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Monday, 18 June 2007

The final

As you know in the last post I commented on the TV show Britain's got talent, well Sunday night was the finals and it was tense, really tense, a 6 year old girl who got through was in nearly in tears cos she loss, the fact of the matter is she is a good singer who will become famous anyway but she nearly cried.

My favourite act in the finals and they should of won, was 2 guys who dubbed themselves the Bar Wizards

Spinning bottles around takes more talen than singing, i'm sorry it's true.

But, they didn't win a guy who worked at carphone warehouse who sang opera, yes that's right, a guy who worked as a phone salesmen can sing opera and won a competition which the winner gets £10,000 and to perform in front of the queen.
For the people that can deal with listening to opera here is the video of the winner, and with that note (Lewis Pun, I'm sorry) I'm off

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