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Thursday, 14 August 2008

A Level Results Day 2008

I had been meaning to post for a while now.  But I've been putting it off repeatedly because... well... I'm lazy.

"Hard work pays off over-time.  But procrastination pays off NOW."  - A wise man

Ok, enough talk.  Let me cut to the chase (in this case: the results).




Subject Award


Unit Grade

COMPUTING   221 B    
  Computer Sys, Prog & Netwk Concepts (105)     70 C
  Princ of Hardware, Software & Applic (105)     74 B
  Practical Systems Development     77 A
  Conflict (100)     100 A
  Power (100)     58 D
  Space (100)     83 A
  Reading the Media (90)*     62 C
  Textual Topics in Contemporary Media (90)     47 D
  Practical Production (120)     114 A


*If you recall this post.  They lost the results for Reading the Media, so it's an average of my other grades.  Damn, I think I would've got quite a lot in Reading the Media too.


Well, there are the results.  It looks about right, although the D in Textual Topics in Contemporary Media totally blind-sided me.  I was expecting much better.  I'll most likely resit that one.


Maths?  Where is the maths?

Well that came on a different piece of paper:




Advanced Sub. GCE    
Mathematics A 273/300
Advanced GCE Unit    
Core Mathematics 1 A 96/100
Core Mathematics 3 B 79/100
Core Mathematics 4 C 67/100
Decision Mathematics 1 A 87/100


Well, there are all my results.  Overall most of it was expected and some were not.  I think the only resits I'm going to do are for C4 (Maths module) and the Textual Topics in Media one.  Good thing I did good in D1, that was the one thing I didn't want to resit.

In other news, I partook in a badminton tournament the other day (Tuesday, I believe).  And if you remember this post from about a year ago, I placed 5th last time.  This time, I skipped the singles and just played doubles.  And came... wait for it... wait for it... SECOND.  Yes, runner-up in Mens Doubles.  Sweet.  Frankly we pretty much had no chance at winning the final since we up against the two best guys there.  The trophy is now stored at the now-infamous trophy cabinet.  Not much to report after that, except the final was phenomenal and you should have been there.  Despite being the definite under-dogs we got perilously close to winning it.

Here's just a quick update on two projects I'm working on.  First the media project for the Meniscus Film Festival that I may or may not have mentioned before.  We're pretty far into the project, the script is 80/90% done and all that's left is really the filming and preparation for filming.  I'm not going to spoil it since it's actually rather good, despite the whole plot line being conceived on a drowsy Thursday afternoon at Starbucks with Jamie.


Another little project I have going is an appropriately-named: FUCKTARD.  Which is the current codename it seems.  This idea was conceived in a more crazy way, which consists of me, Gavin and Ashley just randomly coming up with storyline's one day and this one came up.  And Ashley decided to start a script.  So now we're passing it along and adding things to it.  Here's the latest iteration(that I have) of it (I thought might as well seeing as the chance of it being made into film is severely slim).


NOTE:  It's work in progress.


Nyubis said...

You hav some good grades, especially in college. How do you do that while still playing GTAIV?

And the story is fun. XD

WJUK said...

If you must know, I have super to clone myself so I can study and play at the same time...

No, I was joking. I just play GTA and wing it in college. :P


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