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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Spendage and Router

The last two days for me have been jam-packed with stuff, and I'm only know catching a breather and can sit down and type this.

First, let's start off with yesterday.  I'll keep it short and simple.  Biscuits, loadsa biscuits.  As with the usual routine, maths (with Yvonne) gave out biscuits to us since it was our last lesson before xmas.  Yay!  Chocolate chip cookies, if you wanted to know and they were delicious.  The only way the cookies could have been better was if they were bigger!  And they were already pretty large mother-f*cking cookies to begin with!

The following maths lesson (with Sue) was also more of a "fun" orientated lesson.  It consisted off a large box of tasty tasty celebrations (sweets) and a game which we own3d at.  We were split into two teams and had to make up 25 questions to ask the other team.  Unfortunately though, you also have to know the answer so it pretty much ruled out everything I had.  Just for the record these were some of the questions I thought of:

  1. Give infinity to 3 significant figures.
  2. 99^99999999999999999999999  (^ = to the power of)
  3. If one train leaves King's cross at 16:54 and another train leaves Manchester Railway Station at exactly the same time; at what time would they crash?
  4. A lorry driver is driving at a speed of 57mph on the A1.  What is the colour of his eyes?
  5. A Yr 9 student decides to run 100m.  What is the probability of him standing on some dog sh*t?
  6. Calculate the amount of times that the average person gets f*cked up by life.
  7. A mad hunter likes to shoot elephants.  On a normal day the chance that he kills an elephant is 0.21 on a bad day the probability decreases to 0.13.  If after twenty shots and he still does not kill an elephant, the chance of him killing one in the remaining shots decreases by 0.05.  Calculate how late he would have to arrive home for his wife to get angry at him.
  8. Find the gradient of a chair.
  9. Calculate how much oxygen is being sucked into my body right now.

And that's just a small sample, I had many many more.  Alas, I was not allowed to ask them.  Nevermind.  We still won anyway, despite me doing an infinitesimal amount of work.  Score.

That was in short what happened mainly yesterday.


Now onto today's events.  Which, I assure you, are much funnier.

First, I had media which consisted of a INSANELY HARD QUIZ (at times).  Seriously, it started of relatively easily then it was just taken the piss.  It started with guessing films from screen-shots; nothing wrong with that.  Well, normally anyway.  The quiz was made by one of the techies that enjoyed films that we totally seemed to be out-of-touch with.  Which meant we totally bombed that.

Next it was guessing the film from THE MUSIC.  Yes, you heard that right.  We couldn't even get the screenshots part right, how the hell did they expect us to be able to guess from the music?!  Sure, there were some staples in there.  ET, Superman etc.  but they were few and far between.  Basically, we bombed this one to.

Things didn't get better at this point, as you'd come to expect.  The next round consisted of guessing the film from THE TAGLINE.

A tagline is a variant of a branding slogan typically used in marketing materials and advertising. The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a brand or product (like a film), or to reinforce the audience's memory of a product. Some taglines are successful enough to warrant inclusion in popular culture, often becoming snowclones.  - Source: Wiki

This surprisingly churned out our best score so far: 18/22.  The only reason for this though is that Kenny managed to text his friend about the "super-hard" one that no one has been able to guess so far.  Turns out it was 'The Fly.'   asked if we could have 10 points for that and low and behold, she gave us 10 points.

Out very best round came last where it was just guessing the logos.  20/20 baby.  See, corporate branding is good for something.


Right afterwards I met up with Ashley, Gavin and Lewis.  Well, when I say: 'met up' I mean chase a bus, which Lewis was on, down the street.  Ah... good times.  The following few hours consisted of insane things where I'm not quite sure what happened since I didn't buy anything... strange.

We ended up in Subway eating some subs and Al managed to find us.  Turns out he came to town with Leeman and Belcher, who were in GameStation.  So after we finished eating we headed towards GS.  We found the two at the counter with Belcher trading in his DS for Oblivion on the PS3.  The following few hours also play through my mind like a blur now.  And we fast forward to about 12:40 where Gavin has to leave for class.  We're standing near Virgin I'm sorry: Zavvi when Gavin pronounced rather proficiently that he wanted to leave.  As we had just met some dudes from college people were talking to other people and didn't hear this.  It was not until about 5/10 minutes later that many people (me included) looked around and quizzed the next person along: 'Where the f*ck is Gavin?'  That was answered by Ashley who said that he had left already.

After a while, our large group which consisted of people from both Franklin and Grimsby dispersed.  As our little troupe (of Ash, Lew, Al and I) set off for Lewis' house to rock out on GH3.  Oh, and did I mention Lewis and Ashley managed to pick up GH3 while we were at town.  Anyway, before that Lewis decided that he may go to JD (not the pictured JD from Scrubs)  to pick up a new coat.  Bad idea.  For the next 15 minutes we stood at the same spot, looking at the same clothes, trying not to act not interested towards Lewis.  Through most of that time, I was messing around with a creaky coat rack that was like a see-saw as I leaned on it.  Anyway, Lewis was very indecisive towards his shopping escapade.  I recall remarking that he was like a woman, and I think everyone agreed.  Including Lewis.

He finally narrowed down his selection to two jackets that he liked but was still unsure on which to get.  In the end, I took the initiative and decided to decide for Lewis.  I took out a 10p coined and dubbed the first coat heads and the second coat tails.  Flipped and it was tails, job done.

Not quite.

Lewis commented how it was too expensive it was or something and we were back to square 1.  Pfft.  Since Lewis was unsure on whether or not he actually had enough money to get the damn thing and he was afraid of being overdrawn he decided to go leg it through WHSmith and check.  Sure, whatever.  Ashley decided to wait at the bench outside WHSmith and just rest for a bit.  I, meanwhile, went into WHSmith to get something to drink and right in the middle I ran smack-bang into Lewis and Al and it hadn't even been that long.

'Back so soon?' I inquired.  And here was Lewis' reply:  'I just remembered.  I can't spend that money, I need it for tomorrow's taxi to work.'


D:  x 1000



That's time I'll never get back.  *sob*


Another fast forward, now onto the bus where we're going to Lewis' house.  The only reason I am including this is because of the following scene:

Lewis:  Says something I don't recall what it was.  If you were there and remember, drop me a line.

Me:  Well, you do work at a fish factory.  PACKAGING FISH.

<Lewis puts on a D: face>

Al:  Ouch!  That was harsh!

Me:  Well, life is harsh.

<Laughter by everyone except Lewis.  Who pouts.>

Al:  Omfg.  You're on a roll today!  Lemme see if I can set you up for another.


No he couldn't.  Anyway, point is.  I said something funny AND insulted Lewis at the same time.  My work here is done.


Skip to Lewis' house and his Little Lilac Attic Room.  We set up Guitar Hero 3, which somehow posed a challenge for the people there and required my assistance to set up.  Lewis struggled on actually getting the Wiimote inside the Guitar and then also struggled to find out how to adjust the size of the strap to an appropriate size.  He didn't even mention it until a few songs in, and I took it and found that the size it was currently at was only suitable for mentally challenged dwarf of tiny stature.  Seriously, it was as small as can be.

Anyway, less talk of strap-adjusting and more strumming and mashing fret buttons!  Unsurprisingly, I was the best out of the 4, seeing as I have been playing the game excessively for the last 2/3 weeks or so.  But the others seemed to pick it up quite well, especially Ashley who had no prior experience at all.  We went through co-op career with almost no hitches at all, we took turns by two doing one song and the next two doing the following song.  We had reached the end of the career mode when we discovered we didn't get any credits!  So playing 'Through the Fire and Flames' by Dragonforce was out of the question.  Unlucky.  Ah well.

Phil, Hogger and Danny Mudd appeared now and proceeded in taking over the game.  Well, not really.  Phil had a go when I was there and he sucked ass, major ass.  No, I mean that full-heartedly.  Unfortunately though, at this point I had to leave as it was either have a lift now or walk later.  And seeing as I was too tired and lazy to walk, I decided to get a lift now.  I hate life's choices like that.  Life just seems to be full of them.  But no matter, I have Lewis' friend code so I could kick his ass any day across Nintendo Wi-Fi (which Mike wasn't very happy about since he had the 360 version).


I finally got the router today.  But installing it was a bitch.  I think I had to repeat the installation process about 3 times just because I forgot to turn something off the first 2 times.  Then when it did work, the internet on the host computer messed up!


That makes no sense at all.  If anything the client computer's (in this case, the laptop) internet would mess up, not the host computer's internet.  It's not suppose to work like that.  But anyway, after toiling away for ages I managed to fix the problem.  All it took was a simple ping to google through Command Prompt and I was done.  Everything fell into place and that is why I can type this up now from the laptop.  Awesome.


Anyway, that about sums up my hectic two days.  I'm now really tired and it's getting close to 1AM.  *yawn*  Cya soon.

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