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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Snow. Glorious Snow.

Another pre-post explanation.  Oh joy.  Anyway, I've been busy lately yada yada yada yada *random babbling*.  Enjoy the post.


It's funny how frozen water is so much fun.  Despite being surrounded by water -and being made of 80% of water too- in Britain we find snow to be absolutely enthralling.  Most of us anyway.

Maybe it's the the frequency of occurrences, which is roughly for one day every year where we get "real snow".  Which stays on the ground and allows us to pelt unsuspecting family members and friends with large, densely-packed frozen blocks of destructive ice.  Talk about fun.

This 'snow day' also seems to come no where near Christmas, might I add.  It comes in January/February time; or in the case of this messed-up 2008 year: March.  Even though we've passed the Spring Equinox already.  Oh wait, it's also FRICKIN EASTER SUNDAY TODAY.  Easter is generally not associated to snow, methinks.  Nevertheless, snow is still fun and it's a rare occasion to be able to go out into the garden and build snowmen and generally have a good time.

I also played badminton today, and I'm surprised to say that despite not playing since... well, few months ago.  I still got it!  I won every single game I played today even though I was playing against my various uncles and friends.  Who, I might add, play weekly.  Things are funny this way, although my smashes have gotten slightly weaker -that may have been partly due to a slight injury to my right shoulder- my overall performance seems to be improved.  And I have exercised in yonks!  Haha.  I rule.


In other more awesome, video-game related news.  I picked up a XBox 360 after the price drop, and I've been playing on it quite a lot.  Even though I only have three games for it (Assassin's Creed and Halo 3 came free with it, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion which I bought separately).  My thoughts on the games:

  • Assassin's Creed:  Free Running is AWESOME.  It's amazing how I just need to push the analog stick forward and literally hold two buttons and I'm like totally parkouring like a pro.  Missions are kinda generic though. Not enough proper assassinations.  Frame rate dipped majorly once, hopefully was one-off.  Altair sounds kinda... emotionless.  The whole sci-fi element is ok... could've been better.
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:  Good.  Very good.  Endless amount of things to do.  You can practically do anything you want to do, be a thief and steal, become a warrior or whatever you goddamn want to do.  Although things are a bit too patient for my liking... I prefer more fast-paced action and less questing.  But I'm still enjoying it.  Will probably pour a ton of time into this game.
  • Halo 3:  Yea... about this.  Well, I got my sister to pay for half of the 360 (yes, sly me) and apparently she doesn't want me to play Halo 3 until the other controller arrives.  *sigh*  Things are complicated.  Should be able to play soon.  Looking forward to it.

I'm also fearing the worse with the 360, hopefully no RRoD issues pop up.  I'd be seriously pissed if it does happen.  Well, I guess placing it on the carpet doesn't help.  It's cos the Wii got here first and had first pick at where it's going, and it's looking awesome where it is, and the 360 is left out of the cold without a proper home.  And I got think of anywhere to put it because of it's sheer size.  It's FRICKIN HUGE compared to the Wii.  Hell, the power brick itself is about the size of the Wii.  Woah.




Exhibit A:  The three consoles together.

Exhibit B:  The 360 and it's -frickin huge- power brick.

Exhibit C:  A funny comic highlighting the fact of the gigantic power brick.  LOL


I also got a new mobile.  For free.  :D


I originally had a phone ages ago (one of those old gigantic brick of a phone Nokia) but that broke after much abuse.  I never used it much anyway, and I couldn't be asked to get a new one during the last... um... 6/7, possibly 8, years.  See, kids.  This is procrastination at it's best.  I put it off until recently, when my uncle asked if I wanted a new phone.  I was like: 'Yea, sure.  Why not?'  Since I've found that having a mobile would be increasingly useful lately.  I should explain how I got this phone for free:

Well, I have an uncle.  Who just so happens to work as a electronics wholesaler for this giant Trans-national electric monolith (which I have no idea what it's called) and he gets, shall we say, stock (remember the laptop?).  And this phone just so happened to have like some faults on the case (like some letters missing of the branding: Auto Focus is now just "to focus") and some of the keypad parts are scrapped off for some reason.  Apparently it happened in delivery or something.  And so, he can't sell it as new and decided to give it to me.  Score.  Works perfectly too... well, I think it does.  I'm still lacking a SIM card for it and a charger, mind.  He's getting the charger to me next week, the SIM card I'm getting tomorrow.

You're interested in what phone it is?

It's a Sony Ericsson K800i.

Ooooh, snazzy.

It's not exactly a new phone (came out in 2006 or something) but it works.  For intrepid photographers out there, you may realise that "Cyber-shot" is a line of cameras manufactured by Sony.  And you'd be correct to think that.  The K800i was made to feel like a camera (which is certainly does) and boasts a 3.2 megapixel camera complete with a xenon flash, a protective lens cover, and a new "BestPic" bracketing feature, and were the first to be tagged with the Sony Cyber-shot branding.  Part of that may have, or may not have, been taken directly from Wikipedia.

It's not exactly a small phone by today's standards (it's 106 x 47 x 20 mm and weighs 115g) but it fits snugly in the pocket easy enough.  I also like the matte black.  Very stylish.

So what have you learned?

Having an awesome uncle owns.


Now, I'd like to spare some time to talk about the blog for a second.

*ahem*  *clears throat*


The blog has unwittingly passed the 10,000 hits mark (according to the hit counter on the sidebar, currently at 13194) and has lately been averaging 100 hits per day.  That's one hit every 14.4 minutes or so; which is pretty awesome for a blog that started less than a year ago.

After looking at the Analytics data, funnily enough there seems to be a high percentage of referrals.  Around the 70/80% mark according to Analytics.  After a little detective work, I've found I'm getting a ton of hits from Google.  "WTF Google?"  I hear you ask.  Yes, Google Images as a matter of fact.  Just search "Chuck Norris" on Google Images right now.  Don't worry, I'll wait for you.


Done?  Well, let's see here.  Yes, the second picture is indeed the one I put in my Chuck Norris post.  And seeing as Chuck Norris is like an Internet cultural phenomenon I'm getting a ton of hits.  It's certainly one unusual and unorthodox way to get hits, I'll give you that.  But hey, whatever works.


As for the Media Project I posted in my previous post, it's garnered a measly 97 views as of press time.  Even with 5 links linking to it, with mine being the highest with 8 clicks and the other 4 being bulletins from MySpace.  Oh god.

It's not quite taking over the Internet yet, but we're getting there.  97 people at a time.

Here's the video again for anyone who hasn't yet seen it:


Rob said...

All of your blog posts should be this long. srsly.

WJUK said...

They normally are. Check the archives if you like.

Nyubis said...

Lol, i like the vid. Are you the black-haierd guy with glasses at the very beginning?

WJUK said...

Nope, that's Kennie.

If you look carefully, you can see me in the video...

Nyubis said...

Then... Are you:
-The second dude(runner)
-the dude getting hit by the runner
-the dude drinking Legend
-some other dude

WJUK said...



Nyubis said...

Wow... You really did a lot of acting... congrats...
And i've also made my own blog here!
And it has way more javascript than yours! 0NW3D!!!

WJUK said...

lol, nice blog.

Originally I had music and a bunch of stuff here, until some of mu friends (specifically one girl) thought it took too long to load. So I stripped out most things...

Nyubis said...

How do you put swf's in your posts?
I saw you doing it with mga2 but even copying the html-code in your source didnt work :(

WJUK said...


That should explain how to embed it. If you need anymore help just contact me.


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