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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Exams are finished!

Yep, my college life has –hopefully- come to a close after today’s Maths (Statistics 2) exam.  If I get the grades I require, I’ll be going to university this September which should be awesome.

I feel like I’ve been lugging a giant boulder around me for the last 2 years, and today I finally threw it off my back.

Picture is unrelated.

In other news, some friends and I went paintballing last Sunday which was a blast.  I won’t bore you with the awesome details (like how many headshots I got) but I ended up with no paintball marks at all.  While everyone else had at least several.  It was a great day and I’d love to do paintball again.  It’s not exactly cheap though, ended up costing me £53 all-together.

Still playing L4D at the moment as I promised myself that I’d only get Prototype after my exams have finished but I didn’t get to go to town today; probably won’t be able to go tomorrow either.  So it’s Friday at the latest.  :(

But no matter, L4D is still an amazing game to play with friends.


Nyubis said...

I still got History, French and RE(after a weekend *eyeroll*)

Just wondering, did you draw the Cloud image and the one below in your side-banner yourself? Cuz it's totally awesome.

WJUK said...

Good luck with those exams.

And no I didn't draw them. :P
I wish I drew them though.

Anonymous said...

just passing by but...
Prototype - looks awesome to the greatest extent :D free world & eating people ftw :D
& hope you did well on that math exam(:


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