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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Exams = HATE

I'm sure I've expressed my hatred for exams already.  Especially in the period of GCSE exams.  But today I entered an entirely new plane of spite for exams such as these.

Sure, today was only mock exams.  But it was TWO MOCK EXAMS.  Neither of them very forgiving either.

Coupled with the fact that I messed up my revision (trust me too), it made it doubly harder.  How did I mess up?  Well, the previous night I was revising for S1.  Because I thought that was the exam that was going to be first.  Then at lunch I would revise C2.

Then to my surprise, and my utter contempt, I was told just before the test that it was C2.  GODDAMMIT.  I even physically smacked my fist on the table to show my frustration.  Oh well.

So, I did the test wholly unprepared.  I actually did quite well, I reckon.  Probably not as well as I could have, but still quite good.  The following test (S1) was more of the same.  Although I found S1 harder, since it is statistics.

[S1 = Statistics 1; C2 = Core (or Pure) Mathematics 2]

I did find something out today though.  I seemed to be better at doing harder questions.  No joke.  I noticed today that I missed some questions out at the beginning of the exam (the easier parts) but near the end it was a breeze (the harder parts).  WTF is up with that?

The whole concept of 'harder' is for it to be more difficult and so potential students will struggle more.  But I seem to be doing the reverse, stumbling at the beginning but at the home straight I glide home effortlessly.  Obviously, I'm not complaining.  Since the end questions yield more marks.  Which means win-win for me!


Moving on to more internet-related news.

If you've been round this blog a few times, you may have heard of one game I've been eagerly anticipating.  That game is: SSBB.

Today my dreams were shattered as Nintendo released a list of games coming out Q1 and Q2.  And SSBB was NOT ON THE LIST.  Which means I have to wait until JUNE, AT THE VERY LEAST  to play the game!  WTF?!

That's the one thing I hate about Nintendo.  PAL countries always come last and they never seem to be able to pull off simultaneous launches, despite pretty much every other large video game company being able to.  It just makes no sense to me, why is there such a big delay for games in PAL countries.  SPM, MP3:C to name a few.

I've already wrote to Nintendo Of Europe (NoE) at info@nintendo.de but the only reply I've got is automated.  But it's still early days.  Too bad it's located in Germany or I would trudge down to NoE HQ myself and do some serious question-asking.  I think it would go something like this:

NoE Employee 1:  So, whassup today?

NoE Employee 2:  Not much, screwing over the Europeans again with our release dates.

1:  Oh, ok.  So nothing new.

2:  Yea, relatively normal day-

KABOOM!  Door breaks down.  A ton of mist and dust is kicked up... somehow.  Silhouette appears.  It's me.

Me:  Ok, Nintendo of Europe.  I'm hearing to kick ass and play games... and I don't see any games!

Shoots laser beams out of eyes.

1:  Ah!  We're all gonna die!

2:  Think of the children!  Why won't anyone think of the children?!

Random German Guy:  Ach nein! Ich bin tot!

Me:  I don't hear no begging to spare your lives!

A voice from far away:  That's because they're ALL DEAD.

Me:  Opps.  My bad.  I knew I should have gone with delegation rather than the 'all guns blazing' plan.  Oh well, sh*t happens.

Picks up telephone.

Me:  *Puts on deeper voice*  Er... is this NoJ?

Japanese Guy:  はい。  本当にそうです。

Me:  Er... ok.  Now let's put those Japanese lessons to the test.

<The following is translated so you know what the f*ck is going on>

Me:  I'm calling to say that we're bumping up the release date of SSBB in Europe.

JG:  Oh ok.  To when?

Me:  Now.

JG:  Now?  That's impossible.  The game isn't even finished y-

Me:  SHOOSH!  I don't care.  What I say, goes.

JG:  B-but this is absurd!


Slams phone down.  Straightens jacket, and pats dust of myself casually.

Me:  Well, I think I handled that quite well.

Walks off towards the sunset.  Leaving the scene of the crime, strangely the police have yet to arrive.  Meh, whatever.  They're German anyway.


And that my friend, concludes on what would happen if I actually went to the HQ.  Pretty bad-ass, right?


Oh and Ashley if you're reading I expect souvenirs from your trip to Orlando.


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