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Friday, 14 November 2008

Meniscus Film Festival TOMORROW

Yes yes, I know.  Ages since the last post YADA YADA BLARGH BLAH BLAH!

The biggest news this week is the upcoming film festival which is tomorrow (if you haven’t noticed already by the title).  So I hope you guys wish us luck and that we can bring home the cash prize so I, er… I mean: we can share it.  Hopefully it’ll be a awesome night overall even if we don’t win (but seriously, we have a baguette in our film, how can we lose?).

On other news, Brad (creator of Fancy Pants, his blog is here) recently showed off his latest game.  As an avid fan of his works I jumped upon the chance of playing it.  And I’m proud to say he’s lifted Flash games to new heights!  Turns out the super secret project he was working on was a collaboration with EA (Yes, that EA) in creating a Flash version of Mirrors Edge.  Much like the Flash Portal game that came out a while ago, it’s ditches the original game’s first person perspective and is in a 2D plane.  It runs of the same engine that powered the infamous fancy pants games – so you’ll most doubt notice some similarities.  Anyone I’ve rambled on a bit.  Here is Brad’s post about it.

Or, if you want here’s the link to the BETA demo.


Oh, and here’s my speed-run of the demo level.  :D


There’s not much more to add except…



It’s a left hand of the dead with FOUR fingers!  Get it?


[EDIT]Turns out I got accepted to try out the NXE.  I’ll be able to download it 2PM PST – which turns out to be 10PM GMT…  From the videos and pictures I’ve seen it looks good, but being able to try it out first-hand would be awesome.

The NXE is coming out in about 5 days anyway (19th November) though, so everyone (who has a 360 connected to the internet) could try it then.

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