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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Lewis' Lilac Attic Room

Right after the English exam - which was boring by the way, so I'll not bore you anymore than I need to - I went to Lewis' house.  Conveniently, he moved house not long ago and now it is closer to my house.  About 10 minutes away.

His house has a 'just-moved-on' look, as Ashley calls it.  There was a tissue box - that had Cars on it (the film) - on the floor.  There was a TV on a chair etc.  You get the point.

Then there was Lewis' room.  His is in the attic.  You have to get up these really annoying flight of stairs that are easy to mess up on.  It's one of those alternate step ones.  What really bugged me was that from the top the first step down was on the left; and I always start with my right leg.  So, I had to juggle myself until my feet alternated like the steps.  Additionally, the ceiling is low right above the stairs.

Into his room and it's lilac.  That's right lilac (shown in picture).  He has one of those rooms with a sloping ceiling and got pretty low, Gavin hit his head... albeit on the window, but it's about the same.  It gave a nice view from the windows though and it was a refreshing experience.  But his room was a dump.  Literally.

That we got to some hardcore Wiiing.  Mario Strikers Charged Football.  I played Lewis and owned him in two games (11 - 2), than Lewis played Gavin (a first timer) - Gavin got owned.  Then Gavin owned Ashley (another first timer).  Lewis owned Jamie.  And finally, Gavin owned Jamie.

Before Gavin & Ashley played I explained the game to them: 'Ahem, first use A to pass.  B to shoot.  Shake the Wiimote to tackle.  C to use power-ups.  All you need to know...  oh and the keeper has 1337 ninja skills, he was probably trained by a spider clan of ninjas of something.'  <<< Actual Explanation.

So by progressional leaderboard or whatever:

  1. Me Open-mouthed
  2. Lewis
  3. Gavin
  4. Ashley
  5. Jamie

The funny thing was Jamie, before playing Lewis, was saying stuff like: 'I'm going to own your ass, then your mother's ass...'  You get the gist of it.  Then he lost miserably.  Again, he used the man's way out; by first: Blaming the stadium, secondly blaming that the Wiimote was different to his and didn't feel right.

Generally it was a fun day.  I almost got a PS2 out of it.  Until Lewis noticed me slipping it into my bag.  We also discovered that everyone who has a Wii still has the box it came in.  Even if you got it on launch day.  Weird.

I'm going back soon so expect more coverage of total pwnage on MSCF from me.

Leaderboard again:

Me.  El gay.  Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Lover Dude.  Franny. And finally Jamie.

Oh and I managed to finish the book I was reading last night.  In the dead of the night.  I was reading the fifth book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King: 'Wolves of the Calla'.  It's a good read and will certainly keep you occupied for some time.  Although I don't think it's suitable for young children.

Do you want me to tell you how it ended?  It ended with these sentences:

Roland smiled.  It made him look younger.  It seemed to fill the cave with its own light.  All of Eld's ancient power was in that smile: the power of the white.

'Yes,' he said. 'We go.'

And then he said again, all the affirmation necessary in this dark place.


That was actually how the book ended.  At page 766.  Now think of it this way: there are 7 books, each book has just over 700 pages.  700 x 7 = 4900.  OMFG!  That's just a rough estimate, it should be more than that.  I've just finished the fifth book...

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