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Monday, 21 April 2008

Ashley's Gathering among other trivial things

Ok, things have been hectic (to say the least) lately.  So, posting time has effectively tended towards zero.  Homework has increased exponentially in the last few weeks, and the much-needed half term break offered an equally packed schedule of things to do; including a gathering at Ashley's house (which I'll talk about later).  Not to mention the exams that are drawing ever closer, like a pack of savage bloodhounds.  As you may know, I'm not exactly the type that likes exams.

Ok, so I may as well start off on a more positive note.  I've finished Oblivion's main quest and the final battle is... well... epic.  That's the only way I could possibly hope to describe it.  I won't spoil it for you, just in case you haven't played it yet, but A GIANT-ASS DRAGON (CALLED AKATOSH, WHO IS SUBSEQUENTLY ALSO A GOD) TOTALLY THROWS THE BEAT DOWN ON THIS DEMON LORD/PRINCE (CALLED MEHRUNES DAGON) WHO WAS UNLEASHED FROM THE PLANES OF OBLIVION AND WAS OWNING ASS UNTIL THE DRAGON CAME ALONG.  Yea, that's about it.  It's totally kick-ass, here's a video of it:

Moving swiftly on.  Ashley's "gathering", of sorts.  Things started out well... kinda.  I got there before the others and Ashley was watching the match (Man U vs  Blackburn) and was thoroughly frustrated as Man U was losing by a goal to nil.  I found this funny.  The others arrived not long after (the others include: Gavin, Matthew and Daisy).  It seems they came in the same car, I'm not sure how that works out but meh.  Soon after Man U score a goal (well, Tevez does) and Ashley roars triumphantly, despite his team (which is leading the Premiership for others that are not familiar with this) drawing.  Gavin makes a passing inquisition to Ashley about who scored the goal followed by: "Torres?"  And Ashley practically exploded and continued to say "Bah.  Torres?!  Scum."  It was quite hysterical to watch (Torres is another football player... from some team).

If you're wondering about the picture to the left, it has nothing to do with this but I thought it was funny.

Things were moved into the living room after the match finished and GH3 was put on.  We were playing co-op mode on medium as Ashley wanted to unlock some songs on it, I should point out now that we were using Gavin and Daisy's two Wiitars, since Ashley lent his out to a friend.  Things were proceeding as they normally do.  We play GH and chat around for a bit.  This continues to about 8PM.  Daisy and Matthew went out and got some kebabs while we kept on playing.  Soon Gavin and I went out to the shops for some stuff to eat, I ended up spending £5 on sweets (many of which weren't eaten by me in the end...)!  Daisy joined us some time later in the shop and since she was so slow, we considered leaving her there.  But no, she made us wait.  While we were waiting Gavin managed to state that all Snicker Bars should have Mr. T on and misread a label (he read "METAL ENERGY" instead of "MENTAL ENERGY" - oddly enough, he didn't see what he got wrong until I pointed it out to him).

When we did get back, we got tired of GH and switched to watching TV.  This included, but was not limited to:

1) Britain's Got Talen

2) Family Guy

3) Some other crap...

We also saw the new Pepsi Ad (I'm too lazy to find a video).  And Ashley liked it for one reason that he liked pointed out to me.  Apparently during the commercial, one woman who narrates when Thierry Henry is on screen calls him a "she" which I can actually confirm.  For some reason, we all found this extremely funny.  Some more time was spent watching TV and finally I left at roughly 10PM.  I got home and thought it was a good way to spend that night, but then BHAM!  It hit me.  Not a traffic cone, or a sign of any sort.  But I just remembered that I left the delicious delicacies back at Ashley's house.  Later on, through messenger, Ashley tells me they "finished up" the stuff I left behind.  Damn...  I spent £5 on cookies/fingers etc. and I hardly get to eat them... damn them all!  I'm getting my fair share back next week though, I saw Matthew today and gave him a right grilling.  His female friend thought it was hilarious, which I'm sure it was - especially since I was talking about him stealing my cookies.


I also received my exam timetable for the coming Summer, I have... wait for it... wait for it...


(from 12th May to 12th June)

That's insane... I know a guy in my tutorial that only has like 2 exams.  The exams break down like this:

  • 3 Computing Exams
  • 1 Media Studies Exam
  • 3 General Studies Exams
  • 4 Maths Exams

Yes, OMFG.  Yet again, maths has to be the outstanding one with 4.  Sure, one of them is a resit but that's not the point here.  I'm talking about the principle of over-complication of the abundance of catechisms within our pedagogical societies, I mean come on!  11 exams!

I also retrieved a Mock Exam Week timetable (from SID - Student Information Desk).  If I'm lucky, I may be able to get the whole Tuesday off (which is also, coincidentally) the day GTA IV comes out.  SCORE.  This is looking increasingly likely, as the class in the morning is for Tutorial, but who cares about Tutorial?  Right?


If you're wondering about the picture again, it has no relevance whatsoever.  Again, funny.

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