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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Looking back on the Prom...

It wasn't really a prom at all. Unless suddenly during the course of this (or maybe last) year the word 'prom' suddenly came to mean: 'raving party/just sitting and talking.' The talking was ok. But as Tom L (or was it Ashley... meh) put it: 'It's annoying when your talking to someone and they reply for a bit, then walk off like you never talked to them; like you never existed.

There were some funny bits in it. One time me, Gavin, Daisy and Ashley were sat around (half a) table. Started talking and what not. To be honest, Daisy was talking about something and I was hardly listening anyway. But Ashley walks off after the chat, comes back and cannot remember we talked. LMAO. You had to be there to enjoy the hilarity of the situation.

There was also dancing. But not dancing you'd expect at a prom. Most of the time it was just jumping up and down, spinning your head in circles etc. There was some amusing bits in it. Especially if it concerned: 'Jump on it' by Sugar Hill Gang. LMAO. For the most of the evening we were just trying to get the DJ to play it and finally he did. At 11:30. And we were totally unprepared. Gavin comes running into the room with the bar (and the singing lady) and shouts: 'HE'S PLAYING IT!' And there was a mad rush into the dance hall room (because that was what it was). And this was what ensued:

Laura managed to film us (well, I joined in later because there was nothing better to do) - but she can't get it to me until Sunday or Monday. Because she is at a wedding - whoptee doo. I heard it was LQ anyway.

Lets see. What else. Oh and the rooms it was in. Don't get me started. Essentially there were three rooms (4 if you counted the room with the stairs) and they weren't very big. With one entrance connecting the buffet room to the bar room. Oh and did I mention, the adults just liked to stand around the entrance. Effectively blocking everyone's path through there. What made it worse was that a plant was pretty much in front of the entrance. Which means you either got a face full of leaves or get smothered by teachers. *shiver* I opted for the plant. After I moved it aside.

The food was ok. But it was buffet food - so basically it was crap. The chips were to salty etc. The buffet on the cruise was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than that.

And I'm unhappy to say nothing much happened apart from that. Nothing. Well, Ashley, Tom L and I decided to go for a walk. Maybe to KFC. Got half way and decided to turn around as it was too far. I also managed to get a stitch from walking and it hurt bad. I got over it though. Tom L also managed to get us (me and him) some free beer. Nice. Which ended up in the trees by the way.

There was one recurring joke throughout the prom. And, unsurprisingly, it was about Daisy. And her spasmodic headbutting. She was telling everyone that it wasn't a headbutt. Even though her head managed to 'butt' Lewis in the head. I'd think that was a headbutt. But that was generally poked fun of.

Overall prom rating: 7/10 8/10.

What made me change my score? I got in for free.

And it's that time again. For the continuation of the story.

Last we heard of audacious, courageous, gallant, swashbuckling heroes. They came across a simpleton by the name of Lewis Gray... and managed to eat his parrot: Zort. Which lead to a kicking out. Now we rejoin them in the quest to find Gavin...

'You know Gimely what you did was very bad.' I speak. My voice dry and aching - due to the quenching thirst.

'I know. I said I'm sorry.'

'You have probably ruined that man's life forever.'

'Dude. Don't make me feel more like sh*t.'


The sun was at it's brightest and hottest. And here we were walking with no food, no water and I believe Gimely is starting to show signs of heatstroke.

*sigh* 'When is this going to end?' Gimely exasperated. His voice is also dry and totally different to when I first heard it.

'I don't know-'

'WAIT! Look there!' Gimely's hoarse voice shouted. Pointing into the distance. Sure enough, there was something there. WTF?! Trees? Why the hell are there trees there? I'm sure this is still a desert.

I look around me, and yes desolate sand dunes are still surrounding that place. We run towards it going for broke again. Hoping that it isn't a mirage. Hoping that we don't die in this place.

As we get ever-closing. The details start becoming clearer. That is a jungle. No doubt about it. A rainforest. No an oasis. Recalling what I heard during a rather eventful Geography lesson. Undoubted there will be water there. We're saved.

We carry on without a word to each other. Possibly, so we would save energy and be able to reach there. But mainly, because we were in awe that such a place existed.

We reach there and I could see everything clearly now. The lush forest. The essence of life. Every dung beatle, every centipede. It was real alright. Far away a big cat roared, scaring the birds out of the trees and, somewhat surprisingly, Gimely. A bush rustled just a few metres to the north east of us. Something was there...

A low growling sound emitted from the bush. I have a bad feeling about this.

'Is this a bad time to say that I'm scared easily?' Gimely speaks in a distressing tone. His hoarseness still remains but it seems to be pushed to the back of his stagnant mind.

Then from out of the bushes jumps a shadow. So fast. Gimely lets out a shriek of terror. Even with my extraordinary eyesight I can barely keep up with the speed of the 'thing'. It stops on the opposite side of us. We turn to face it. Now, we have the jungle behind us. And a 'thing' in front of us.

I got a good look at it before it started moving. It was... a mutant. Or a hybrid. I didn't really care. As long as we killed it, not the other way around. It had a lions head and mane. The body consisted of a leopards body (I could tell by the spots) but with much enhanced muscles. I sported teeth so large they surpassed Gimely's with ease. It was large. On all fours, it was almost as tall as I was. Sh*t.

'... WJUK... I'm scared....' Gimely babbles.

'Let us see which is quicker. That mutant or my guns...' I spoke with as much confidence as I could summon. Trying to convey hope to Gimely. This battle will be anyways bet.

The 'big cat' - as I named it in my head, that was the only way I could describe it without using 'thing' - leaped. Straight towards me. The leap bore down the gap between us easily. It was literally in front of me. Time slowed. If I don't move I'm going to die.

One more leap and the 'big cat' will be onto me. I must do something! Too late. I saw the claws extend out of it's mutant paws when it was just half a meter away from me. *gulp* I'm done for.

Will the terrifying speed of the 'big cat' prevail or will WJUK stare in the face of the death and laugh? - like he has done so many times before. Will Gimely be able to regain composure and fight?

Find out tomorrow...

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