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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

YGO: Abridged Movie; Gavin's peculiar condition.

Not much happened today.

The biggest thing that did happen was I watched a movie. Probably one of the best movies out this month.

Fantastic Four? No

Shrek the third (or Shrek 3)? No

Yu-gi-Oh!: The Abridged Movie.

And I gotta say, it was pretty awesome. Awesomely funny. Just like the series it pokes fun at YGO - which isn't very hard. I recommend anyone wanting to ROFL, LMAO or LOL their heads off to watch this.

All parts are below:

Funny right? There is so much awesomeness & funniness in it I don't know where to start.

Then we have 1-800-Magic again.

Now I'm just waiting for RVB 100. Which should be out tomorrow night, according to RT. That means it probably be out a week or so from now. :)

That's it for today. Join me tomorrow for the [pilot] Maths test. Which I have been revising for (even I'm not believing this) through... sudoku. Yes. Sudoku.

Peace out... er... bye.

Oh, and Gavin. About Gavin. I think he fell of the face of the Earth. Or the side. I always get them mixed up. That's why he hasn't been posting.

Lemme recall what happened.

*Initiate flashback*

Me & Gavin were walking down the street. Like normal people do. Normal walking. When suddenly from outta the bushes a interdimensional-time traveling-gargantuan-bee troll & elf hybrid burst out of nowhere. Well, actually the bushes.

Oh and by the way he has a Rocket Launcher. And a AK-47. And smoke grenades. Oh and he also knows our names. So, anyway. He says: 'Gavin & WJUK. I come in peace-' Right about now, I pull out a assault rifle and BOOM HEADSHOT the dude troll elf interdimensional-time traveling-gargantuan-bee troll & elf hybrid trolf (troll crossed with elf). Gavin's jaw literally dropped to the floor in a :O emoticon kind of way.

He screeches: 'Where the f*ck did you get that assault rifle?!'

I reply - somewhat nonchantly- 'My back-pocket. Duh. I always carry one of these babies (referring to gun) around with me. Don't you?'

'Hell no.'

'Your loss. These are frickin' awesome. If you want one I'll give you this one. I still have an EMP launcher, dualies, shotgun and Arc Caster in my other pockets.'


'What? Doesn't everyone carry firearms with them?'

'I thought I knew you man...'

At that very moment a group of trolfs (about 10 of them) burst through the interdimensional portal - which we both failed to notice; despite my awesome eyesight - behind the bush. They crowd around the one I killed and start saying stuff like: 'OMFG! They killed Dave!' 'That's not Dave, that's Frank.' 'Dave' 'Frank' 'Dave' 'Frank' ... You get the idea.

Meanwhile, we are both edging backwards... slowly. Then I suddenly pull out the Arc Caster with my left hand toss it to Gavin. Who catches it quite ambidextrously. The sound of the catch alerted the group and as they pulled turned around; I pulled out the dualies from my jacket pocket and shout at the top of my lungs: 'Shoot!'

I blow two trolfs straight away with my dualies, and Gavin managed to catch another with the Arc Caster. The firefight raged on. At the same time as this was happening, we were both running backwards. One of the trolfs threw a smoke grenade (they all had the same equipment as Dave/Frank). Our sight got limited to just a measly 2 metres ahead of us. Which actually benefited us, as we were the ones trying to run away. Right at this moment a hail of gunfire blasted from out of the smoke and hit me in the left arm. The pain was... painful. Very painful.

I look over to where Gavin was and saw that he got hit in the leg, right where it hurt most. The sweetspot. Gavin could only limp now, and the smoke was clearing. He screamed: 'Leave now. Go! Before they catch up.' I had a split second to make a decision. Should I stay now? With the odds against us the chances are that it will end with the both of us getting killed. If I leave now, Gavin will most certainly be killed.


With those words I ran. Ran for dear life. I looked back and saw 4 trolfs running towards me - the others were having a little 'chat' with Gavin. They were quite quick, despite their lumbering bodies. But they weren't quick enough to catch me. I managed to turn around and pull of 4 shots which landed in all their foreheads. I knew that firearms training would pay off. Even though I took to the dualies quite naturally. There lifeless bodies stood for a few milliseconds before hitting the ground with a THUD.

In the distance I could see the rest were frogmarching (actually lifting him) through the portal. To what I can only think as falling off the face of the world. Poor Gavin. I swore to myself: 'I'll get him back somehow.'

You'll have to ask Gavin for his side of the story...

None of the above is true. And if you believe it you are a CRM. LOL


Not bad right? I think I should be a story teller. I use to do it across MSN (now WLM) but I stopped after a while. Can't remember why. It's actually quite fun making up stuff. Very fun, in fact.

EDIT: Oh and if you don't believe I could conceal all those weapons without Gavin realising earlier. I have proof. I was wearing baggy clothes. Still not convinced? Look at this video:

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