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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Where do I start?

Well well well, I'm back.

So many things have happened since my last post.  Which turns out to be exactly two weeks ago, it's insane.  Sorry about not posting but I've been unbelievably busy lately; exams are closing in at college, my social life has gone haywire and my foot is killing me (figuratively speaking).  I can only type this because I have a little break in my hectic schedule because of the holidays.  There's also the 360 and a little game called Oblivion.  I've currently poured about 20 hours into it (a rough guesstimate - I don't have it on so I can't check); and I've hardly touched the main quest.  I'm making my way up the various factions and I'm a grand champion of the arena - but still fighting mountain lions and the sort.

And I also picked up Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  Which means the only 360 game I've completed is Assassin's Creed (and that's just the main story - I haven't done all the generic missions and I'm not even going to attempt the crappy flag collecting).  So many games to play, so little time.

Oh and you may be wondering what the "foot is killing me" bit is about.  Well I stood on a nail... with my bare foot.  This happened two days ago.  I played badminton today.  You do the math.  I can still see the point where it impaled my (fortunately) thick-skinned sole, it's mostly healed over but I can still make it out.  I think that's enough about my nail-impaled foot - hey that rhymes.


While I was on hiatus due to *cough* problems; stated above.  April Fools came and went.  I had planned to do something but I just gave up after trying to think up something.  My original idea was something along the lines of "shutting down the blog" etc. but that was way to generic.  Although when used properly it can have a devastating effect just look at what happened when Little Kuriboh and his army of devious minions posted that Yu-gi-oh: TAS was ending.  All hell broke loose as many people forgot that it was the day of fooling.

Talking about awesome April Fools jokes, IGN takes the proverbial cake this year.  Oh and, just for the record, the cake is indeed a lie.  You can check out IGN's April Fools here:

There's a Halo movie coming out soon and talks of a Gears Of War movie, why not a Zelda movie?  Ok, sure Link not talking may be quite an obstacle but I'm sure those Hollywood writers can think something up.  If not, they fail at their jobs.  Hell, the portly plumber and his lanky brother had a movie!  It may have sucked but that's not the point.  I didn't think Mario would make a good movie anyway (we all know how it's going to turn out).  But Link stars in ADVENTURE GAMES, namely games that are about the adventure.  The story.  The awesome journey.  Mario games are about... well... destroying Bowser and jumping on Goomba's heads.  They could throw in a twist or two into the film, something big which means it doesn't end with the whole: "fight Ganondorf and save princess. Done."  thing.  And think of the possibilities of cameos!  Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a plumber in the movie that looks like Mario?  Or maybe Link stops off at a town called Animal Crossing?

Enough talk about that though.  Moving swiftly on.


Games for April that I'm hoping to get (in Chronological Order):

  1. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii) - April 11th
  2. Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii) - April 25th
  3. GTA IV (Xbox 360) - April 29th

This isn't good.  My exams are coming soon :(

It means I'll have 14 days to play Mario Kart (hopefully the online doesn't suck).  Wii Fit wouldn't be too bad, since I'm thinking of sticking to a half an hour routine for as long as possible with Wii Fit.  Then I'm bringing GTA IV home and playing for as long as humanly possible.  Maybe I should arrange a gaming marathon for GTA IV...

Anyway, seems like I'll be busy for the foreseeable future.  Don't keep your fingers cross for updates... cos, you know, eventually you'll stop the blood-flow to your fingers completely and they might drop off.


EDIT#1:  Thought I'd share this little achievement with you lot.  I played GH3 last night, the first time I've picked up the affectionately named "Wiitar" since, well, forever.  If forever means "about a month".  I played a few songs, messed around a bit.  Then tried a little song called: 'Through the Fires and Flames' by a certain band called Dragonforce.  You may have heard it before.  I could never do it on hard difficulty, even though I can play half the songs on expert.  I think the highest percentage I've ever got on hard was 6%.  That changed last night.

First try: 6%

Second try: 7%

I was improving 1% at a time!  At this rate, 93 more times and I'll be able to complete it!

Third try:  Wait for it... 71%


I aced the first section, got close to the red a few times, but held out.  Then I lucked out at 71%.  Damn, I was doing so well as well.

Many of you out there may be able to do this already (XD, all 5 of you) but it's sort of an achievement for me.  Maybe next time I'll be able to actually play the full song.  Who knows?




*Yes, your eyes don't deceive you.  Rock Band is coming out May 23rd for Europe.  On the XBox 360 anyway.  But not only that though!  Oh no.  EA decided to screw us Europeans over for the game.  £180 for the whole bundle?!  That's ludicrous!

Well, EA here's my response:  You can take that price and stick it up your- <THE FOLLOWING IS CENSORED DUE TO CERTAIN LAWS THAT PERTAIN TO- BLAH BLAH BLARGH!>


Nyubis said...

Lol, they spent a long time on that aprils joke :P

and i stood on a nail with my bare foot too (2 years ago) but my superhuman reflexes saved my foot from eternal pain. =D

WJUK said...

They sure did. And they did a grand job.

I managed to pull my foot up before it had a chance of going right in (or else I would have needed to gone to hospital to remove it). So I have some reflexes too... I guess.

Rob said...


WJUK said...

Haha! Penguinz rulz.

Nyubis said...

Am I a penguin ?

And personally I think Japan is cooler than China, but China is pretty cool too. A lot cooler than Belgium. We've never got a big event here. :(

But why did you actually go to the UK ?

WJUK said...

Sure, you can be a penguin if you so desire.

Japan is probably cooler than China, but have you been to HK? It's awesome.

Too be honest, I was born in the UK. My parents moved here from HK many moons ago.

Nyubis said...

HK = Hong Kong?
i've seen a video of it. It's way coooler than belgium. and I'm probaly going to the uk in 2012 (olympic gamez, lol) I might meet you then (for the record, i dont look like the guy i drew in my user pic)

WJUK said...


And I'll probably go to the 2012 olympic games too. Would be awesome.

For the record, I probably won't look anything like I do now.

Rob said...

Perhaps Brad should host some sort of reunion. It's what I'm doing with some of the Blue Sentry staff, heh. (Blue Sentry = My personal "company" of game development. Website server had a DoS attack with damages to the hardware costing in the thousands. Haven't heard from how it's going lately, but I sent out an e-mail.)


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