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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mario Kart and Brawl and Movies! Oh my! – UPDATE

Well, the thing is after hardly touching Mario Kart Wii for months after I got so frustrated by 150cc it’s having a resurgence.  It happened when Gavin and Daisy decided to add me into a little game of Mario Kart they were having.  Then it just spiraled out of control.  I think we’ve played it everyday online (well, except yesterday) since.  It’s just immensely fun with friends.  Especially when using Skype to trash-talk.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Oh and just for the record, I win most the vast majority of the races.

Today though, me and Gav tried our hand at SSBB online.  We didn’t play it before because Daisy didn’t have it (FAIL).  But after a few prelim games, Gavin (who was hosting) decided to set a 60 MINUTE GAME.  Not only that but he set it up so that it was really easy to die.  Which obviously meant one thing.  Yep.  Lots and lots of dying.  It was practically one-hit kill for everyone.  I was Fox; Gav was Pit; Bowser and someone else was CPU.  The game was suitably EPIC.  I’m not going to talk about the awesomeness of the game since it was a you-had-to-be-there thing but the scores ended up with me kicking ass with +175 and Gav with –33.  The 2 CPU got even worse (one got –155).  That was enough Brawl for us that day.

But as I type, we’re starting up Mario Kart again.  :D

This is what it’s like to be an addict…


Oh and about the Meniscus Film movie thing.  We’re pretty much done editing, except there’s some issues with the allocated time (under 5 mins).  Basically, our film is too long.  DAMN.  So we’re going to have to cut some scenes out.  :(

I’ll update you later on.

[UPDATE] So, today we pretty much wrapped up editing for our film.  It was funny too as we had to get the film under 5 minutes (including credits and such) so we spent most of today just speeding clips up and trimming clips to ensure we were under 5 minutes.  In the end we got it to 4 minutes and 59 seconds!  There’s only a few minor things we need to add on Monday (Tuesday’s the deadline!)  and we also need to export it into an .avi file.  The film production is nearing it’s end and I’m actually kinda sad; yea it was more work but it was most definitely fun.  Too bad I won’t be doing something like that for a while.  Oh well, at least I have the actual festival to look forward to.  And since the audience votes on who wins, we may just have a shot at this…

I just need a megaphone so we shout the loudest.


Nyubis said...

I just noticed the GTA IV radio, it owns XD I seriously need to get an xBox/Wii as soon as I get 18 (Then I can do what I want :D (not))

WJUK said...

Yea, it's new and is only a small section of the normal radio in-game but it's still awesome. Put it in not long ago. :D

Nyubis said...

I also put in a new song for the mp3-player. I just couldnt find a working version of TTFF anymore :c

WJUK said...

lol, it still doesn't work for me. ¬¬

It just says "MUSIC". Nothing else happens.

Nyubis said...

Wut? hav you checked the status bar to see if this song was loading or doesnt the link work either??

It still works for me, so I dunno wats going on...

WJUK said...

Nope, still doesn't work. I can find the link of the MP3 through it (using Ad-block) and I can hear the MP3. But on the site I don't see or hear it.


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