked out of my sight.

In roughly 3 minutes we made contact with the main fleet.

The main battleships were HUGE.  And I mean huge.

Our ship was but a speck compared to them.  A droplet in the large ocean, if you will.

But in being a speck we could travel past relatively easily without being hit.  The guns also reacted slower - but no doubt dealt more damage - on the main ships.

There seemed to be a never ending amount of battleships.  And they came in varying sizes.

It was then that I saw it.  The mother-ship.  And boy, was it one heck of a beastly mother.

That's impossible.

Apparently it was.  The ship it self was the size of a small country.  I gawked at it as the auto-pilot automatically calculated the best route past the giant ship.

'How are we going to get past this?!'  I heard Gimely say on the radio.

'Any more crazy-ass ideas?'  Was Gavin's question across the radio.  He seemed relatively calm.

'Maybe just one...'


Another cliffhanger for Gavin to finish.


Have fun.



Oh and I came across this awesome list while I was blogging.  It's mostly right by the way.

The Official List of the Best Things in Existence

Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, God, Oxygen, Monkeys, Beer, Sex, Yo' Mama jokes, sliced bread, Japanese stuff and Sharon* are just a few things you'd find on the list.

There's even pictures.


I'm seeing a trend here.  Uncyclopedia is another parody site, this time parodying (it's quite obvious) Wikipedia.

And by the way, it's funny.  In case you haven't worked that one out for yourselves.  Retard.

*Referring to Lewis mom.  You probably won't get it since it's more of a in-house joke at our school.  Still makes me ROFL though.  ROFL.


Oh and by the way.  You Are Dead.

I couldn't come up with a title today nor have I came up with the story, so I've decided to do what all great people do...Wing it.

We started to fly towards the enemy, I was worried and thinking what the hell Bob was thinking, maybe he knew something we didn't?

'What are you doing?' I yelled down to Bob

'Don't worry' He yelled back instantly as if he was expecting one of us to ask '545 activate Pod cruisers'

As he said this the three Battle stations popped out the of the main ship, All of us were shocked at this event, more controls had popped out aswell, it looked as if we had to pilot aswell to fight.

'Don't worry guys, I installed this myself' Bob voice echoed from a speaker, 'It has auto-pilot to take you back to earth, so concentrate on shooting, plus it makes the main ship faster, almost doubling its speed, so, I will see you back at earth'

As he said this the main ship blasted off at an echoing speed straight past the Strogl Fleet.

'That Son of a' Gimely yelled but was interrupted by WJUK before he could finish 'Don't you think we should concentrate on the Strogl Gimely?'

'He has a point Gimely, lets deal with that twat when we get back' I yelled

'Okay, Gimely take the left, Gavin you take the right, I will take the middle' WJUK said

'Wait, we have auto pilot on so how do we move to the left and right?' I asked

'I dunor, maybe we have pre-set paths, maybe we changed places every so often, anyways, we need to go through that fleet so as we are heading that way we might as well have alittle plan' WJUK said

We approached the Fleet, all three of us tighten our grip.

And placed our fingers down on the trigger.

The first shot was fired.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Holiday Info (finally) ~ Enrollment

Ok, let's get the ball rolling again - since Gavin & Kate fell off the face of the Earth (together?).  Oh well, I guess they just like to slack off when I'm not around to keep them in line.  Anyway, enough of that.

About the holiday now... yea about that...  I kinda forgot to upload all the photos to my computer and stuff...  so all your gonna get today words.  Many many words.

Ok.  Lemme enter a Buddha-like state and achieve Nirvana within a Zen-like memory to take me back...

We woke up pretty late actually, since we were setting off at 2.  Which was awesome.  Since all the holidays before have included 'waking-up-bloody-earlier-the-first-day' formula as standard.  We set off.  Nothing went wrong, nothing to note about.  Then we got there.  Oh boy, here's where the waiting starts.

We actually arrived a whole hour before everyone else (since we were going in a 20-strong troupe).  So for an hour we sat on relatively hard seats twiddling our thumbs... well, others were.  I was playing my DS.

And we also came across a interesting find...

We came across a larger than normal box of tic tacs.  Actually, all the boxes in the vending machine were large.  It was at least 2 times larger than a normal box of tic tacs.  Obviously, I needed one.  I'm sure we took a picture but I can't find it.  And I'm also sure we got rid of the box (albeit accidentally) aboard the ship.  Sorry again, no pictures.

The ship was meh.  It wasn't as good as the Mediterranean cruise we went on last year.  But it was alright.

The first night was relatively normal.  But somehow we ended up playing Uno in the cabin.  I have no idea how we got to that stage; somehow just happened to buy a deck of Uno cards and we ended up playing till 3.  Not to mention, the deck of Uno cards cost £4.99!  Sheesh, talk about pricey.

Anyway, we decked in Amsterdam the following morning.  And, rather reluctantly, I was woken up at 6 AM!  OMFG!  As you can tell by bolded statement I was not very happy.  But I was forced to get up so we could go eat breakfast (which was free btw, so was dinner).  Damn you person who invented the early breakfast.  But it was a buffet restaurant which made things all better.

We actually landed in Rotterdam (with it's big Europort and stuff) so we had to take a (double-decker) coach/bus thing to Amsterdam.  And that took 2 HOURS.  Yes, two frickin hours.  Last time I checked Holland wasn't that big, maybe the driver was slow or something.  Because it did take 2 hours.  Damn you time!  You travel way to slow sometimes - and, not to mention, way to fast sometimes.

In Amsterdam we found out that everything costs ALOT more than it would in the UK.  Great.  After aimlessly walking around for about 10/20 minutes we finally found our guides who will be taking us around Amsterdam.  Turns out that we walked the long way round to the place and they were looking down the short route.  We browsed round for a bit and then went for lunch.  On this thing...

Frickin sweet...

Oh and did I mention we were eating for FREE.  And that we were getting EXTRA LARGE PORTIONS.

We got the special treatment because it turns out that one of our guides was the owner.  Sweet.  After gorging ourselves on giant plates of meat and a various assortment of food - we decided to check out the bar.  We came across a fairly friendly barman.  Who taught us some Dutch.  Apparently Hello is: Haden.  Or something, I wasn't seriously listening.

Then we went to walk in CHINATOWN.  We went all the way to Holland, only to walk through CHINATOWN.  Yes, the Chinatown that could probably be found in London, or maybe even Manchester & Birmingham (and they'd be in English too).  The idea sounded crazy to me.  But they took no heed, and seeing as I had no f***ing idea where I was at the time, I had to follow.  In the first shop we came across LARGE vegetable.  There were a few watermelon (a box full) that were larger than my head.  And a marrow at the window proved to be two/three times lager than my head.

After wandering pell-mell we wandered into the Red-Light District.  Now, if any of you have not been in one or haven't had any experience with this than here's the Wiki article: Red Light District.

Here's the first sentence:

A red-light district is a neighborhood where prostitution and other businesses in the sex industry flourish.

Pretty much sums it right up.  You've also got to keep in mind that our troupe contained small children.  Youch.  Must of scared than for life.  And we didn't know we wandered into it, since we were ahead of the main group.  We was just walking along a normal street than we came face-to-face (not literally) with this:

Obviously, it was daytime then.  But you get the picture.

I'm not saying it was bad for me - well, actually it was.  Because of one crucial factor:  They all looked beastly.  And I mean fat and stuff.  Damn.

I think there was only one reasonably looking one there.

We also came across a SM shop, which we dare not venture into in case we got pulled into a horrible SM bondage session.  I shivered at the thought.  I physically shivered.

We finally walked out of the district (after seeing quite a lot of T&A) and our crazy journey through a place called Amsterdam was coming to a close.

We then split from the main group and proceeded to look around.  And oh yea, in pretty much every shop there was at least one thing reminiscent of a rather private part of the male's anatomy.  This was in the red light district and outside the district.  I guess Dutch people are more open to the idea of sex.  We also came across many shops that sold what they marketed as: 'Crack' and 'Pot'  they also came in candy form for little children.


Yea.  That was totally true.  In one case I saw a small kid pick one up walk over to the counter and buy it.  And he got away scot-free.  It was probably fake but you'd think that they wouldn't market it so openly, and also having it in so many shops!

There was really only one thing that catched my eye on our little escapade through the capital of Holland.  Swords.  We entered a shop that sold chess boards & pieces and various assortment of novelty things.  Boring.  Then I happened to come across a wall full of swords.  They were behind glass so I couldn't physically touch one.  I could buy one of them and I was so tempted.  Tempted to the point that not being able to get onto the ship wasn't a problem to me.  I'd swim across the English channel with my trusty sword if that was the only way back home.  There were also shruikens and ninja blade things and everything.  I gawked for some time.  Until I was dragged away with protests at me to stop me buying it.  It was only until that my cousin said her dad (my dad's oldest brother; he's a Kung Fu Master) had many swords.  And that she considered getting rid of some...

That was the one-two sucker punch.  She didn't say she'd give me one, just that she thought of getting rid of some.  Dammit.

We got back onto the ship (after another two-hour ride).  And after sleeping on the coach again.

Back on the ship I fell onto my bed and fell asleep.  My feet were hurting like crazy.  Just put it this way:  A portal to hell opened up (in Amsterdam or wherever) and I managed to stick my feet into it - and they were obviously singed and horrendously burnt by the fiery depths of hell and stuff.  Now take out the equation that hell fire can't be put out and all the burning and stuff.  And you have the pain I endured while I lay there totally exhausted from our trip.

Oddly enough we didn't play Uno all night long and just went to sleep.  Sounds sane for once.

But the night before we left I decided to check out the sun deck - it was night by then.  Oh yea.  It was kinda blustery that night and nearing bone-chillingly cold, due to the wind.  Er... I went in shorts and a T-shirt.

We got back and things were good.  We got back to the terminal (that contained the large tic tac boxes) and parted ways with the rest of our little troupe.  We trudged on home.

The end.

Oh and I also got a cold from going out on the sun deck at night, in not-warm-enough clothing.

Too bad the holiday was short.  I could've done with a longer one.  But here I am.  Carrying on with the monotonous drone of everyday life.  Occasionally breaking that monotony with blogging...

Today I had enrollment day for college.  As did many people.

I saw a lot of familiar faces there which I will not attempt to name all of them...

Ok, maybe I will.

Nope, only joking.

I entered the theatre (the room was called that, I wasn't, I repeat, wasn't, attending a school of drama and dancing) and I saw Lewis, Kris and company.  Filling out there pre-enrollment forms.  Noobs.  Lewis didn't even have a pen.

Having already filled mine before I went on holiday I laughed in there faces (after talking to them obviously) and made my way to a table with a vacancy.  The woman went over some stuff and sent me to the sports hall.  But before going, I saw a very unexpected person.  Chun.  That was his name.  He already went to university and got his degree.  Yet now... he was enrolling for college.

Maybe time travels backwards for him.  I remember thinking.  After numerous mental arguments again I decided it was not the case.

I'm not sure what he was doing, but it was definitely enrolling for some course.

But anyway, I entered the sports hall.  And it was brimming with people.  Older people giving advice to younger people.  Younger people not giving a s*** at what they're actually saying but pretend to listen anyway.

I made my way to the appropriate tables.  And before long I found myself sat at a table listening to a woman drone on... and on... and on... and on... and on...

You get the idea.  What seemed like eternity for me spent in hell, seemed to be haven for her.  She enjoyed torturing me, I guess.  Mentally, I mean.  Before you get any ideas.

When she finished, I nodded - in a feeble attempt to show I was listening.  And she asked: 'Would you like me to repeat all that?'

In that instance I almost nodded again to show I was listening.  But some intellectual gears clicked, after gathering dust during the holidays, and I kindly replied 'No... thanks.'  And moved my way swiftly to the next table.

At that point I saw Kate standing beside the door.  Doing one of her poses again - even though no one was taking a picture this time.  I gave a quick "hello" gesture - that I'm unsure that she even saw and I was on my way.

The next table had two people on.  It lead to more talking.  And more talking.  But eventually all the necessary paperwork was done and I headed to the final table.  The dude there was Indian.  And I couldn't understand him.  Not that I didn't know English.  And not that he didn't no English.  It was just that he spoke really quietly and the hall was bustling with noise.  I had to get him to repeat numerous things so I could actually hear him.

Additionally, after glancing (and mentally drooling over) my grades he tried to convert me to doing Science.  Yep, he was a Science teacher all right.

Eventually he told me some stuff, which I forgot now.  All I know is that I got back on the 7th for Introductory day for first-years.  I'm sort of dreading that due to the fact that it shortens my holiday to an extent.  And 10th is the official day that college starts.  Apparently I'm getting my timetable on the 7th and stuff.  But I'm sure he said: '...hopefully you'll have your timetable by the end of the introductory day...'  HOPEFULLY?!  What's that suppose to me.  It's like saying to someone who needs a heart transplant: 'Hey, you're going to die tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll have a spare heart by then.'

Anyway, I got home and fell asleep (again) because I was so rudely woken up this morning for a dentist appointment.

Woah, today's post is pretty long.  But I still have the story to do.  And like Gavin said before it'd be good to get some feedback on this.  Seriously.  Although I recall the last time I asked for comments.  Didn't work.

I hate you.

Feedback on that.

Oh and Gavin.  Loved the space invaders reference.  LOL


As the radar blipped like crazy (at least I think it was the radar, it basically was but it was holographic showing a 3D plane of the area) showing an uncountable amount of red dots.  I tightened my grip on the turret controls.

I felt a single bead of sweat flow slowly down from my forehead, to my left temple.  To my left cheek.  To my chin.  Then fell off.  I made no attempt in wiping it off since I had to start blasting when I have a visual.  And according to Bob, the f***ers in the fleet have some pretty bad-ass, fast ships.  This isn't going to turn out well.

I ran through the scenario in my head and our ship happened to be destroyed everytime.  That's not good.

I shouted down the radio piece to Bob: 'Hey!  Don't you have like a masking device or hyperdrive or something.  Something that'll get us out of this situation.'

From the speaker I got this response: 'Sorry mate.  We don't.  We're currently traveling as fast as we possibly can.  If we weren't they'd have catched up yonks ago.  But they will catch-up, that's guaranteed.'

Well those were reassuring words.

I was about to respond back to the message but I noticed something in the distance.  It was undoubtedly a Strogl ship.  It looked smaller than the ships that dropped off the Strogl that we saw not long ago.  Probably a fighter class ship.

I only managed to utter the following words before I started firing.  'They're coming.'

I immediately pressed the button that said: 'LONG-RANGE'

The main gun in front of me molded into a gun with a longer barrel and two more larger, shorter barrels appeared to the side.

I zoom wheel also appeared on the control panel.  I zoomed as close as I could.  It zoomed a helluva lot.  The screen indicated it was a '100x' zoom, and that wasn't the closest zoom it had.  But it was enough.

I could see the ship clearly now, and many others.  The smaller, faster, fighter-type class of ships seemed to have strafed ahead.  Leaving the main fleet of ships behind.  If we manage to take out most (maybe all) of the fighters than the fleet will be crippled.  We'll be able to get away since the main ships will probably be slower.

I aimed for the closest one and fired.  It hit it dead on and with awesome effects.  The long barrel served as a sniper rifle.  And the other two were homing missiles.  They barreled ahead and took out two more ships.  About two seconds after I took my shot Gavin & Gimely also did the same thing.  I could see the wave of 50 odd ships spread out into a looser formation.  Making them harder to hit.  Some also activated what looked like green shields, but in doing so their speed dropped. Due to that, the group split.  Leaving about 30 carrying on at the same pace.  And 20 going a bit slower with the shields.

That was risky for them.  But I guess it follows the: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" rule.  It meant that we had less to deal with at one time, but it also meant that the second group would be harder to take out.  Due to their shields.

In the next few instances the three of us managed to take out about 6 more ships together.  They had grown wearing of our shots and flew in a way that almost looked like they were out of control, they also released some sort of reflective material to divert the missiles away from them.

Their relentless pace continued.  When they were near enough to get a shot fired they did.  They all took about one shot - I think one or two hit but were quickly repaired by the on-ship nano system.  Then they split and came around in a pincer movement.  545 declared: 'Evasive action executed.'  And the ship immediately did a 180 and came the other way.  It caught the ships off-guard but they were able to catch back up.

'Bob!  Not this way.  We'll collide into the wave of ships that have shields up!  And eventually the main fleet.'


There it is.

And remember.  Feedback, please.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Quick post

Ok, I'm back. Finally.

But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a proper post. Why?

That's because I'm sick - not majorly sick - but enough to make me not want to do anything but snuggle up inside a big blanket and just watch TV all day. Or sleep.

We got back about 10 this morning. And I was so tired, I collapse onto my bed. And I'm still tired now. And the cold I got aren't making things better.

I pretty much figured out where I got the cold... on the last night we were aboard the ship... I decided to go for one last walk on the top deck in shirts and shorts... it was cold and windy...


Didn't stop me attempting to do a titanic though... the pose by the way... I was not looking for ice bergs to sink the ship.

Plus, I got stuff to take pictures of and scan in. Tomorrow's post is gonna be a long one... unless I forget most stuff.

Until tomorrow. Janai (cya in Japanese)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Story time

Well, I know some of you have been waiting for this, well actually i don't. Does anyone actually read the story? Some feedback on it would be nice, Comment this post or tell us in the chat box on the left side or get in touch with WJUK on msn, i'm pretty sure his email address has been mention some where.

Okay, WJUK left off with a fight scene opening so lets carry on, and If WJUK is back tonight he might post or maybe not, he will probably to lazy to post so just wait until tomorrow for the next installment.

We were manning the turrets, the 2 bogeys were getting the closer 545 kept informing us of this fact.

They drew closer every second. Not knowing what to expect all we could do is keep gripping the turret handles.

One ship appeared directly in front of us, all 3 of us turned out turrets and fired.


All three of us hit the ship countless times

'Thats one down' I heard Gimely shout.

The other came into view to my side, only me and WJUK could fire as Gimely couldn't see it, it took a few more shots but the same result happened, the Strogl ship was blew up.

'Thats them all' WJUK yelled down to Bob

'Don't be too sure, Strogl travel in fleets, 2 ships are sent out to scout ahead, get ready for the real fight' Bob yelled back

Bob was right, we had hardly anytime to take in the fact that more ships where on their way, only after a few seconds of Bob warning us we were surround.

We started to fire, Gimely was alittle trigger happy, keeping his paw on the trigger and randomly spraying bullets at ships. WJUK and I took a more planned route of destroying them.

They started getting closer and closer, it was like an epic game of space invaders.

Who will win? WJUK will tell you sometime.

Monday, 27 August 2007

More Pictures

Because WJUK posted pictures of the bbq i've found more he didn't have

Right naming all of these is going to be hard to follow
Back row: Daisy,Laura,Tom, Sami, WJUK, Lewis, Sheeny, Chelly, Mike, Tom

Front Row: Alex, Matthew, Kate, Me(Gavin), Ashley

I know its a small picture but deal with it.

This is a better Picture

Back row: Matthew, WJUK, Sheeny, Lewis, Tom
Front row: Laura, Me(Gavin)

I look odd, gripping my teeth together, lol
And Lewis, this is one of many faces of Lewis, One day i will show you more =P

Also, Earlier WJUK posted a video of Tony Jaa, so I've decided to round up a few fight scenes I enjoyed =P

Tony Jaa again, this one kinda went alittle over the top with the bone breaking sounds but its still an good display Thai boxing.

Jet Li, one of the ending fight scenes in Unleashed, Jet Li is an amazing martial artist.

OK, now, any collection of fight scenes is uncomplete without the best martial artist ever.

Yep, Bruce Lee. I really shouldn't need to explain anymore.

I've decided to take a day off the story writing, although tomorrow I will post the next install them, I think I've left you all enough entertainment up there. ^

Just a quick word~

Just a quick word before I disappear into the wonderful world of holidays...

I'll be leaving for Holland in about... an hour. So this may be the only time I get to post in 2/3 days. Damn, I'm gonna miss you guys.

Also, Leeman wanted to see my new haircut - which I totally forgot about. Here's a quick picture I took using the webcam. Multi-talented, aren't I?Oh, and I got to say. Holding a webcam in a position like that and taking a picture is a lot harder than it looks. It took a few minutes to get it right.

Anyway, see you in a few days people.

I'll tell you all about my holiday. Hopefully I'll have some souvenirs to show you lot as well.

Just because I'm an extremely nice and generous person. I'm going to post this video I came across. Titled: 'The best unedited fight sequence ever' You know it's the best when they put "ever" at the end. So here, it is.

Tony Jaa FTW!

Ciao, amigos & senoritas.

EDIT: Oh and be sure to check out the post under mine - titled: 'A few surprises...' It's got some awesome pictures and videos in. And it's also a good thing I'm going on holiday, seeing as either Daisy or Kate are going to kill me. Maybe together. I'll lie low until this whole thing blows over.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

A few surprises...

I'm going to leave the big one till last.  Just before the story. ;)

Anyway, the first surprise... are a few pictures from the BBQ.  I was only sent 2, but I made the most of them.

Here's the first one:

And here is the photo after WJUKification (modification by me):

In all fairness the suggestion came from Kate herself.  But I executed it - and rather good, I'd say.  I got to say though, the photo does look like an advert.  It was not choreographed in any way.  But I think that we couldn't be in better poses even after choreography.  Except... maybe... the dog was in mid-air or sliding on the floor while 'rocking out' on a heavy metal guitar.

People in photo (from left to right): Mike, Tom, Me, Gavin.


Then came this beauty of a photo:

Not taken as well as the first photo but it was ok.  The blank space to the left of the photo symbolises... freedom.   Somehow.

But here's the real kicker.  Upon closer inspection - and Daisy's going to kill me for this - I found this:

Now if that isn't just a priceless photo, I don't know what is.  Hey, that gives me an idea...

*Hurries off to mess around in Paint.net*

That's all me, baby.  Priceless.  It sure made me ROFL, and I'm betting it did you.

Anyway, now for another kind of surprise.  A CLIP!

Hooray!  We don't get many of these on this blog so it's a real gift when we do!

Sorry about it looking relatively LQ.  But I guess it's better video quality then you get on YT.  It's also larger.  In the video I have it's crisp-clear and totally awesome.

The video was transferred, via messenger, last night.  It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes of mine and Kate's time.  But I guess it was totally worth it.  Somehow I thought it would be longer...

Since it's such a nice video I figured I'd post a real-time play-by-play (of some of the more important moments):

0:00 - Title screen

0:05 - Video starts with Kate going: 'Wai June...'  and me going: 'NO!'

0:07 - Daisy attempts to explain some random crap about hiding the Wii.

0:09 - Laura flat out lies and denies.

0:13 - Leeman swears at camera.

0:17 - Leeman attempts to probe Laura for the location of the Wii.  Fails inexplicably.

0:36 - Lewis attempts to jump into a photo.  Fails.  Because she's taking a movie.  LMAO.

0:44 - There's so much glare you can only see silhouettes.  Kate: 'I can't really see.'

0:47 - 'Oh shit.' By Kate.  As she spills some beer.

0:52 - Just a random interval stating Kate had pissed herself.

0:59 - Kate spills beer on my crotch.  Yes, you heard that right.  Despite there being no footage of it (or close-up for that matter).

1:06 - I attempt to pour some beer onto Kate's crotch.

1:10 - I as messing around with the beer bottle.  Ashley knocks my hand.  Beer goes everywhere. 

1:15 - Someone snorts.  I have no idea who does.  But someone does.  Anyone verify?

1:22 - Kate pours beer onto tomato plants.

1:29 - Sammi waltz into shot... drunk.  No surprise there.

1:31 - Ashley shouts something resembling: 'Asian Negro.'  It's because of the earlier bottle spilling incident.

1:34 - Video ends.

The credits and onwards need no play-by-play.  I just wanted to tell of some things that happened, but weren't seen in the video.

Now for the biggest surprise of all.

Drum roll please...




I'm going on holiday.



I only found this out yesterday night.  I guess my whole family's kinda impulsive.  It's sweet though, so f***ing sweet that we get to go on holiday.

Don't worry it's only for about 2 days.  Due to me having to be back here for Franklin Enrollment Day, we're coming back on the 29th.  But during the 2 days, I probably won't be able to blog.  Unless, of course, I can get my hands on a computer and internet connection.  Then that's a different story...

The story again.  And as promised I'm going to try and back in some action for this.  Seeing as Gavin should be stringing you along for the next few days, it's only appropriate.  Of course, there's always Kate to provide an insight into the inner workings of women.  There's a lot more stuff then you think, seriously.  I found out tons of stuff that I didn't even know, that were going on in my (rather large) circle of friends.

Deep; man.  Real deep.


I looked out the clear plexi-glass (at least I think it was) windscreen for the ship.  And I see the stars.  Wait.  What's that?

'I see you've spotted Saturn.'  Bob said.  'Looks beautiful, doesn't it?'

'Yea, it does.  I guess some things never change...'  Saturn?!  We must of travelled light years during our few moments in flight.

'What was that?  I didn't hear you properly.'

'Nothing.  I was just thinking aloud.'

'A little about the ship now.'  Bob's voice grew more enthusiastic.  'It sports the latest in cellular nano self-repairing equipment.'

'And that means?'  I ask.

'That means there's these little robots that come out and repair your ship.  And they do it pretty fast as well.'

'Oh, ok.  Should have said that.'

Bob continued.  'Then this model also includes the best nuclear-'

Suddenly, the ship rocks violently from side to side.

Bob shouts out: '545.  What's the matter?'

The holographic image speaks, and the mouth moves convincingly to the voice: 'Two bogeys detected at sector 2346 and 2348.  What are your commands?'

'Oh crap.  The firepower's all manual.  What're we going to do.'  Bob screamed at the top of his lungs.  He looked so very scared.

'I guess that's our cue.'  Gavin said.  I turned around and nodded.

Finding the gunning positions were relatively easy, they were marked with bright yellow signs.  And they could all be accessed via the bridge.

Gavin took up the gunning position on the right, Gimely the left and finally I took up the position up top.  I stepped it and was suddenly blasted with nostalgia as it resembled the mecha cockpit a lot.

I initiated the gun.  And it moved further out!  It seemed to give more versatility to the guns, they can be moved out and controlled that way.  Giving it 360 degrees of movement.  Only a small cord (that's almost impossible to hit) is connected to the main ship.  The gunning position is actually a glass spherical ball, meaning I could see all around me.  I noticed this was also happening to Gavin & Gimely.

'I guess it's time to kick some Strogl ass.'


Ok, so I may not have incorporated that much action in.  Put it primarily sets it up for an action sequence.  Gavin, it's your time to shine.

I'll be seeing you lot in 2/3 days.  Hopefully I'll be able to post sooner.

Just a quick post

Only a small post cos I need to go at 9:30 and it is now 9:18

Anyways on with the story

'Yeah, us humans have came along way' Bob said 'We use nuclear energy for everything: cooking, traveling, building, you name it and I'm pretty sure it will be nuclear'

All of us dropped our jaw

'What else has changed?' Gimely asked

'Well, Earth is now completely ruled by two countries, USA and England, with all the other countries serving as adviser' Bob said

'Hasn't that cause an international conflict?' WJUK asked

'Nah, No one knows why USA and England rule the Earth it just played out like that'

'What about weapons?' I asked 'Surely you must be able to cause some damage so why are you at war with the Strogl?'

'Well, the only thing that can kill them is the removing of the head, so using high-tech weapons is out of question, all the swords our soliders use are of the highest standard, forged by the best blacksmiths around today'

'Wow, so, you must all travel around in high-tech cars then' I asked

'Yeah, flying cars, anyways back onto the the test drive' Bob said

Saturday, 25 August 2007

It seems I've done a "naughty"

Ooooh dear.

Last night, when I was writing my debut post, it seems my sister was reading over my shoulder and saw the part where I happened to say she did piss poor on her GCSE's.
She didn't actually, it was a joke in very poor taste.
She did the best of her abilities and I to mine, but mine were just better.
Okay, this just sounds even worse.
Either way, there's a guilty conscience that needs to be relieved and a bad feeling that will mull over in a couple of days, I hope.

Oh, I've got a photo from year 9 (I thought it was 8, but Belcher corrected me yesterday) where ..well, everyone looks young :)
I'll just scan it.

Let's see. L-R: Laura, Larissa, Josh, Belcher, Gavin, Lewis, Ashey and Kris at the front. Oh, and that's Sami right on the edge :)


So the thing is, I was thinking of using my advantage of being a girl to explain the complexities that is girl, like.. all the areas that are a cause for concern.
And I'm going to be completely honest, completely.
I'll start with rivalry, because it leads to some of the really bad parts of being a girl.
Now, while everyone is (more or less) 16, there's a lot of rivalry going around with girls but more specifically about boys. And you can really feel it. Because I'm in a pretty closed-circuit group of boys and girls, there's concentrated competition.

Let's take our parties for example, if another girl looks nicer or reveals a bit more flesh than another, she will bitch her down behind her back to make herself feel better. I'm not sure how it works exactly, but it's like a comfort thing and also an attention thing; you draw attention to yourself by saying mean things about someone and you also feel better about yourself. I'm not sure why girls bitch about each other, maybe it's something to do to pass the time or it's just a dirty habit. Either way, it's human nature strangely enough. So people bitch about you, you feel bad about yourself and start to think of ways to change that, many go for their weight and starve themselves/purge. Some even self harm, the worst form of expression and release in my opinion. I've been there, it's not pretty or glamorous, I have a neat little scar to prove it so.

It's a shame really. It's like that quote: 'Women would rule the world if we didn't hate each other"

Going back to my rivalry concept, if one girl appears to be getting along with a guy, you can bet that another will try and sabotage it to have him for herself. It's very interesting really, kinda like Animal Planet :)

Another thing about girls liking guys is that we read between lines that possibly aren't there. example.. Oh! I have a friend from Wales who liked a guy from school, talked to him on the Internet a lot and they were quite flirty. She assumed that he liked her and jumped on the chance, started to develop some serious feelings for the poor sod (slight nod at Seamus Heaney) but then found out she'd read it wrong (very wrong indeed) and got herself hurt. Or should I say, hurt herself, along with all the embarrassment from wasting her time.
So the trick is to either be blunt (if you're not interested!) and stop the poor thing from getting hurt too much, because the guy was really embarrassed about it too. Or to avoid situations similar for the rest of your life and live without intimacy. Funfunfun.

So there's rivalry, and it's really hard to deal with especially if your self esteem isn't exactly tip-top. For example, some girls receive less intimate attention than others and it makes them feel bad about themselves. But that's not to say you should go around screaming 'you're beautiful' to everyone, Mika did that quite well.

My heart goes out to those lost in the shuffle.

Beautiful day! Telegraph pictures!

It's a beautiful day... to lift cares away...

I can't remember where I got that from but there it is.

Anyway, as the title clearly states: it's a beautiful day. Heck, it's a wonderful day! It finally feels like Summer is here! Except... it's pretty much the end of Summer. Damn, that Summer really sucked. Floods, insects, the works. I'm going to speak to God about this. He's not going to like what I have to say...

Remember the picture I showed you last post. With me and the teacher. Well, Leeman has been kind enough to send in this picture of him (also taken by telegraph):

I have no idea what's going on there. Maybe it's meant to mean Leeman's ringing up his parents to break the good news to them...? I dunno, but he's striking a "hero" pose - as I call it. In movies (and for some strange reason, a lot of times in real life) the pose is followed by a monologue. Also the pose works better when you are higher up then the target person (or camera) and the sun behind you (preferably setting sun).

Enough of that though. I've been browsing the Telegraph Archives and look at the stuff I stumbled across...

Need I say more? I believe this was the prom...? Hell, actually I have no idea when this was.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait a moment, just give me a second here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, I'm good.
Anyway, before my head rolls off due to my incessant laughing. The above picture was taken at a workshop day or something. But you can see Gavin and Daisy there! I'll just let you figure out what they're actually doing.

Just to make it fair, here's one of Kate. She's the one on the second right, by the way - just in case you can't tell. Nice pose, btw.
It was taken for Award Ceremony (2005 or 2006).

Because I'm impartial, here's one with me in.
Guess who I am. What do you get if you win? Nothing.
You get a clomp at the side of your head if you get it wrong.

I've also managed to track down the picture that was in the newspaper. Here it is:

From left to right (back row): Kate, Laura, Sammi, Dan, Gavin, Charlie

From left to right (front row): Emily, Sheeny, Me, Luke.

I just got to add. Kate, how the hell do you get such nice poses?! And lmao at Gavin. I think there's no one there whose striking a pose good enough for TV. No one.

Oh wait, looky here. I just came across this:

It's Al, Charl, Josh, Tom & Kris!
You can tell Josh is drunk. Tom, Charl & Al look out of it too.

Ok, final picture. I promise. I only posted this because it has Bently in.

You can see Tom, Ash & Bently on the second row. I'm unsure, but I think that's Gavin in the row infront. That's definitely Lewis next to him. Bently looks funny, hehe.

I guess you've had enough pictures for one day. If anyone else has some better pictures (preferably not watermarked) then send then in.

Oh and I'm sure Kate took a (long) video yesterday at the BBQ. Would like to see (and edit).

Time for the story again. And I may have just thought of something...

Oh and if you're wondering. I don't think Kate's going to have any input into it, I recall her saying something about: 'I have no idea where it's at. I stopped reading when I was horrendously murdered in the worst possible fashion.'

Pity. Would have introduced (yet) another writing style to the table.


'545, Activate engine!'

A low rumbling sound came from seemingly all around us. No louder than a car engine. Then it died down.

'Quiet, isn't she?' Bob said, and he was right. It was quiet. Perfect for ambushes...

'That's really quiet. What's it running on? Petrol?' I asked quizzically. I even added the head slanted slightly gesture to increase the effectiveness of it.

'Petrol?! What century are you living in?! Of course it doesn't run on that. Besides, even if I wanted it to I couldn't. All the petrol has been used up already.' He said. I didn't even bother explaining and answering his rhetorical question. 'This baby's a hybrid. She uses solar energy when possible. But switches to Nuclear when it's dark. And the auxiliary and back-up units use a supply of hydrogen. Although the hydrogen tanks can only last the ship about 5 hours.'

'NUCLEAR?! Doesn't that... you know? Aplode?!' Gimely screamed out. He looked pretty nervous. 'I'm to young to die! I still haven't sampled the life to it's fullest! I haven't met the perfect penguin girl-'

Bob cut him off. I guess he's not a very emotional man - which makes sense since he spends most time around emotionless machines. 'Don't worry about it. I see you've never heard of the Cloubler Chamber.'

'Clou-wha what now?'

'Cloubler chamber.' He crossed his arms and began to explain it. It reminded me of a primary school teacher explaining what sex was to children. 'The Coubler Chamber was invented by Professor Coubler of the International Nuclear Society located in Chicago, USA. It's basically a chamber made of reinforced Tritanium Steel that wraps around the Nuclear reactor. Thus this way, even if there is a nuclear explosion; it'd only happen in the small chamber.'

'That must be one strong metal.' Gavin inquired.

'Oh, it is. Stronger than anything found on Earth. It was stumbled across on the Moon by accident. Now the moon is basically a large mining ground for Tritanium. But everything is under ground, so the surface is populated by resorts and hotels.'

'Geez, humans sure have come a long way since 2007...'

'Yes, a long long way...'


Well. I'm starting to get tired of the talking. I'm going to try and post some action into the story next time.

And just so people know. If you want to be a "correspondent" of this blog (as Kate put it) then email me or something. If I reckon your trustworthy (which you probably will be if I know you in real life) then you're in!

I might also introduce a trial period where you can post but not mess with anything on site.

Gavin & Kate also have the power to invite people! So don't just ass-kiss me. They want some loving too.

yay! A new Blogger

Not only does it give Kate something to do but it also means we now have about 3 posts a day, which means more reading for you.

And WJUK pretty much got whole account of the story down. Thats all i remember about the BBQ.

Anyways on with the story
*Finds last post with story on and reads last line* Okay, I have no idea what to write about, tbh I have no idea what WJUK said in that post. So, I'm just going to make up some random stuff which sounds right.

'This is one of mine favourite inventions and it's all thanks to them no good strogl' Bob smiled

'Please, Don't talk about the master creaters that way' 545 said

'Oh yeah, I still have some kinks to fix, 545 is still very honourable of the Strogl and when I have test drove it and insulted the Strogl the engine have shut down on me and caused other problems' Bob said

'So, we can't speak of the Strogl in a Bad way or she will shut everything down' WJUK asked

'Yeah' Bob nodded

'So, does that mean she has more control over the whole ship?' I asked

'Yes, the basic model came with auto-pilot and auto-attack mode' Bob said 'But I remodel it because Auto-Attack mode kept attacking humans so you have to man the guns yourself but with auto-pilot its easy.'

'We don't mind manning the guns ourself' WJUK said

'Thats good' Bob said 'Anyways, let fire this thing up'

'545, Activate engine!'

Friday, 24 August 2007

let's get ready to rumble!

..Or let's not!

(I have "fond" memories of that song, by which I Aaron "midget gem/dancing dude" Pritchard was singing/humming/whispering it all through most of the exams)

..Aand now it's in my head.

I'm Kate, I'm awesome and I can't help but wonder if the wizarding world is real and that JK Rowling is spinning a story from her memoirs. Harry Potter is clearly a pseudonym and she personally did all those things.
It's funny, I don't actually remember asking to write on this blog, but here I am.
And as you see above, I have the right mentality to write for my dearest June.

As he is being a total n00b by ignoring me on MSN (well.. he's away, but I'll make it sound worse) I'll post the picture of the dog on the roof, which I so lovingly captured.

Wow, so anyway, here's the picture of the dastardly dog on the roof!

I remember looking at it (the picture) and thinking it was probably one of the best I've taken. It brought a tear to my eye.

Wow my scalp is bleeding.
That can't be good.

Oh well, life is good.
I was thinking of making this blog a tad bit more girly, but I think I'd be removed straight away so I shall resist. Can I mention women's problems? And fan-girl openly?

No, I don't really talk about gaming, or badminton, or ninjas, or that ridiculous story that gets more and more ridiculous - but I'm damn good at English. And spouting Harry Potter knowledge. But all in all, I'm damn good.

It's really annoying. Out of my older relatives, I have the best GCSE results but I won't get jack-shit for it because my sister didn't get anything (and she did poorly! ..PISS POORLY).
Dammit. I was the first person to pass maths in three generations.

...Well, this has been complete waffle hasn't it?
I'm usually less waffling, but it's late and I have been eating Minstrels and loving life.

Oh, and my music recommendation of the ..well, day: Arcade Fire - Black Mirror. especially in headphones. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. siriusly.
(This isn't an official part of my posts, I just haven't stopped listening to it all day now and wanted to share)

You say goodbye, and I say hello.

Not so much a BBQ...

Firstly, sorry for not doing the promised later post yesterday. When I got back I was shattered and pretty much collapsed on my bed. After getting a haircut and watching some TV, obviously.

Anyway, the BBQ was awesome... to an extent. There wasn't enough beer to go around, for one. And for the first 2 hours or so; Daisy tried to hide the Wii. Obviously she was unsuccessful due to my 1337 searching skills. Lol. Anyway, I arrived about 40 odd minutes late. Hey, it's called "fashionably late" and besides I wasn't the latest one *cough* Sheeny *end cough* <- That doesn't work too well in writing.

Well, anyway. It seemed I missed the dog (Lita) jumping up onto the shed's roof. Which I have no idea how she did, dogs don't land on their 4 paws... do they? I'm sure it's cats. Apart from that, not much happened during the time I wasn't there.

I essentially started off the search for the Wii - since Daisy said: 'I hid it! You'll never find it! MUHAHAHAHAHA!' Ok, maybe I added in the evil laugh in the end, but that was the basic gist. So, we ran upstairs to the complaints of Daisy; who came up after us. She came plowing through and jumped onto her bed. After a short while, I was rummaging around her room she just sprang up and shouted: 'NO! BELCHER!' Gavin being smart, blocked the doorway. It turns out that the Wii was just in the (panty) drawer in the spare room. Real original. Kudos to BELCHER for finding it. I think it was Belcher... or was it Leeman...

Anyway, the Wii didn't add much spice to the BBQ/party. Since we were pushed out of the front room after a while anyway, and there weren't many games for it anyway. She had Wii Sports, Wii Play and Harry Potter. She also downloaded some VC games: Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World (which I moved to the far end of the screen. LMAO). There was just one major flaw in the multiplayer. There was two wiimotes and ONE nunchuk. Damn, so 2-player boxing was out. So we figured we play 2-player Mario Kart. Nope, only ONE classic controller. Dammit! So we resorted to Tennis, which I owned Belcher at. I also owned Lewis later on, I was unbeatable!

I can't remember much about it, except it wasn't really a BBQ. And having quite a lot of fun just flipping the burgers and chicken all over the place. Despite numerous suggestions and nudges at Gavin to get the trampoline, he did not. Spoil sport. Apparently Daisy's mom forbade him to get it. Argh! That bouncy castle would be pretty nice right about now.

Eventually most people ended up in the front room again, messing about with stuff. We were all tired and outside was cold anyway. I almost fell asleep there. Then I went home.

That was about it.

Gavin could possibly fill in some holes, cause my memory has been acting up the last... er... 16 years or so.

Remember me talking about my results. What I didn't tell you was I got interviewed by the local newspaper. Nice, right? I was leaving it as a surprise to you lot. And here is the extract (and picture) from the website:

Wai June Lau (16), of Sutcliffe Avenue, Grimsby, achieved an astonishing sixteen-and-a-half GCSEs, including 13 As. He said: "I'm really happy."

Sorry about the watermark, it's just how they do things over at that particular website.

Firstly, the picture. Oh dear lord, why?! You can practically see the reluctance in my face. Also, this photo probably wasn't the best photo taken, but it was the only one there. Ok, end of discussion now. I can't take anymore.

Then the quote. Damn. I'm sure, beyond a T, that I mooched it more than that. COME ON NOW! 13 As! That's got to be pretty good at least. "I'm really happy." OMFG. I said quite a lot of things, but "I'm really happy" was not one of them. But it was funny trying to decipher what she was righting on her notepad. It was just a bunch of swirly lines and symbols. Made no sense to me.

Well, at least I was in the newspaper. If you want the full article here it is: ARTICLE.

You'll find that almost everyone has at least a complete sentence to say. E.g. "With the threat of closure there was a really good team spirt from all." And 'spirt' was a typo by them. Not me. Geez, maybe I should have gone all out monologue. Like in TV shows. If I did it probably would have resembled this:

"I am very pleased with myself. As I had promised myself and many people to do AWESOME in my GCSEs. I WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH MY... er... GCSES! I will continue to work banishing hunger from third world countries and I regularly give change to hobos. Oh, and I recycle. *Shoots winning smile*"

Sorry, just couldn't resist Gurren Lagann reference. Also couldn't resist sounding like a politician. Hey, it may be my only time.

I also picked up Final Fantasy III for the DS today. I was going not to, but it was just begging for it. And since I had that 10 pound voucher...

It's good as well. I heard it was a remake or something, but I don't care. It looks good (for a DS game) and plays like A FF game. Nice.

Also, Belcher (Tom Belcher, "Belcher's Big Pork" remember?) got a PS3. Which distressed me a bit. As you may have noticed in the chat comments he also wants me to get one. I wouldn't mind... except I have NO MONEY! Damn. I may have a little money, not a lot though. Let's just keep it as: miles away from buying a PS3. If only they dropped the price... to the Wii's price. I could pay that... *hint hint* *nudge nudge* Please pass that onto Sony.

Well now. The story... about that. Hm... I cannot think of anything at all (that isn't cheesy in some kind of movie kind of way) that's why I left the next part for Gavin. Seeing as he plummeted of the face of the Earth (for the... 10th time, I think) or just completely hungover after yesterday fling. I will never know it seems. But in light of the spirit of CBAness, doing nothing and general procrastination. I'm going to leave it to Gavin.

Seeing as I can actually remember this from yesterday. I recall Kate asking me (these exact words): 'Can I become a correspondent of your blog?' Now, I think I was partly-wasted by then and had no idea what correspondent meant anyway. I agreed... I believe. But I promise is a promise. An invitation is going out right after this post. Besides, Kate writes some brilliant stuff. Seriously, she does. She gets like As in English etc. AND a teacher found out about her blog and is very pleased with her writing style. LMAO!

Anyway, invitation is going out.

Hopefully we'll have a new team-member by tomorrow.


EDIT: I only remembered this because of Daisy's comment. Which I only just read minutes ago.

Apparently our Drama teacher isn't very happy about our Drama grades - as it seems the highest anyone got was a C. Which is weird since I was 12 and a half marks away from a C, while Dan A was 12 marks away. And the final test was out of 40 marks. That's kinda sucky. So he's appealing... or something. Sweet.

And in more blog-orientated news. Kate has already accepted the invite and has started blogging. YAY!
Welcome to the team.

Thursday, 23 August 2007


This quick post is just to flaunt my new results.  Sweet!

As you guessed it... I did AWESOME!

My alarm went of at 8 this morning.  Being the procrastinating  person that I am, I turned it off and ignored it.  Then went back to sleep.

It wasn't until my Late-Sense kicked it that I realised what was happening.  It's really good actually.  Now that I think about it... it's an addition to my powers of: Waking-up-near-destination Sense.  Anyway, I woke up at 8:25.  And quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth, then rushed off to the car.  Remembering I couldn't drive (yet) I called Dad and he drove me there.

Ok, anyway I got there to find Gavin was already there.  And he distinctly said: 'We can't get our results until 9.'  Then the "Associate Head-Teacher" (may have changed) came in and shouted: 'Sign in and get your results.'


Anyway, enough dawdling.  Here are my results.  In awesome picture format.

Pretty good, right?  13 As!  Don't worry if you can only count 12 As, so can I.  It's just that I got a A* in GCSE Chinese!

Woot!  Celebration!  BBQ is going to be awesome.

A longer more, with-story post later tonight.


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Results Day tomorrow (and BBQ)

As you may know by now, after by incessant talk about it, GCSE Results Day is tomorrow.  So, is the BBQ.  Which gives me quite an eventful day.  Add in the fact that in between getting the results and the BBQ, that I'm playing badminton; only makes it one hectic day.  Hell, I've been having a hectic week.  On Sunday there was that crappy BBQ, then a day of rest.  On Tuesday there was the badminton tournament, then a day of rest.  Then tomorrow is GCSE Results Day!  Phew, that's quite a busy schedule I have.  And to think I'm going on holiday soon, busy me...

I was woken up today by my mom.  Nothing special, right?  ... Wrong.  She was shouting from downstairs (just like in the movies and TV shows): 'Go pick up the phone!  It's a teacher... or something.'  I then replied using a half-assed system of murmurs and groans.  This continued for a while, until I couldn't bear the thought of hearing the word "phone" anymore.  I slumped up onto my wall and proceeded to stagger my way through to the phone.  I'm sure I didn't drink anything the previous night, but I had the most splitting headache.  Most probably have been the time I woke up at.  12 'o clock.  Sheesh, that's like 3 hours less sleep I had.  Which means I only got about 9 hours sleep today.  The horror.  Anyway I got asked to go into school tomorrow at 8:45.  Damn, even more sleep.  I think I agreed, I can't quite remember (splitting headache didn't help either).  And I recall dragging my sleeping body back into bed... only to find I couldn't get to sleep again.  Damn you stupid school system which means you have to call so early.  DAMN YOU!

Well, at least there's the BBQ to look forward to.  Apparently Daisy and Matthew bought a bunch of sausages called: 'Belcher's Thick Pork'  you might not get that as much.  It's just that one of my friends is called "Tom Belcher" but teen-rebellion and all that crap, in all it's glory, means we call him 'Belcher.'  LMAO.  If you still don't get it... I give up.  In the same blog post she said she's hiding the Wii!  NOOOOO!!!!  I still have a grudge match against Lewis.  Although I have no idea where to get a copy of MSCF and a extra nunchuk.  I'm not taking mine...

She also didn't manage to get a bouncy castle.  Damn.  Damn damn damn damn damn.  Double damn.  That's really bad, nevermind pathetic.  How many people could be renting out bouncy castles this time of year?!  Come on now!  That sucks.  Majorly.  Not even the chocolate fountain could make up for it... although it gets awfully close.

Well, that's about it for my day.  You'll get all the news of tomorrow... tomorrow.  Duh. 

It's gonna be a helluva day.

Next installment of story follows.  Please be calm and scroll down.









I just felt kinda random, so that was the result.  RaNdOmNeSs FTW!


'This invention.  Ho, your going to love it.'  He stopped as if to build up the tension.  Drew in a big breath and said: 'It's a state of the art flying machine, with the ability to travel at a speed of Mach 10.  A speed currently unachievable with even the most advanced aeroplanes.  The unique attachment system means that it's possible to customize the ship to your heart's content.  You could compare it to lego, the attachment - I mean.  The computer AI is also so advanced that the level of detail is can provide - even to those that are technically inebriated - is outstanding.  It is truly the best ship you can get.'

We were left pretty speechless after that.  Even Hilda couldn't find anything to say, which is weird seeing as women always seem to have something to say.  A quite lengthy pause followed.  With Bob still in his "Are you excited?" pose all the way through.

I decided I better break this pause.  '... Er... Damn, that's pretty good.'  Bob didn't look very pleased so I played up a bit.  'Actually, that's better than good.  Way better.  It's awesome.'

He looked a little bit more pleased.  But he cheered right up when the others agreed and started to clap.  Bob even did a bow to show his content at our reactions.  I wiped a mental sweat out of my brain.

Gavin stepped forward.  'So, are you going to show us inside or what?'

'Oh, I'm going to do better than that.  I'm going to show you a test drive.'

I immediately made a "interesting..." face.  And I'm sure the others did too.  We followed him toward the ship.  The ship seemed to have a mind of it's own as it opened up as we approached it.  The way we got in reminded me of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.  We got in and despite it's size it was surprisingly big inside.  Much bigger than you expected.

I was about to inquire about the size of the interior when he said: 'Strogl technology.  I picked it up at the crash site of one of the downed ships.  It's amazing.  It causes an influx in time itself.'  I was left pretty bemused by that statement but he explained further.  'It means that I can fit this large space into a small space, which is the ship.  Awesome, right?'

'Now, I understand.  That's frickin awesome.  If only my home was like that.'

We continued and got to a steel door.  It opened up automatically and we were greeted by a voice.

'Welcome to the bridge.'  It was female again.  Why does a robot voice always have to be female?

'545, resume holographic form.'  Bob said aloud as he jumped into one of the seats.

'Understood.'  A projector came out of he ceiling and light beamed towards the middle of the room.  There was a platform there and a woman appeared.  A holographic image of a woman.  'I am 545, the AI aboard this ship.  Nice to meet you.'

As you can imagine.  Jaw-dropping commenced.


AI?  Holograms?  545?  Sci-fi action thriller, anyone?  ... Anyone?

Anyway, what does all this mean?

One thing (probably) we're going to get some space action soon.


Space, the final frontier...

Candy from Stangers

I can't help it WJUK! The candy looks so nice, I can't help myself. Damn those candy giving strangers. Nah, i couldn't get onto pc yesterday longer enough to post.

Tomorrow we have result day and BBQ at Daisy's, which should be good for free food.

Anyways, on with the story.

Bob pulled off the blanket and threw it on the floor. WJUK, Gimely and I were shocked at what was there.

'This is my latest invention' Bob said.

'Does it work though Bob' Hilda said, 'Your last invention went alittle wild and ended up killing 10 people'

'Don't worry Hilda this one isn't a high tech killing machine.' Bob laughed 'This was made purely for flying, there is no weapons on it....yet'

'Wow! Your last invention killed 10 people. What was it meant to do?' I asked

'Well, Gimely' Bob said

'I'm Gavin! Gimely is the penguin remember' I snapped and Gimely didn't look to impressed

'Whatever, you're the three off to fight the Elders so your names will soon be forgotten, no one makes it back from the Elders'

'Well, us three are the chosen ones!' Gimely quickly yelled

'Calm down Gimely!' WJUK yelled, 'We will just have to pay this guy a visit when we get back'

'Fine, anyways, my last invention was a killing machine that was design to wipe out the Strogl in one fatal attack, it back fired and ended up killing some of our best fighters.'

'So, what does this invention do?' WJUK asked moving closer to the thing getting a better look.

Also, during this post my school phoned up saying i have to be in school for 8:45 for photos of the newspaper

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

5th Place

Yea, I got 5th place in the badminton tournament today.  Which is quite good seeing as I was like the youngest male to participate.  I have the award thingy right here next to me - it's going into my trophy cabinet (yea, I do have one of them... it's more like shelf though.  And there's not much room left...).  I was going to take a picture with the webcam but I couldn't be asked to plug it in.  Oh well.  It's kinda crappy cheap plastic anyway, what can you expect?

Anyway, it started with me playing men's doubles.  Which was alright.  Apart from the fact that the partner I played with was brought in at the LAST MINUTE.  Yea, we had hardly ever (if ever) played together before.  So as you can imagine, things didn't go all that well...

To make matters worse, we were put in one of the strongest groups.  It had the twins in (twins are hard to beat in doubles, they have telepathic connections and stuff), my uncle and his friend and two more strong people.  It could only have been worse if the two pros were in the group.  Yea, there was a pro there he plays in the national badminton league... DIVISION 1!  And he still wins in division 1!

As you can imagine, my face resembled this: :o.   While my brain was thinking this: 'OMFG!'

Well, anyway in doubles we didn't do to well.  So whatever.  You won't hear of the boring details.

Then came men's singles which I didn't sign up for.  The person who was the organiser dude came up to me and said: 'Your up next.'  WHAT?!  was what I was about to say.  But he left already.  Sly b*stard.

I did better in singles, despite going up against one of the twins.  They have really bad-ass smashes, and I mean bad-ass.  I guess he's not as good when he doesn't share that mind-bond-thing with his twin.  Trippy...

Anyway, I ended up in 5th place.  Which is rather good because, as I stated before, the people playing were generally a lot older and larger than myself.  I'm not sure who won the men's singles because I left but before I went I refereed the woman's doubles runner up match.  Best 2 out of 3 - and most of them, except the little girl, were sweating by the end of game 1.  Insane.  It turned out the team without the little girl won, not surprising to you perhaps, but it was one for me.   The little girl was like a badminton devil (younger version), the only reason the other team won because they kept on hitting it to her teammate - who, frankly, wasn't that good.  By the end of the 3 games, she wasn't sweating at all.  Yea, their team won the second game.

That's about it for the tournament.  Oh, and I got free food.  Sweet...

Story, hurrah!  I'm tired so I'll keep it short and simple.

And I guess Gavin has fallen off the face of the earth again.  Tsk tsk, Gavin.  When will you ever learn?  Don't accept candy from strangers...


Once we entered the large room we were granted by a relatively old man, who had lost some teeth and was losing his hair.  He looked like a guy who would be on Jerry Springer or Trisha about his mid-life crisis.

When he saw Hilda he immediately leaped forward and hugged her.  'Oh Hilda!  How long has it been?  Weeks?  Months?  It's hard to tell inside this place.'

'I see you've been busy.'  Hilda said.  Busy echoed throughout the room.  She pointed towards the middle of the room, there was a large thing cloaked under a rough blanket that had an assortment of holes in.

I looked round the room and in the left back corner to where I was standing was two other door, in the right back corner was a bunch of tools and desks.  In the far right corner there was another set of doors.  I couldn't see into the far left corner because of the large object covered by the blanket.

I couldn't resist anymore.  'What's that under the blanket?'

The man looked up and stopped hugging Hilda.  He spoke clearly, his kind tone gone from his voice.  'You'll find out eventually.  More importantly, where are your manners?'

I didn't expect that.  He's a mechanic type person after-all.  Just goes to show: You can't judge a book by it's cover.

'Oh I'm sorry.  I'm WJUK and here are my friends Gavin & Gimely.'

'Hey.'  Gavin said apathetically.

'Hullo, I'm Gimely by the way.'  The man leaned forward and stared right into Gimely's right eye.

'A penguin?!  I've only seen them in books, and they never said anything about them being able to talk!'

'Well, I'm special...'  The man was doing the sure-you-are nod.  As if he wasn't taking in anything that Gimely was saying, yet he had an aura around him that suggests he takes in every little detail and stores it efficiently and effectively in his brain.

'Very well then.  Since you've properly introduced yourselves and because I like you guys.  I present to you my latest creation.'  He started walking.

'Ahem.  Where are your manners?'  You have no idea how good that felt.

'Oh, I'm terribly sorry.  I'm Bob.'  Probably American.  'Nevermind that now.  Hurry.  You'll never believe your eyes at this.'

He stumbled over the white floor and over to the blanket covered object.


What could be under there?

And more importantly... it's results day (and also the BBQ) in two days time!  YES, TWO DAYS TIME!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Tournament tomorrow...

I'm finding I like to put '...' at the end of my titles.  Weird.  I guess it's to show I'm going to explain something...

Anyway, the badminton tournament is tomorrow!  Oh geez!  Oh gosh!  Oh golly!  I'm literally biting my fingernails and my toe nails, and having cold sweat and everything...

Ok, I was joking.  I never take anything like this seriously, and plus I joined last year.  We also went to pick up the trophies today, since the event organiser told us to and stuff.  Right, which means I have all the trophies of the upcoming tournament in my home.  Sweet...

I was going to take some pictures with them, but I couldn't be asked.  Maybe I'll get to bring home the big one tomorrow... after bringing it there of course.  Oh, and the trophies (there's quite a lot of them) weren't cheap.  I could buy a Wii or Xbox 360* with the kind of money the trophies cost.  But we're getting the money back tomorrow from the event organisers... at least I think we are...

* XBox 360 UK price drop is now official!  The core system will, from August 24th, cost the same as a Wii.  Tempted to buy one now... so tempted...

Anyway, it's going to be good tomorrow because:

  1. It's inside, so the weather won't spoil the event this time (see what happened yesterday to me - BBQ Disaster)
  2. There is free food.  I repeat free food.  Meat this time.

 Oh and speaking of the Wii and stuff before.  It reminds me.  Of late yesterday night or early this mourning, depending on how you perceive time.

After many mental arguments in my head (one even involved one guy being chainsawed GOW-style; and one had a dude get hit by a big-ass train piloted by a mad scientist) I finally decided to watch the MP3: Corruption 1st hour of play thing by Gamesradar.  Obviously, by this time it has been taking off the actual website due to Nintendo not liking what they did.  But I found it on YT.

See all the 6-part videos here: MP3: Corruption First Hour

And after seeing it... I'm pleased to say it's going to be FRICKIN' AWESOME!  Despite the low-quality YT video (stupid YT) I could see that the graphics look amazing.  And then the action!  OMFG!  In that first hour, it was so action-packed that I was almost speechless.  What's more over on the GoNintendo (who got it from the Nintendo Forums, who in turn got it from the GameFAQs Forum) this dude found something interesting about MP3: C after playing the demo at his local GameStop:

Here’s a part of the game that I had no idea even existed. If you accomplish small tasks in the game, you are awarded with bonus tokens. These tokens come in four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. Red tokens are given as you scan a certain number of enemies/items. Blue tokens are given for scanning lore and accomplishing side tasks. Green I believe are when friends give you vouchers, more on that later. Gold tokens are given for beating bosses on various difficulties. You use the tokens to unlock hidden content in the extras menu. The final type of token is the “friend voucher”. Basically these are given for accomplishing some type of cool accomplishment in the game.

For example, when I beat the boss, a gold token flashed at the top of my screen saying it was for killing Lord Beserker. At an earlier point, I saved a GF trooper from being killed by two enemies. I was given a blue token for that one.

I also obtained two friend vouchers. In one case, I saved a GF trooper from being sucked into space. In another case, I killed 100 small bugs in a room before leaving. According to the game, you apparently send these “achievements” to your friends, and they give them green tokens. I think it’s a level of competition between friends to see who’s unlocked the most “achievements”. I was interested in this since there was a “Friend Roster” option and a “Configure Wii Connect 24″ option on the menu.

What's more another dude pointed out that in the video (the link is posted above) that:

Wiimo pointed out that about eight minutes into a gameplay video we posted the other day, you can see one of said tokens being received.

Sweet.  This could be pretty awesome.  But I would have preferred Online Multiplayer much more than this system of tokens.  Online co-op would be pretty awesome too, like your friend who is a guest in your game plays as one of the other bounty hunters or something.  Although it might detract from the whole single-player experience.

Moving on to more this blog-orientated stuff.

The much anticipated, (not so) long awaited next installment of the story thing that happens to be going on after I made up a little story about why Gavin didn't blog for a while.


'Here we are boys, the place that will get you to the elders'

I looked up through the harsh weather.  Things got clearer as we walked closer.

It was a warehouse kind of thing.  Metal, no doubt.  Even though it was covered with snow and ice, I could tell.  We reached the door of the place and I could finally see clearly again.  The building shielded us from the harsh elements of nature.  The woman pulls down the hood of the cloak she has been wearing and pressed a button on the control panel next to the door.

A sharp fuzzy sound - like when TVs aren't showing a picture and are all grey and the sound's fuzzy.  Someone spoke back.  It was hard to tell how the man actually sounded like due to the low-quality sound emitted from the small speaker, the loud 'whoosh' sounds made by the ongoing blizzard didn't help either.

'Y-ello.  Who is this?'  The speaker rang out.

The woman brought her mouth closer to the panel.  'Open up George.  There's some boys here who want to see you.'

'Oh, Hilda!  It's you!  How long has it been.  Quickly come in, there's a right storm outside.'  Tell me about it.

A high-pitched beep resonated from the door and it clicked open.  The woman, who we finally found out the name of - Hilda, grabbed the handle and pulled open the door.  It creaked rather loudly, it hasn't been used in quite some time.  We walked in.  Immediately inside was a pure white room, with four walls.  Once Gimely was inside, Hilda closed the door.  The back of the door was also white.  Leaving us in a pure white room.

The sound of the blizzard also stopped.  There was an eerie atmosphere about this room.  I was about to ask: What the hell? when a voice blurted out: 'Initiating air lock.'  It was a woman's voice and it reminded me of the voice that came out of the mechas.  There was a low hissing sound that came out of nowhere in particular.

'Cleansing is beginning.  Don't be alarmed.'

That worried me a bit.  But all that happened was a few pipe-looking things (that looked oddly like guns) came out of the wall.  They started blowing out something resembling white smoke but smelt of disinfectant.  Gimely jumped slightly when the smoke came out but overall we weren't alarmed.

'Cleansing complete.  You may enter.'

A door appeared out of nowhere in front of us.  It opened automatically.  We walked through into the next room.

It was significantly larger.


What's in the large room?  Spaceship?  A giant-tamed dinosaur that happens to know how to fly in space?  A star wars like giant ship?  Who knows? 

Not even I do.


Also news has come to me about the remark I made last time about Daisy's BBQ:

Her older sisters like a maths brainbox... I have no idea what that has to do with anything about BBQing. Maybe she can calculate the exact time a certain slap of 10x10cm slab of beef needs to become succulent and be the right time to flip it our something.

Well, apparently her sister doesn't live there anymore.  So she's not doing the BBQ.

And her mother's out somewhere.  So she's not doing it.

Her boyfriend is at work.  He's not doing it.

Which leaves... regrettably...


Now, my hopes have dropped to an all-time low.  But I won't let it get to me.  Knowing that her mother isn't there, I let out an instant sigh of relief.  Seeing as what Daisy said last time.  But apparently Daisy (and Matthew) are doing it.

I have already stated clearly to her that (taken directly from chat): 'i'll just wait it out first, the first sign that anyone has diarrhea or something and I'm not eating anything'

From the ensuing IM conversation it has also come to light that Daisy doesn't like BBQ food... despite hosting two BBQs in the past.  The one of Thursday is her third.  If that's not plain weird, I don't know what is.  To think!  That someone doesn't like BBQ food (without a fully reasonable medical explanation for doing so) is totally inheard of.  I'm going to report this to... er... the National Food Council of the World.  Yea, I'll do that.

A quick Google search has yielded this result:

World Food Council (WFC) was a United Nations organization established by the UN General Assembly in December 1974 by recommendation of the World Food Conference. Its headquarter was in Rome, Italy. WFC's goal was to serve as coordinating body for national ministries of agriculture to help reduce malnutrition and hunger. WFC was officially suspended in 1993. WFC is one of very few (if not the only) UN organization which has been suspended. WFC's functions were absorbed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Food Programme.

Sorry, WFC is the closest I got.  But I guess there's no harm in starting my own council.

The first meeting of the NFC of the World is officially adjourned.


Peace out.

The space ship.

'Anyways, We need a ride to the elders place' WJUK said walking over to grab his swords

'Oh right come with me' The women said (Are we ever going to name this person?)

She stood up and walked straight towards the door.

I had to move quickly, I ran over to my swords and ran towards the door. The Women moves pretty quick.

'Wait up' I yelled, I had to run abit to catch up with them.

'Try and keep up' The women said

We walked for ages, against the wind, my face was numb. It felt like we weren't going to reach the where ever we were going.

We finally reach the place.

'Here we are boys, the place that will get you to the elders'

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Not what I was expecting...

As you may know, today I had my first BBQ of the Summer. I had high expectations, and I was riding upon high spirits when we were heading out. But it seems, I was thoroughly deceived... Let me explain.

We got there and the weather was ok. Not good, not bad. The weather was comparable to a plain cake; it's fine on it's own, but if you add icing, sprinkles and a whole bunch of extras it becomes an awesome cake. That awesome cake would be sunshine in my odd metaphor. Anyway, we entered a building... and I remember asking myself: Hm... doesn't look very BBQ-friendly to me... I was right. We were woken up at 7 (yes, 7) to help get the stuff ready for the BBQ. Damn. After about 1 hour I found myself carrying stuff to the cars. It was windy outside, and about 10 degrees Celsius and I was sweating. That's how hard they worked me (in a none sexually way, before you say anything). There were a bunch of other stuff to do, but here was the real kicker...

They were only BBQing VEGETABLES, there was NO MEAT. Oh, the humanity. If it wasn't for my persistent strong-will I probably would have fainted. Seeing as I was there, they put me to good use. I was assigned carrying duties - as I was the only able-bodied male there. I spent 3 hours skewering stuff (stuff, not people); carrying large boxes of coke cans (filled to the brim! And I had to take them downstairs). But that agonizing wait was eventually over. Not before some people got some parking tickets. My mum got one too. The funny thing was when I got there to get a new parking ticket thing, I saw the fine there on the windscreen. Picked it up and looked at the time of issue: '10:54' it read. Then I looked at the ticket stuck to the windscreen, it said: '11:02.' Now, I may not be the brightest spark in the world but 10:54 tends to be before 11:02, but I may be wrong.


Of course I'm not! 11:02 always (ALWAYS) comes after 10:54. I don't know if the dude was an idiot or just plain-blind, but seriously that was totally uncalled for. I also happened to look at the clock on the parking meter thing and it said 11:00 exactly when I reached there! There was still 2 minutes left on the ticket! Man, was I flustered.

Ok, enough of that.

We then loaded up several cars (I think it was like 4 or 5) and were on our way. To this park in Hull. Anyway, I also found out it was a festival not a BBQ, although the stall had a BBQ. Called something like the 'Annual Grassroots Festival' and they were right, there was lots of grass. I couldn't see much roots though.

Using my 1337 HAXXOR skills I managed to locate some information about it: here.

Ok, anyway. Then I was assigned to a stall away from the BBQ. And business was slow, very slow. I spent a lot of time just messing around and doing origami and stuff (and yes, I did make several paper shruikens). Heck, one time I was chasing a kid around a tepee. And boy, I'm never doing that again. Oh yea, we also had our own tepee. Pretty sweet, right? I considered bringing my DS but it was pretty hectic and stuff, and I couldn't risk losing it.

Halfway in between doing nothing and... er... oh yea, doing nothing. I got asked to play the cymbals for the Chinese dragon dance thing. You know what I mean, you've all have bound to have seen it. Or like me, heard it.

Here's a video of what I'm talking about:

Do you hear the cymbals? That's what I was doing. Except... probably way crapper. Why? Because it was my first time. And the only tuition I ever got was this:

Dude who plays big-ass drum: Ok, this is what you got to do... just follow my lead.

Me: Wait. What?

*Dude starts playing regardless*

Me: *practically screaming* Hey! Hey! Can you hear me? I have no idea what to do with these!

Dude: Just hit them together!

Me: Ok... makes sense.

And I hit them together with all my might. Only to be defeaned in the process. If you ever get the chance to do it... don't do it next to your ear. That's a warning. My ears are still ringing, about 8 hours later. And I was stuck doing that for about 20 minutes. It really tires out your arms. Then I was sent back to the stall.

Anyway, eventually I got bored of doing nothing and checked up on the BBQ stall. They were doing much better in terms of business. Being a man without a hygiene certificate, I hopped right in and started flipping stuff. Unfortunately, still no meat. After that, I practically owned the whole BBQ.

I hereby dub myself 'King of the BBQ.' Lmao, I bet that's been done before.

Eventually we left, leaving people to carry on maintaining the stall - I have no idea how'd they cope without me - and pack up the stuff. Slyness FTW. We went home, totally exhausted and I mean that. I got into the car and about 5 minutes later I found out that I hadn't been to the toilet all day. And I paid the price for it. I was holding it in the whole car ride home. It was excruciatingly painful. But I fell asleep anyway. And I woke up (not feeling warm down there, FYI) just minutes before we got home. I have a knack of doing that - it's like I have a (kind of useless) sixth sense. No matter how sleepy or tired I am, if I fall asleep in the car I always wake up minutes before we reach our destination. Weird.

But when the car stopped, I was the first to jump out the car and run to the toilet. I didn't time it but I swear to god that the pee lasted for about 2/3 minutes. Non-stop. It looked kind of concentrated too... lol, bad images will invade your head soon.

That's about it for the mockery of a BBQ of today. Hopefully Daisy's BBQ will turn out better. Although I'm not keeping my spirits high because of want I learned today... but it should be fine. Her older sisters like a maths brainbox... I have no idea what that has to do with anything about BBQing. Maybe she can calculate the exact time a certain slap of 10x10cm slab of beef needs to become succulent and be the right time to flip it our something.

I also received word from Daisy's very own mouth, that her mother wants to meet me...


That's like the 2nd time I have ever used that emoticon in my life and probably my last*. Your probably pulling that face right now too. This is the chatscript (of the top of my head, as the actual chatscript it non-existent):

Daisy: My mother wants to meet you

Me: Ok... that was a bit random. What you been telling her about me?

Daisy: Not much. Just how your clever and stuff.

Me: lol *nervous laughter*

*My first time using that emoticon was in a convo with Gavin... can't remember what for.

So, fingers crossed anyway for 'awesome cake with icing, sprinkled and stuff on top' weather on the 23rd. Pray, goddamit, pray.

You may be looking for the next installment of the story. You will not find it today.


Because after today's excruciating trauma, I feel that I have the right to postpone this until tomorrow. And also leave Gavin to do it. :)


Besides, 'Dude, where's my car?' is on in a min.

That's me, signing off. Or whatever you young'uns say today.


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