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Saturday, 19 July 2008

I have a good reason for my absence of late... (and bonus E3 Big 3 round-up!)

It's called:  CBA-sickness.

It's a very rare form of cancer that affects the cerebral lobes of my inner-most brain that controls my proactive activity of posting on my blog; according to the doctor I'm seeing (who, I assure you, isn't a drunken hobo that likes to dance the Irish Jig for money) I am currently the only diagnosed patient of CBA-sickness on the planet.  Wow.  Amazing isn't it.*

wjuk smashAnyway, let's continue to more pressing matters.  Since my last post from about a month ago (Toothpaste fixes all) a lot of wild s%*& has happened.  And I'm not  just talking about the new Hulk film (which is several levels of awesomeness btw).  I've had my fair share of action lately; even though college finished almost a week ago I'm still finding myself waking up rather early for the last few days.  Hopefully tomorrow will change all that.

And there's also E3.  I managed to catch all of the Big 3's conferences despite my busy schedule.  And it was slightly... disappointing; to say the least.  Out of the three, I seemed to enjoy Microsoft's conference the most for some reason; it certainly started off well with the demos (Fable 2 and Fallout 3 piqued my interest especially), then proceeded to drop off a little - but at least a new PORTAL game was announced!.  The Square-Enix trailers helped lift moods a little, then it went out with a bang when FFXIII was announced for the 360.  Wow.  Who saw that coming?  I certainly didn't...  well, not until that guy returned to the stage and said: "I have one more big announcement."  This is a big blow for Sony in turns of exclusives (somehow I just think that FFXIII would just have moved quite a few units of the PS3 if it stayed exclusive, or maybe that's just me).  And despite all that, the new Bungie game wasn't announced!  It was allegedly pulled at the last minute!  Shame on you Microsoft!

Nintendo's conference fell into second place for me.  It started off -in one word- crap.  I don't want to hear the "Cammienator" (if that is her real name - you won't get that joke unless you know Nintendo pretty well) talk about her sucky snowboarding skills.  I'm watching this for only one reason: -take a guess- games.  Finally, it started picking up when Animal Crossing: City Folk was announced.  Yes, City Folk.  Now, I'm sure I'll get use to that (hell, I got use to Wild World and Wii didn't I?) but the name is a bit... well... funny-sounding now that I think about it.  Yes yes, we're talking about Nintendo here and their crazy naming techniques (well DS makes sense at least...).  *ahem* I'm babbling, I digress.  Anyway, AC Wii looks like it's more of the same from Nintendo.  Which isn't a bad thing in these terms, if it still has the surprisingly addictive gameplay of the previous two games then you know that I'll be glued to my couch for days (or weeks).  When I go to the toilet, all you'll see is a sweat-stained WJUK-sized patch in the middle of the sofa...  Nah, not really.  I don't sweat horrendously while playing games (as far as you know anyway); the worse it's ever gotten was during the Wii Sports marathon - oh boy, was that a night to remember.  Ok, I'm babbling again so I'll cut it to you straight.  GTA DS was announced although nothing else was provided (not even a screenshot or a pre-rendered trailer) which means that the game is pretty early on in development me thinks.  Wii Motion Plus demoed, will be bundled with Wii Sports: Resort (yes, RESORT -  the funny naming trend continues) and it looks pretty damn good.  But this being Nintendo it'll cost a small fortune (especially in PAL regions) which may end up making it not worth it.  Wii Music also shown, and playing the Mario Bros song is possible with it.  Somewhat.


And finally, the Sony conference.  For some reason I found this the least enjoyable.  Maybe because I was doing something else at the time, but it doesn't mean it was bad.  Resistance 2 showed off a big-ass boss.  Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty (can I get a:  BOO-TAA!) announced for PSN.  But arguably the best part of the whole presentation was when Sack Boy helped out with the sales figures.

As you can obviously see, Little Big Planet is shaping up to be quite a game.  Oh and Infamous looks good too.


Anyway, I think I should be wrapping this post up soon.  I don't want to continue typing this into the wee hours of the morning.  Although I will leave you this:

why so serious

*If you believe any of that:  You're an idiot.


Nyubis said...

What with that figure in the window?????????????????????????

PS i think I have that blog updating sickness too. Probaly your not-hobo doctor didnt knew that because because I'm not investigated with it yet.

WJUK said...

I would like to know what that figure is too.

And yes, blog updating sickness is rampant here.


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