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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

No more Exams! Little Lewis Idiot

Today I had my last exam - strictly speaking, as we have 'pilot' maths exams later. It is good to be finally rid of the burden. Although I never viewed it as such.

The pilot exams are a waste of time, I don't think any GCSEs can come from it. So what's the point? A £10 voucher says otherwise. But thing is we have no idea what the voucher is for. For all we know it could be for 'Viva La Colocha Esprada Choppo' in the border of Spain & France. Or something (less) ridiculous like that.

Again, I finished hella early; leaving me nothing to do except catch up on last nights lost sleep. Although, it's not as easy to fall asleep in a exam hall. As you all well know.

Then on the way back home. Lewis decided to do some tricks on his bike. Big mistake. The first few were fine, mainly just wheelies. Then he tried to stand on the bike, stand upright. He didn't have any brakes either. Finally, it was destined to be, he fell off. Subsequently trapping his foot - somehow - between the bar and pedal. He managed to walk from the incident unscathed. But he learned a valuable lesson... which I'm not sure what it is. You'll have to ask him.

Remember Overlord? And the traumatic, melo-dramtic yesterday? Well, I managed to download it again. Via GS' Download Manage. Which I'm pleased to say was pretty quick. As the time of writing I'm trying to install it. Hopefully my PC can handle it and nothing goes awry. Fingers crossed.

I'll let you know how it goes.

EDIT: Well it didn't work. There was a corrupted file during Installation. The file was - somewhat appropriately - named 'Sheep' lol

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