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Sunday, 26 July 2009

What a sad state of affairs

I was just poking around my website when I saw my archives:


Looking at that, I’m asking myself:  What the f*ck happened?

No, seriously.  In 2007 –when I started up this blog- I managed 279 posts.  Then 2008 rolled around and that became 38 posts (that’s about 13.6% of the posts from the year before).  And now it’s almost August and I’ve managed 4 posts (5, if you include this one) so far this year.  I used to be so enthusiastic about posting here, but my desire to post has just diminished like a slowly dying fire at the crack of dawn.

Now, I know it’s not about quantity but quality(and hopefully, you’ll also agree that my writing style has improved for the better); a good example of which would be GaijinSmash or The Sneeze.  But what I’m saying is that: why is it so hard to keep up a regular posting schedule.  Something that my friend, Duck may tell you too.

It may be that initially, it’s something new and exciting.  But as time wears on, it becomes like a chore.  Monotonous and the same every-time.  Not to mention that most of blogs like mine get little to no traffic, so there’s almost no incentive to continue writing.  That’s why comments are so important, it shows people actually read a blog and wouldn’t mind helping to improve the blog by giving constructive criticism or just give a pat on the back for the writer.  Ever since late 2007, I hardly ever received a comment and I just couldn’t tell if anyone was actually reading what I would post up onto the great information super-highway or all my traffic was just someone being directed here by Google Images to steal one of my images.

There’s just not enough support given for most of us small blogs to continue writing, which I understand is a lot to ask since there are tons of small blogs out there that have little to no traffic.  But that’s not really what I’m asking.  There are some genuine diamond in the rough blogs out there that should really get more coverage than they currently have.  All I’m asking is to support some of them.  Leave a comment, tell them what a good job they’re doing. It’s not something mind-blowingly hard.

I’ll let you think about this proposal and ultimately agree with me.






And while you’re in this mindset, why not start with my blog?

Although doing so may not even bring me back to posting regularly, I just don’t feel motivated to anymore.  So now I just lurk around the internet like some crazed stalker, watching YT videos and browsing forums; in particular Duck's forum and the Bornegames forum.  Maybe I’ll see some of you guys there.


EDIT#1:  I’m visiting some relative near Manchester and we’ve rented out a pretty awesome hotel.  Just thought I’d show you guys quickly.

The room is pretty sweet!


DaxterSpeed said...

Keep up posting! OR ELSE!

Seriously, you need to make more people know this place to get more comments.

WJUK said...

Thanks Daxter, I'll try. :D

Nyubis said...

I still read your blog, occasionally. I do think it'd be really sad if you stopped. Your posts are always interesting to read.

DaxterSpeed said...

I just found this little article:

Read it. It will probably "help" you.

WJUK said...

The thing is, I'm too lazy to do any of those things. Except replying to comments and such. :P

Olga said...

OMG free food!!!

Olga said...

Lol sorry my mom's email xD



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