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Friday, 1 June 2007

Miifa? WLM 8.5 BETA

Firstly, I would like to talk about a little rumour over on GS that in the Wii version of Fifa... they are using Miis!

Imagine that?! Miis playing football. What a sight. Definitely behind this, Miis are awesome.

This would definitely help Fifa appeal to the wider demographic that the Wii appeals to already. If this works out well, it may mean more Miis in all sorts of other games...

Heres one person hoping this is real.

The second thing I want to blog about is the Public BETA release of WLM 8.5 BETA.

As you can see the GUI is different, but basically it works the same.

With a little help from SmarterChild, here is the chat window. Not much has changed here either.

It only looks different, kinda Vista-style interface. Which is good, I suppose.

There is also a bunny icon now. Try and find it. ;)

NOTE: Any of you who have MsgPlus Live it doesn't seem to be compatible with this build - unsurprisingly. So, you won't be able to partake in the competition that is being held right now.

NOTE~2: According to the official BETA blog thing. You need XP SP2 (Service pack 2). So anyone who doesn't have SP2 will not be able to use it - it seems this is the direction for all further releases too. You can get SP2 here.

Here is the link to WLM BETA page.

More videos for your pleasure.

Manhunt 2 - Bad Memories Trailer

Ooh... scary... to say the least. Potentially a good game.

For anyone who still hasn't checked out the feedback form, it's right under this post. Give me some feedback.

EDIT: Harry Potter game site went up not long ago. Check it out... You'll have to work for the goodies though.

Also be sure to check out the Wii Myspace page. That's right Wii Myspace. Insane.

A video from the page:

And a very special find by some people about the Wiimote:

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