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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Guess whose going to Uni! [UPDATED]

Yes, it’s been confirmed.


University, here I come.


[UPDATE]  I figured I owe you guys some more content and I was meant to have a longer post, but time constraints and excitement meant I had to cut short (seriously) the original post.

But anyway, today was results day for A-level students.  The day that can make or break the next few years for a student.  The day where people cry, laugh or breathe a sigh of relief.  Fortunately, for me I got the required results I needed (and more!) which means in just over a month I’d be blogging from my sweet-ass dorm.

However, for many others, who have not gotten the results they so dearly needed – I give you my condolences.  I know how difficult A-levels are and the weight of expectation can be overwhelming sometimes.  Luckily for me, I thrive under pressure so I’m not bothered by circumstances like this but many are.  And sometimes, it just drains your heart and soul.  You’ll feel emotionally and mentally wrecked by the end and it may seem difficult to be optimistic about circumstances like this.

So I only have these words for these people:  Try again.

That may sound harsh when read out loud, especially since tone of voice is hard to convey through the internet, but I mean this in the kindest of ways.  Don’t give up, keep trying until you achieve what you wanted to achieve.  The precursor to success is failure; it just means you’ll have to work harder next time.  When life keeps knocking you down, just keep getting up and plowing straight ahead.


Anyway, enough crazy off-topic ranting.  I just went on a complete tangent there as I pretty much type what I think of – obviously I cut out irrelevant content, otherwise you’d be seeing a lot more references to food.

I was going to describe my original feelings of today but now I realise I didn’t feel much about today.  Making it rather anti-climatic.  I was only reminded at the start of the week and even when my friends are worried and can’t get to sleep, I don’t feel that.  I’m the kinda guy that takes what life deals at me and then throws the crap right back at it.  I recognise that worrying about something out of my current control is absolutely stupid, it’ll only serve as a detriment to my mental health.

Not to say I didn’t have my doubts; while I was fairly certain I had gotten the grades I needed.  One can never be completely sure, there’s always that small inkling at the back of the consciousness (or sub-consciousness) that always thinks pessimistically about what could happen.  But as long as you the pessimism doesn’t take over and consume your mind, you’ll be fine.

And wow, this is beginning to feel like some zany story.

So, without further embarrassment to myself, I’ll end this post here.  I’m going to be busy up until I’m settled in at my new dorm, so don’t expect much activity here.

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