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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Penultimate Exam

Today was the penultimate exam that I will take ever... during the course of this year.  wOOt!  Just one more maths exam to go and I'm home and dry.

By the looks of things the next exam should be the hardest out of the lot.  How did I figure it out?  Well, let's see.  When I cross-reference the previous maths exams to the time period taking to complete them.  Throw in the impossibility difficult question factor.  Times that equation by 50, then square root in.  And finally, throw in pie for good measure.  And it gives me a guess.

Nah.  Just yanking your chain.  It's just that this is worth a whole other GCSE!  That's like what, 17 GCSE's for me if I get all of them.  Damn, that's awesome.


That's it.  It's ended.  RVB 100 is out.  Courtesy of Roosterteeth.  Man I'm going to miss it, but 1-800-Magic will probably fill the gap pretty good.  Oh, and rumour has it that the videos have different endings.  But I'm not sure as I'm still watching the first one, took me forever to start it up.  I think they are having problems with the sheer amount of people watching it.

Oh and I can't embed it.  Which sucks.  But here's the link.  Click on the RED UNDERLINED words.  Apparently, different words give different endings.  Conspiracy...

RVB 100

Well, I can still only see one of the endings and it was frickin' hilarious.  Do you want a spoiler?  Huh?


Sweet.  As I was typing I managed to jack up another ending.  Amazing.  Starts the same but the ending is different...

Oh and today in the gap between the exams we went to town.  That's Ashley, Michael and I.  And it was really funny because we were going because Ashley wanted to trade in some games into GameStation (which doesn't make a difference now since GAME bought GameStation - those b*stards).  And he got in with 'Need For Speed: Most Wanted' for the PS2.  Opened the case and inside was...

Colin Mcrae Rally Car whatever.  LMAO


It's that time again that everyone has been waiting for...


Can I get a 'YEA'?  No, oh well.  You boring people.

I was left last time outside a giant door with Gimely.  Now I venture in and discover what is on the other side.

'I'm going in.'

Gimely nods as if he understands.  I place my hand on the door.  It feels cold to the touch, despite the searing heat.  The carvings on it intricate to the point that it was not possibly made by human hands.  Not even pre-programmed robots could have done such a fine job.

I gently push.  Nothing happens.  I push harder.  It fails to budge, even a little bit - despite my awesome strength.  Gimely joins in and the door doesn't even move an inch.  And I can tell you we were really surprised - Gimely bench-presses 500 pounds!  We continued pushing, yet the door stands imposingly.  As if laughing at us.

'F*ckin 'el'  Gimely says.  Next he'll be telling me he's a chain smoker...

'One last time.'   I replied.  Pretty much exhausted due to the combined effects of the pushing and the blistering heat.  I place my hands on the door once more.  Cold.

I dig my feet into the cracked sand.  Wait, something was there.  Covered by the sand.  I brush aside the sand.  A doormat.

'Why is there a doormat here?'  I ask quizzically.

'If you haven't already noticed... that's a door.'  Gimely spits out exasperatedly.

'Shut up - I never asked you.'

'Who did you ask then.'

'... The door.'

'You have issues.'

I return my gaze back onto the doormat.  There were words there.  English letters.  How can that be?


That was the only word on the doormat.  Gimely and I practically smacks ourselves in the forehead.  Duh.  That's why the handles are there.

I grab onto the handles.  Cold as well.  But they were metal.  There is foul magic at play here.  I pull.  It moves.  Easily.  Must have been well-lubricated over the years.  A shining light as the door is initially opened.

We are both blinded for seconds.  When my sight returns.  I'm flabbergasted.  My jaw drops to the floor.  Oh f*ck.  You'll never guess what is on the other side.


More desert.

(Wasn't expecting that was yer... Arrrr)

'I think somebody hates me.  You do know I'm a penguin, right?  With a big fur coat...  Do you get what the means?'  Obviously Gimely says that.  Unless I'm a penguin. :o

'Er... you're... very lost?'  I reply in a monotone voice.  Trying to hide a smirk, but to no avail.

'No.  And that blatant attempt at humour was not in the least impressive.  I'm going to overheat...  BADLY.'

'Deal with it.  I'm wearing a BLACK ninja suit.  Don't you think I'm boiling too?'


'Yea, you're right there.  Using meditation can really cool your mind.'

'I hate you.'

We walk through the door.  As we pass through, it disappears.  I take a step back and it reappears.  Damn, how're we meant to find our way out?  I survey the area.  There's nothing here we can use as a marker, to make sure we come back to this location.

Oh well.  I'll think of something.  Or not...


Great, right?  I have a pretty good idea of what to do next.  And I think it's going to include Lewis in it...  You'll never guess what as...

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