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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

My side of story.....

Okay, just to let you guys know, I'm fine thankfully, and if i was in the same problem WJUK was, I would of ran aswell.

Anyways, The last you heard of me in the story was I had some of those trolfs having a "chat", well I managed to take several of them down. You know how in films when the enemy surround you and only one of them attacks you at a time, or sometimes two of them come at you, well if was like that for now.
At first one ran at me, lucky WJUK had left a small knife on the floor, he must of dropped it when pulling out his mass amount of fire arms from his pockets luckyily for me. So, this trolf was running at me, gathering some speed, I had the advantage because of the knife so what did I do....as he came in close I dodge a few of his punches and then unleased a couple slashes on his hamstrings and biceps which made him pretty useless so i finished him with my uber-awesome-special attack which involve me dealing a deadly combo and punches and kicks to the head and then slicing his head off with the knife. After finishing one off, two more came at me, i quickly finished them off proving that the trolfs are no match for my hand-to-hand combat, so they all decided to jump on me pinning me to the floor unable to move, at this point i was thinking "Oh SHIT, they going to take me to their base and probe me"
Well, my thought was right becaude they took me ot their base, and put me in a cell with your typical fat trolf who drinks coffee and eat donuts and of course the keys on the table next to him...i knew what i had to do. You know the scene from shanghai noon? You knowthe one were jackie chan pisses on the clothing and bends the bar with the cloth, well yeah, i waited till the guard fell asleep because, 1)I don't want him watching while in doing my business and 2) i don't have to kill him. So, after i bent the bars, i went out of the holding room and it looked like i was in someone basement(cheap bitches who can't afford a real base) so yeah anyways, i continued putting my escape plan into action, i decided i need a weapon incase i got into a small situation involving trolfs. So, i continued down the corridor, like i said early i was in a place which looked like a basement but turned out it was pretty big, so i thought it may be a messed up house and the weapon store room was easy to find, and i tell you something they had a fair amount of weapons, several hand guns, assult rifles, and several swords. I decided 2 hand guns, 1 assult rifle and 2 swords would be enough to open a can of woop ass(i stole that line from the waterboy). So, after that i fled the room and picked the pace and still maintained my sealthyness(Me and WJUK were trained by a spider clan of ninjas) I only came across a couple of trolfs which were easy to dispose of its not even worth blogging about, so that was my part of the epic story, maybe tomorrow after our maths exam another part of the story will unfold, who knows?

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