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Thursday, 21 June 2007


I managed to get on the internet! 2nd day in a row. I'm awesome.

But anyway, been trying to fix the sound on this in ages. I think I may finally get it.

RE: Gavin's earlier post. I remember watching that 3 hour summary of KH: CoM for GBA. And KHII was (and still is) awesome. Coincidently I was playing KHII last night too.

Seeing as the PS2 is over here. I was playing SW: BF2 (Star Wars: BattleFront 2 - for all you gaming illiterates out there).

Oh and Gavin, you did standard mode this time right? Not easy like last time. :) - On KHII.

And finally. I told her (you know who I'm referring to by now) to go bug you. Because I was tired of her incessant nagging, I've got 3 children over here and she's more annoying than all 3 combined. Before anyone asks: they are not my children. My uncle's children. So. don't believe the rumours.

Well, anyway. She promised never to irritate/nag me anymore and basically do it to you (as in Gavin) from now on.

Huzzah! For my charismatic self that can persuade Daisy into talking to Gavin, instead of me! Although I'm not sure Gavin will be celebrating. LMAO

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