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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Prom Pictures

Your faithful Author WJUK

Your other author Gavin (Me)

Group Photo

Thats just a few photos from our school prom

EDIT BY WJUK: Sorry for jacking your post Gavin but I figured if it's about Prom then it might as well be put here.

I present to you the Prom Video. Given to me by Gavin. Who, in turn, was given it by Laura. Things get a little crazy after that. But anyway, it's only 10 seconds long - I didn't film it. So, I spiced it up a little...

Just watch.

Decided to use the new feature on Blogger. Video uploading. Awesome.

Nevermind, it took wwaaaaaaaayyyyyy too long. So I opted for YT instead. Enjoy!

Direct Link.

And remember. If you have any queries, suggestions praises please send them to me.

And you have complaints... Gavin will be more than happy to oblige. :)


2HB said...

i got -some- videos.
well, one of us dancing to staying alive.

but it ain't brilliant and it's probably too big anyway.
my filesizes are a bitch sometimes.

WJUK said...

lmao, I never knew you had a blog. Nice.

How big the file sizes? I could probably compress them... somehow

Send them to me when you have time.

2HB said...

will do!
also, found a picture that reminded me of this blog

dunno if html would work, so here's the link!


WJUK said...

LMAO, yea it does. Totally. May just feature that tomorrow.

By the way, I'm definitely the running man. If not the ninja on screen. Either way I win!


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