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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Windows Live Writer

So, a new day a new blog post.  But something's new about this post.  If you haven't guessed already - from the title, duh - then I'm blogging for the first time using 'Windows Live Writer.'  A WYSIWYG... thing.  Logo to the left.  It certainly seems - somewhat - easier to use.  With a more user-friendly UI.  Plus, it looks kinda cool.  I'll show you want I mean, a screenshot of Windows Live Writer:



Cool, no?


It's got some awesome features as well.  But I guess you wouldn't be interested in them as - the majority of you anyway - don't blog.  Even though blogging is fun and awesome.


Open-mouthed<<< It even has Smiley Support.  Now, you can't say it's not awesome.



I can even insert maps!  Look, the map show where I'm blogging from.  Straight from Mount Everest.  I also have a branch in Honolulu in Hawaii; one on Lands End and one more on Mount Edna - but you don't need to know that.






By the way, I was joking - as if you didn't know already.  Everyone who reads this blog knows that I my HQ is... in... Antarctica.  I can prove it, I have a pet penguin.  Named Gimely.  He's right beside me right now.  Look now he's waving at the screen, now he's spinning around... now he's throwing up the raw fish I gave him for dinner.  But anyway, it's kinda cold here.Eye-rolling



Don't think I'll be using this feature much.

Finally! I've got the FTP hosting sever thing set up. What a pain in the ass. But now it's good! Read to your hearts content. All posts are going to be from Windows Live Writer from now on. Hopefully. *gulp*

Damn, I was wrong.  The FTP thing still doesn't work - after countless hours of toiling away at this computer; I have given up.  From now on the images are being hosted on ImageShack.  *sigh* As if it has come to this.  The smiley s seem ok though.  Even though they are basically small pictures - damn you FTP.Angry  My arch-nemesis.



If anyone can help with this FTP business, please do.

 Banana Peanut Butter Jelly Time!


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