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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Newborn! Major hurtage...

Today I played badminton again. I should, really, make a banner for it as I seem to do this a lot.

Not much to talk about here, except... I strained my back while playing. And it bloody hurts. Although the pain has subsided quite a bit it still hurts occasionally. Well, no worries. I found I could keep on playing regardless... and I did. It still hurt when I did a jump smash - which I am getting a lot better at btw - it didn't stop me doing smashes. I could resist the pain.

If you want an analogy: For anyone who has seen 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' - awesome film by the way, highly recommend you watch - remember the bit when Cloud was on the bike then his arm messed up and it went with all the 'shock' graphics. It's like that for me... albeit on my back... and probably a lot less cooler.

There is also big news today. My uncle had a baby boy just yesterday. We went to visit them today - and play badminton.

The baby is really small - duh - and looked all peaceful and serene lying in the cot. Until, it woke up shoot an evil glare at me - at least, I think it was me - and burst at crying. Or, it could have been a really evil - nevermind ridiculous - laugh. Guess I'll never know.

My uncle has got his hands full now though. He has three kids - the poor guy - a 2 and a half year old, a 1 year old and a newborn. He's been, and will be for some time I fathom, busy.

More video-glory with todays post with this video of 'Need for Speed: Prostreet.' If you want to know want 'prostreet' means... join the club. It probably means something on the line of '1337' or 'awesomeness,' just... ghetto-style. You have no idea how long it took for me to think about that.

Huzzah for pre-rendered awesome-looking graphics. And cars. And smoke. Hehe, smoke.

In other - more important - news. I have added a feedback form at the bottom of this blog. Originally, it was going to be at the side. The blog disagreed with me. After messing around with it for 2 hours last night, I thought: 'Fu*k it!' I was pretty angry, it set of a chain reaction and I quadrupled in size and turned all green... Ok, maybe not the size and green part. But you get the gist. I gave up, and threw it at the bottom of the blog. Now, because of the form, there is only going to be the newest post on the first page. Unless someone can fix the problem of the disagreeing form-into-blog-side business.

For everyone not so eagle-eyed, I have also added a new graphic. The side banner thing. I thought the sidebar looked a bit lonely - so I spruced it up a little... never thought I'd be saying typing that. It makes the prospects of housewives that much more hideous... somehow.

I'm, going to try something new here. I'm throwing myself out on a limb. I'm going to post something educational. *gasps all around*

I know, I know. Educational?! That's what schools are for. My answer to that is: 'Wrong school is for procrastination and hanging with friends.'

Just here me out here. It's about TV. One of the most important mediums in your lives. Heck, it's been proven that averagely people spend 5 years of their lives watching TV. Damn, thats a lot of time just sitting there looking at a box. But anyway. Enjoy! Learn! Just watch...

Poor analog. Destined to an early tomb... or something like that. If you don't like me posting educational stuff just say it in the feedback form below. If most people don't like it, the word will become taboo. Educational... taboo. lol

Also, be sure to add any comments or questions. If you want I can include them in some blogs. Like a feedback session.

EDIT: I totally forgot. Kate wanted me to post something about Transformers... for some reason. So... here it is:

Transformers... robots in disguise.

Just for the record; she told me to say that too.

'Analog is dead! Muhahahaha!'

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Douchebag? Potato?

It's official. You're a douchebag. Why? I dunno. You just are, theres no reasoning behind stuff like this. You just know. Now go sit in the corner and... er... do some douchebag stuff.

Whilst we're talking about douchebags:



You know you love it.

Click here.

In other news: Apparently, today is NATIONAL POTATO DAY. Yes, thats right. National Potato Day... in Peru. Damn you Peru! Why do you always get national holidays around food and we don't.

All I need now is for someone to tell me that somewhere like Spain have a day where they throw tomatoes at each other!

*whisper whisper*


Oh and just a quick rant about MSCF. Last night, I had my first problem with it. I kept getting a 'Error 98020' everytime I tried to get to Nintendo WFC. I was so pissed. The potato thing isn't helping either. I hope it'll be ok now. According to the forums, other people were getting it too. Thank god, other people are suffering too. You have no idea how many flame wars broke out in a heated discussion on one of the forums...

Thats it for today.

Don't forget: DO NOT CLICK.

Did you fall for it?

If yes, I told you so...

EDIT: The online feature for MSCF seems to be working again. And I got my first friendly - didn't seem like it - game with Lewis. I pwned his ass. Won the series 2-1. Well, at least he took the manly way out... and blamed it on his brother. Nice try Lewis! He put a valiant fight, but to no avail. My amazing skills overpowered him. Oh and another thing, my points seem to be reseted for some reason! Now I have no points! I was dead high up the league as well. *sigh*

EDIT2: Because Lewis wants to get all technical and into the details... Here are the scores for our three games. It's first to five wins. :)

1. 5 - 3 to Lewis (Lewis leads series 1 - 0)
2. 5 - 4 to me (Series drawn at 1 - 1)
3. 5 - 1 to me ( I win :P )

1. Here's some more details. In the 1st game - where Lewis won - I was multi-tasking, I didn't want to hurt Lewis' feelings but it's gotta be said. I was eating and playing at the same time. Sweet. My two favourite things together.

2. Originally it was 4 - 1. Then Lewis staged a remarkable come-back to make it 4 - 4. It stayed like that for what seemed like eternity until a pass, a chip, then a bicycle kick by Waluigi ended it. With me winning 5 - 4. Awesome. This was also the one Lewis passed the wiimote to Phil because he had to 'move something for his nana.' Phil let in two megastrike goals. If Lewis thought it through some more, he would have gotten Phil to move it. Duh.

3. I really pwn3d Lewis in this game. 5 - 1. He didn't stand a chance. Once I got into my stride there was nothing he could do. Not much to say about this game, but OWN3D!!!

MSCF Online Hitlist

  • Lewis
  • Gavin
  • Tom B
  • Tom L
  • The dude who is ranked number 1
  • Anyone else who has the game online...

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Oak Apple Day...

Well, not much happened for me today. I stayed at home and decided not to do anything... was good. Woke up at 12ish, so I was earlier then expected. But apart from that not much happened. Oh well.

After messing around on Wikipedia for a while, it turns out today is:


I thought: 'Hmm... Oak Apple Day, that probably means food in some way. Maybe theres a possibility of a feast - unlike that stupid so-called feast day.'

*sigh* Turns out it's another crappy holiday. We have to many of these. It's suppose to 'commemorate the restoration of the monarchy in Britain and Ireland, in May 1660.'

Why the hell is it named Oak Apple Day? It's got nothing to do with Oak Apples - at least I don't think it does. Hey, don't expect me to do any research on this. I'm a very busy man you know - place to go, people to meet, food to eat etc.

In other news...
Smash Bros have updated their site and it's about something called: 'Final Smash'


The Final Smash is a secret skill that can be performed but once.and only after obtaining an item called the Smash Ball, which is a precious item indeed.

The basic gist of it? I suppose you could say it's kind of like a powerful and personalised hammer. (Or maybe not...)

You can look forward to experiencing the glowing personality behind each of the many Final Smashes!

Thats what it says anyway. Doesn't really explain anything. Luckily, they also updated showing the Final Smash for Mario (who else could it be? Had to be Mario).

Be sure to get this game when it comes out. SSBB is a guaranteed system seller! Heck, if Nintendo put out a slab of cheese and sold it as 'Super Smash Brothers Brawl' people would still buy it... in some way or another. You get what I mean anyway.

Here's also a webdoc for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Basically the game is made by a bunch of developers (that were probably high on something - like Zelda); who decided 'we should make it so Darth Vader has an [unknown] apprentice and give him awesome force powers!' Basically, you know how it goes from there...

If you wouldn't mind me adding it could be quite a good game - if, yes that dreaded word, if it's done properly. If you don't believe me check out the old Euphoria Engine Tech Demos:

What more do you want from videos like this?! Clone troopers (or whatever they are called nowadays) clinging onto each other for dear life, only to still fall to the ground and die! Then theres flying R2-D2s into a piece of wood! It's almost a game in itself.

Imagine a carnival scene...
Roll up, roll up! Throw R2 at a wooden wall or if you want throw troopers randomly into wooden beams. Yes! It's what you've all been waiting for!

On that insane note, thats it for today.

Click Here

Monday, 28 May 2007


Sorry for the late post people. I've been quite busy lately with badminton, MSCF and other things. At least I made today's post, albeit a bit late. Tomorrow should be back to normal.

Well, Smash Bros have finally updated their site - which was meant to be updated 'daily' didn't happen yesterday.

It's about Pit (again). But this time, 'Pit: Special Moves.' Pics below.

The site has two more pictures - if you're interested. Looks cool that you can control the trajectory of the light arrow or 'Palutena Arrow.' Interesting... Can't wait for this game to come out. And also, the other picture is a picture of Pit using the 'Wings of Icarus.'

Oh and you know the thing about me being ranked 4th. Well, I kinda slipped a place to 5th. :P

I also found this interesting information:

Nintendo WFC Online Activity
Apparently, MSCF got 399,569 connections. Bested only by the two new Pokemon DS games. Damn... That's quite a lot of connections. To think I'm ranked 5th now. Sweet.

Oh and you remember that little game called: 'Super Paper Mario' for the Wii that came out in US & Japan ages ago. Well, apparently it's been rated or something by the Rating Board in Australia... Now, if even Australia gets a game like that before us... I'm going to seriously hurt somebody.

To remind you of the awesomeness of this game:

Yes, thats right. 8-bit Mario... think of the possibilities...

Don't even get me started on Bowser... who can breathe FIRE... thats right fire... You don't need anymore reasons to buy this game.
~Oh wait, theres also the 'Zombie Shroom' or whatever it's called. Like the guy said: 'If you aren't rushing out to buy this game right now you have something seriously wrong with you...'
Well, at least... I think thats what he said... hey, cut me some slack. I saw this vid a loooonnnnggg time ago. Don't expect me to remember the details... or watch it again. That's just crazy talk.

Another vid:
Rejected Wii Play Games
Warning some content may offend people

If you were offended I'm extremely sorry... Especially men, to even think about that last one... 'Female Pleasure' they totally went overboard with that one. It's been known since times when people lived in caves: Men + Housework = NO NO!

Thats it for today. Be sure to... er... comment or something. Just contribute in some way...

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ranked 4th!

Well, today's post is mainly about me being RANKED 4th in the whole world at Mario Strikers Charged Football. Well, yesterday night anyway. It was awesome, even though I took on the dude who was ranked 1st and lost - marginally, mind you. But come on. RANKED 4th out of like... 30 odd thousand. According to an official memo or something, there has been 100000 connections for MSCF, I think. So anyway, I rule... U suck. The end.

And continuing the trend of me-posting-awesome-videos-for-the-commoners-to-watch-to-their-hearts-content-lalalala etc. theme. Here's the newest trailer of Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers, courtesy of GT.

For the Wii. Don't think you wouldn't like this game... You get to drive AIRSHIPS. Now, I'll leave you with that thought... airships, those big-ass, motha-fu*king ships. Hehe. Awesome.

Now for a quick rant:
As you may know - or may not - the Smash Bros site is meant to be 'updated daily' and I responded: 'Daily updates my ass' in a previous post. Apparently, I was right. They didn't update yesterday (at least, I don't think they did). So the newest update is still 'Pit.' I hate have to say this: 'I TOLD YOU SO.' Ah, feels so much better.


Saturday, 26 May 2007

Another Saturday...

I hope you enjoyed the videos I posted. They were the rewards of countless hours of digging and looking through stuff... kinda.

Anyway, today not much has happened. Although I finally got my bank statement thing sorted out. Huzzah! For easy cash machine access things. While I was in town I also got my sister a present, she wanted a MP3 Player. I was a bit short on money because of a certain game - that is totally awesome btw. And luckily, I got a 512MB one for 12 pounds! Sweet.

Here is another video for your viewing pleasure! It's of Resident Evil 4, titled: 'Angry Villages.' Needless to say, it has the annoying 'Provide your birthdate' thing on. Yes, that is an almost full-proof deterrent for children against this kind of stuff... I was being sarcastic by the way. Enjoy, anyway. Except under 18s *wink wink nudge nudge*

Friday, 25 May 2007

Farewell, Jimmy Chow in which he will Die! Lesbian?

I'm just curious, who clicked the link just because it says: 'Lesbian'?
By the way, that is the actual title - before you ask.

Anyway, the third installment of the Kung Fu Jimmy Chow series is out. With the next one coming June 5th. What makes this one extra special is it uses a certain... nunchuk and remote. I'll keep it at that, don't want to spoil it for you.

Wiimote swinging action!!!

I've also come across this new video of Assassin's Creed. Enjoy!

Direct Link here

Now doesn't that game look just awesome?! The last bit where he jumps into the pile of hay is apparently doable in the game. Keep a look at for it.

Because I feel like it... heres another trailer:

Bet you can't guess what this is a spoof of!

Direct Link here

I gotta say, I was pretty worried when the Rabbid didn't scream. But then at the end, he did. So all is well.

If you seriously don't know what that trailer was a spoof for, you're either:
A. Live under a rock for the last century
B. Don't like transformers

I have a hunch its A... Yes it is.

Well back to MSCF for me. If you didn't catch my 12-digit code here it is:

451072 143999

Also here is my Wii Code:

8879 6062 9250 0429

They're both on MapWii. In United Kingdom > Hull. I'm the one northest when you see it!

Note: I don't live in Hull. Slight technicality.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Surprise Surprise...

They say that good things come in small packages. They were right. Today, I got a little surprise when a certain postage item reached my door. Four words. Mario... Strikers... Charged... Football. They long-awaited game for the Wii.

Since before it's birth, it was already marked as a monumental game for the system. Partly because the prequel was a really awesome game on the GameCube. But most importantly: ONLINE. Yes, the Nintendo Wii has officially broken into - what I like to call - the 'Online Gaming Stage.'

This latest iteration includes two things that many people in the UK (and Europe) know and love. Football. And Mario. Although you can't really count it as football, they only relation to football this game has is... it has a ball, a goal and keepers. That's it. Feet are not necessarily used in this game - heck, some of the players don't even have feet. And the scores possible in this game look more like... like... a Basketball game score. There are no boring nil-nil draws. None at all. If you tie with someone it automatically moves to 'Sudden Death' - self explanatory.

Because I did it for the 'Spiderman 3' Wii game. I might as well write a short review on the game.

Mario Strikers Charged Football - Wii

Ok, the music & sound in this game is awesome. It changes dynamically according to what is happening on the pitch. It changes when a captain readies a MegaStrike, it changes when the ball changes colour - it's complicated, the ball changes colour the more you pass etc. All in all, the music definitely adds to this games list of PROs.

Shaky Support
Basically, use of the Wiimotes unique features. Not that much in this game. If you really wanted to you could easily port this game over to pretty much any console. But, you lose a vital part of the game. The saves of MegaStrikes. When an opponent fires one of these beasts against you it is extremely bad for you. For starters, if they pull it off they are guaranteed at least 3 shots at you (max. 6). Then if you the kind that has never been good at duckhut or the shooting game in Mii Play... you're screwed. Fortunately, I own - no seriously, I pwn - at shooting games, Mii Play's shooting game was a piece of cake. Well, anyway, you have to stop the balls by moving the goalie's hands over the ball and press A. Simple, right? Wrong. There are varying amounts of speed, the slowest is of course easiest to catch. But when someones hit the little orange bar... it rakes up the difficulty to ultra-insane-mega-mono-super-duper hard. The balls probably stay in place for like half a second, and in that half a second you've got to position the hands over the ball AND press A. Take it from me, not that easy. The other use of 'shaky support' is when dealing a "hit" where you do a NFL style tackle on the players - even if they don't have the ball. It works really well, and gives a nice satisfaction that you took out bowser with Toad (or whatever his name is) with just a flick of the wrists.

The thing every Nintendo Fanboy has been having wet dreams of. Online. And I am proud to say: 'It's awesome.' It works really well. The only rant I have about it is the 16-digit code that needs to be inputted. Boo. Sure, it protects children from predators... yada yada. But seriously now, 16 digits! Thats a lot of numbers. Why 16? Why not something shorter? Or add in letters? Like 5 characters instead of 16 digits. And the ability of making up your own. Oh well, what's done is done.

Apart from that bit the online is almost perfect. So far, I've only played ranked games due to not having any of those 16 digit code things. But it means a pleasant hectic experience. By the way, thats a good thing. You really get into the feel of the game and you have no idea how into the game I was. Before the Megastrike saves, I was wiping my hands on my trousers to make sure I have a better grip and everything! You know I'm serious when that happens. In ranked games, you choose captains & sidekicks but the stadium is chosen for you. Thats just to make it fair, because you'll obviously choose the stadium you're better at. Don't worry though, it's possible to choose stuff like that in friendly games. Cheats are also an option in friendly games. Sweet.

Oh and very important: I experienced no lag at all! Nintendo has online sorted.

Marioness - I'm not high, before anyone asks.
Obviously, the whole cast of Mario characters are here. There's: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, DK, DK Jr., Bowser Jr., Peach, Daisy, Petey is also there and more! By the way Petey - for anyone that doesn't know - is a plant thing. The new stadiums in it are also awesome, as they have dynamic... er... things that generally make it harder to move around etc. One of my favourites is on 'Thunder Island' where it's all... thundery. And very very windy. And occasionally, if you're lucky - a cow flies past and takes out players. Gives out a nice, resonating 'Moooooooooooooooo' as well. Classic. The pitch also differentiates. E.g. In the 'Sand Tomb' to the sides of the pitch are slower areas and the middle is faster ground etc.

One word: Awesome. This game is a must-buy for anyone who has a Wii, mainly due to online - because then I can kick your ass. But, if you're not sure. Definately worth a rental.

I've only talked about a few specifics in the game but there is so much more. Theres:
  • 'Domination Mode' - where you choose stadium, match length etc.
  • 'Road to the Striker Cup' - where you progress through harder opponents until you reach the famous Striker Cup
  • 'Striker Challenges' - challenges that unlock cheats etc. Varying difficulty, sometimes puts you a man down or needing 5 goals to win etc.
  • 'Special Abilities' - each Captain has special abilities that they can use, awesomeness.
  • 'Skill Shots' - The sidekicks version of the MegaStrike


EDIT: Because my friends are boring sods and haven't got this game yet... I thought I might as well post up my MSCF code for online play:

451072 143999

Am I a nice guy or what? By the way, if you are a pedophile/sexual predator etc. please don't add me. I have no interest in that kind of stuff.

NOTE: Be warned, I'm ace at this. As of this very moment ranked about 110 in the whole world. How awesome am I? If you add my code, be wary of a but-kicking by yours truly. PWN3D!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

No School!

This is it. The legendary time that is 'Study Leave.' No school. No teachers. No bad-cafeteria food. No badly-graffitied books (although they make a good distraction from the boring lesson). No boring lessons. No teachers thinking they are in control but really aren't. No crappy supply teachers. No non-existent playground equipment.

Basically, this is the time to relax and do nothing. Like the Summer Holidays but better, somewhat. Additionally, from the words of Ian (was it Ian, dunno): 'You get 11 weeks of the bad boy.' Yes we do. 11 weeks of... doing nothing.

That's right. Sweet F.A.

Oh and the Smash Bros Site has been updates (again), seems like they are keeping to their words of 'Daily Updates.' But it's just basically new screens of Link and Mario. Here are two:

Nice pictures of Mario kicking Wario in the face and Link shooting an arrow. This game will be so awesome. Smash Bros. Be sure to check it out.

Another thing is that the 'Overlord' website is up: For Overlordy Evilness click here.

They've also put up a test thing that is meant to test if you're evil or... really evil. Lmao, you thought I was gonna say 'Good' wasn't you. Bah, I spit on the word.

You know it's going to be good, when promo pictures - like the one on the left - depict you (the player) with glowing red eyes. Sweet. Overlord looks like it can add a whole new dimension to evil in video games. And for everyone that thinks it's like Fable - it's not. Well... you do get to choose whether to be Evil or Very Evil. But apart from that not much is the same. Plus, as an added bonus: YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF MINIONS THAT DO YOUR BIDDING!

Now, after hearing that line; you've got to be crazy, messed-up in the head, cuckoo, deranged and a do-gooder not to want this game. You can still fight as the 'Overlord' but why would you? Minions? Controlling minions? Hello? They pillage and everything as well, they even have the generic no-brainer - literally - AI. They can't do much on their own, you got to instruct them, like most Overlords do to their minions. But hey, they bring you pots of gold.

And if you buy now, we'll throw in a run-down, evil, filled with Overlordiness Castle as well! <-- Bad attempt at being a sales person.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

English Literature, ICT... and banana throwing.

Here's your daily fix... junkie:

Ok, so heres the deal. I woke up at 7, yes 7, for a revision session for English Literature. That revision session turned out to be more of a confidence booster than a revision session. You have no idea - I'm not joking here - how many times she said the words: 'Calm down. Don't Panic.' etc. Just for the record: I went because I did no/nil/nought/zero/0/nothing revision the night before; I was meant to... but didn't.
You: But-
Me: Don't say a bloody word.
You: Ok, I was just trying to-
Me: What did I say? Huh?
You: Sorry-
Me: Shut up!

The actual test was boring, yet again - but all tests are like that. I guess. We got out of the tests - boy, was that a relief - and we had time to kill, 2 hours in fact. Score.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to walk to McDonalds... which is in Town. About 20 minutes walk away. Damn, more walking. The group that ended up going was:

  • Me (If you don't know who I am... GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!) [<--Felt like it]
  • Gavin (you may know him as Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Lover Dude)
  • Ashley (the retard who broke his hand bowling, lmao)
  • Michael (spiky haired kid... who... er... erm... yea)
Well that was that. We got there and walked in. Damn, a long line. We saw Jack who also went in his 'Motorised Scooter' and was there 15 minutes before us... he was still waiting in line. We thought: 'Fu*k that' and walked off to Kendalls. There wasn't any line there. So we ordered and sat down, I got some free food of Ashley :). Until I noticed... there were... a lot of... old people. Actually, thinking back, they were all old people. We were the only (reasonable) young people there. We left, unsurprisingly.

We was walking back and decided to prank Kris. You know the traditional: 'Ring bell/knock on door and run away' type of thing. But it was not meant to be. He noticed Michael - stupid Mike - and was already at the door. I walked there and just as I was about to knock, Kris opened the door and came out. Plan ruined.

With that we walked back to school. We sat on the steps and decided to do some revision. We didn't. It turned into a mass brawl of throwing banana peels at each other Lewis. All because Tom was eating a banana and Lewis said: 'Don't you dare throw that at me...'

You had to be there to enjoy the hilarity of the situation. Lewis got ganged up upon and ran away and everything. Ah, the joys of study leave. Lewis got a stain on his trousers and managed to get a banana peel in Alex's bag. Good times.

But every good side, has a bad side. We had to do the ICT exam. I've finally figured out how long it takes for me to do tests. It takes a third of the time. I finished the 1 hr 30 mins test in 30 mins. And for the P.E. Exam I finished in 40 minutes and it was 2 hrs. The test was simple. It was the easiest thing ever... apart from, maybe, the PE exam. The Higher Tier was 1 hr 30 mins, but Foundation is 1 hr. WHAT?! <-- My reaction. Unfair, right? But let the good times roll, as HT got let out at the 1 hr mark if they finished. Huzzah!

The Smash Bros. Site is also up. The content on it is so... [insert random word of general coolness and awesomeness]... that it will blow your mind... dude. It has... it has... almost nothing. Sucks. But according to the notice, there will be: 'Daily Updates' Daily updates my ass. But I guess it's our own faults for building up the hype in the first place. *sigh*

Smash Bros Site

Sometimes, I don't even know why I bother.

Check back tomorrow for the awesome, mind-blowing, unique, one-in-the-lifetime, special, coolos mochos, uno grande, margarita... nothing. Yea, hype-buildage. wOOt.

Lmao, this video is funny. David Blaine. Everyones scared of him now.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Improved Laziness... and bank

Firstly, I've been bored out of my wits on the internet as it seems I have done everything there is on it. So, I figured I'd get more add-ons for FireFox. It was then that I found that a lot of add-ons make it easier to surf. So I am now more efficient at surfing the net! Huzzah!

First, there was easyGestures: 'It is a pie menu that pops up inside the browser when you click the mouse and then let you perform various actions at the tip of the mouse pointer with minimum mouse movement...'

All this means that now I can surf the net and move forwards and backwards between pages with ease. Pretty awesome add-on. It does take a while to get use to, but after that it was simple.

More add-ons here.

Afterwards I played badminton and now I am shattered. My arm hurts, my back hurts, my leg hurts. Heck, my head hurts. I dunno how I'm gonna be able to do the two, yes 2, tests tomorrow... I'm gonna die. Gonna have a nap right after this blog.

Oh and don't forget the the Smash Bros Site is still counting down. It could be anytime now that it's updated. Finally we can get some info on the long-awaited, sequel-of-SSBM: Super Smash Brothers Brawl. At least I think we will.

I also managed to get a Wii release list:

July 30 - Mario Strikers Charged Nintendo
Aug. 20 - Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Nintendo
September - Battalion Wars 2 Nintendo
Aug. 14 - High School Musical: Sing It! Disney Interactive Studios
Aug. 14 - Madden NFL ‘08 EA
August - Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘08 EA
August - Space Station Tycoon Namco Bandai
August - Brunswick Pro Bowling Crave
August - Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Crave
August - Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection Crave
September Brothers in Arms Ubisoft
September - Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Warner Bros.
September - George of the Jungle Crave
Fall - Boogie EA

Now, I'm pretty sure this is NA... because of the July 30th release date for MSCF. By the looks of things we are getting Metroid after NA - *sigh* I pretty much knew it. Hopefully, it gets here soon too.

Courtesy of GoNintendo

A review for Mario Strikers Charged Football is also up. Here. By Spong.

Mario Strikers Charged Football is gonna be awesome - the online play is gonna be aaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeeeessssssssooooooommmmmmmeeeeee.

Check back tomorrow.

Sorry! No smart-ass remarks today! You know you love 'em.

EDIT: I have just found a video displaying what happens when the internet is lost. The horror of it - just imagining the prospect is unthinkable!

'Connection Lost'

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sunday - Badminton & Movies...

Right... Today's Sunday. So we decided to go to Lincoln to play badminton. Damn... Now I'm dead tired.

But today I owned, pwnage style. But after a while we decided that seeing as we have a big sports hall to mess around in...

We took out some other equipment and started messing. Oh, you've gotta be there to see it. We took a basketball out and we were trying to do full-court shots; it's nackering for the arms. Heck, this kid pulled a shotput from the cupboard and decided to throw it... it dropped on his foot. LMAO!!! PWN3D!

Well, all you need to know is that today was awesome in so many aspects. But I'm going to play badminton tomorrow [again] so I'm going to be dead tired. Ok, maybe not 'dead tired' but still bloody tired.

The other thing is that I've been watching a lot of movies lately. All good ones - which is a relief. Just thought I'd sure with you the joy of watching them...

For anyone who wants to rant about me talking about films suddenly - go to the [naughty] wall. It's my blog, I can rant/blog/post about anything I want. :P

Note: I watched all of these legally... yes *ahem* legally -
You: No you didn't...
Me: Shhhh... Yes I did.

... On to the movies - You: Quit changing the subject!
Me: Just go away!

Spiderman 3 - Watched this while ago, but... meh. Awesome film... maybe not as good as the first 2 in terms of plot etc.

Good: CGI is amazing.

Bad: Should be more fighting a lot more fighting.

What makes it awesome: Black-suit/symbiote-suit and also [kinda] Venom

Next - Also an awesome film. Based around dude who sees into the future for 2 minutes, until he meets this girl...

Good: Good plot, the main character dude (don't know his name, cba to check) fits perfectly to the role.

Bad: Not enough fighting again... and oh, no ninjas.

What makes it awesome:
He can see into the future... need I say more.

One Piece Movie 6 - Another awesome film. Luffy & crew go to an island that is suppose to be recreational but things don't exactly don't turn out that way... (Btw, if you don't know what One Piece is: 'One Piece is an insane anime/manga following Luffy who ate the 'Gomu Gomu Fruit' which makes him a 'Rubber Rubber Man' {Gomu = Rubber} who want to be 'Pirate King.' His crew consists of: 'Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Usopp [and now Franky - but not in Movie].' They all have talents and traits but you gotta see it to believe it.)

Good: It's One Piece - which is insane already in the anime/manga; now you get a full 2 hours of it! Animation was amazing. It's not suitable for young children because the main villain does an Akira (If you don't know what that is... watch Akira... or this film) - freaked my little sister out. For final punch, the art style goes all line-arty; which is awesome btw.

Bad: Not much of a plot-line; well it does have a plot line but just doesn't fit the anime/manga... you know what I mean. Should be more fighting. Luffy didn't have 'Gears.' The One Piece insane humour isn't as evident.

What makes this awesome: Animation, Luffy (come on, he's a 'Rubber Man') and Zoro (hey, he has three, yes three swords!) and also the bit when the villain goes 'Akira-style.'

They were all good films and - in fact - I'm hoping to watch some more over the coming days...

You: Hey... Don't you have exams on Tuesday?
Me: Er... No?
You: Go do revision NOW!
Me: What if I say... no?
You: Then you die!!! *eyes flare up into flames*
Me: Sorry! Sorry! *runs off*

Check back for some more... er... stuff tomorrow.

'Bowling' - Ok, I've pretty much squeezed all the juice out of Ashley-being-retarded-due-to-hurting-his-hand-bowling joke. I promise this is the last time you hear of it... ever. RIP Ashley-retardedness joke; may you bring laughter to everyone in Heaven Hell... *cue funeral music*


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