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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My excuse....

Okay, some of you, maybe all of you have notice my lack of updating of the blog in Wai June absence i have one main reason.

That reason is that game there, because of my free time with no exams I decided to complete the storyline in kingdom hearts 1&2 and inbetween them watch a three hour plot summary of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The one thing that I find funny is the fact the main character Sora fights with a Key, yes i know sounded strange to me at first but then i found out the key actually kicks ass.
Also when logging into MSN i got several offline messages from her (her refering to daisy). it was saying stuff like about how she walked viking way and all the stuff wai june mention and then the fact that we were bullying her and that we can outsmart her so its unfair, but to be fair daisy you could get outsmarted by several stupid animals including a sloth, goldfish, monkey and etc. Basically for the people who don't know her, you lucky.

Anyways Cya, I'm off and hopefully Wai june will be back soon.

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