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Monday, 11 June 2007

Exam and more exams... plastererererer?!

Exams.  Damn.

Had maths exam this mourning and boy was it boring.  What made it worse was Teacher X (name censored to protect the identity of the - not so - innocent).  Anyway, as I was saying: Mrs Connoly (Keeps making me think of  conjones for some reason - I'm sure that means crotch in Spanish...) decided it was a bad idea that we left the last maths exam earlier.  So... she proposed we stayed for the whole 2 hours this time.  She even put a recommendation to the board - I'm sure she meant complaint but she's a maths teacher not a English teacher.

Well, all in all.  The maths exam was pretty bad.  Although the questions were relatively easy.  The first 5/6 pages were piss - in layman terms, for everyone else: easy.  Then it got harder.  I only missed two questions out - which I went back to and took an educational guess at.  *feels smug*


Then came the Geography Exam.  It was about Spain and Japan and Brazil and all that.  Basically everywhere expect UK.  That was boring.  Not much to say about this exam except we got let out early despite the fact that Mrs Connoly I mean Teacher X *cough cough* put forward her recommendation thingy.  Not everyone got to leave early; only those that finished in the time.  Which was only me - in Higher anyway.  Some other people from foundation too.  Sweet.

To add insult to injury - dunno why I put that, just felt like it - when I got home my mum told me to plaster some tiles.  I had to cut the tiles and plaster them and everything.  It was a pain in the ass.

The funny thing was we brought white tiles while the original tiles were pinkish colour.  But we couldn't be asked to go and get some different coloured ones, so we just went ahead with the plastering.  Now, there are pink tiles outside with occasional white ones.  Yet again, we called it modern art... it's meant to symbolise... hope, freedom & glory.  In some way or another.

The universe as we know will end... soon.  The end of an era.  An era so great it made other great eras weep.  The era of Red vs Blue.  That's right, Roostertooth had already said it was ending at episode 100.  And here is episode 99, the penultimate episode (always wanted to say penultimate... hehe):

Repent all of you!  The end is near.

'Hey Chicka Bob Bob' - Priceless

Is it me just me or did anyone else notice the similarity to the film 'Next.'  Although this is much, much funnier.

Oh and Captain Butch Flowers (always makes me ROFL) and his evil manical laughter.  Lmao.

Then Tucker with his all-knowing... er... knowingness.

Finally Caboose, what can I say.  Magnificent as always.  'I am Caboose!  The vehicle destroyer!

Cannot wait for the final episode.  Will be awesome.

The legacy will live on...

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