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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Toothpaste fixes all!

Ok, so I haven't exactly been active lately here.  But hell, there's probably 3 people reading this, so whatever.

Anyway, I picked up Brawl yesterday (Friday) and I was like: "Sweet!  FIN-FRICKIN-LY"*  After about 5 months, we finally get one of the Wii's greatest games and I'm loving every minute of it.  I've already unlocked Sonic, Captain Falcon, Luigi and some other dudes; but I've hardly played Subspace Emissary because there have been 4 people playing all the time.  Oh well, I'm looking forward to getting R.O.B. too.

So, all was well.  Until my sister knocked the Wii over accidentally.  It wasn't her fault really, it was just a particularly heated battle and the Game Cube controller wires were particularly short.  Damn controller wires.  But, long story short, the disc was scratched.  Some things didn't work and it just said "Disc cannot be read."  Anyone who hasn't been living under a secluded rock under the lost City of Atlantis should understand my pain and frustration here.  The scratch was minimal!  And yet it's managed to make me unable to play like 4 stages and so many characters.  Understandably, I raged.  And I mean full-fledged psychotic LCD-inducing rage.  Yea... it was pretty bad.

After a while of general sulking and tantrums; I remembered something from my young days.  Toothpaste.

No no no, I wasn't trying to remember whether or not I had brush my teeth this morning (which I had, mind you).  I was going to put toothpaste on the disc to clear out the scratch marks.  Ludicrous, some of you might say (particularly the portion of people who haven't tried this before).  But I tempted fate and kicked it's ass!

After about 10 minutes of general rubbing and scrubbing; it was practically as good as new.  After a quick rinse under the tap (yes, I used water on the CD).  It worked beautifully.  Immaculately even.

WJUK: 1.  Er... Scratched disc: 0.

Well, my sisters are still playing Brawl upstairs while I'm grabbing a bite to eat.  It seems they've become quite addicted to the game, and rightly so.  Kicking someone's ass while trash-talking to them is totally what SSBB is about.  It's the core essence of it, and I think I do both parts really well.  And there's always the annoyance factor, I was getting my ass handed to me while playing Yoshi (random selection FTL) in a 5-stock match.  When the smash ball came, I just kept shouting: "YOSHI'S TURN!"  In as weird a voice as possible, and the tactic seems to have worked.  I turned the match on it's head as I KO'ed everyone twice without taking a single hit (the smash ball helped too).  And I actually managed to win... with YOSHI (and frankly, I suck ass as Yoshi).

*ahem*  Anyway, I think I've babbled on for quite some time now.  And I live you with this:



*More swearing may have been involved.

**Doesn't apply to anyone who has Brawl.

Cast your eyes on the awesomeness:


Nyubis said...

Gotta remember that, cuz i've got a scratched X-men 2 DVD somewhere.

And I havent got Braw l because I have no Wii because my parents dont want me to have a gaming console (except for DS).

WJUK said...

Dude, Brawl is amazing. It's especially fun when playing with other people!

Nyubis said...

I know. Saw it on YT.
*goes psyscho*

WJUK said...

Well you should!

Brett said...

Hey dude, how did you do your random quote generator? I tried making a google gadget that linked from a php site page, and inserting it into my blog, but the gadget box has a border that I don't want, and the box won't automatically resize. Any help is appreciated.

rawcru said...

I can't play Brawl. But I can play GTA IV!
Must get a router...


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