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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Once again

It's Storytime

I left off with Me slowly stepping out in the desert.....with no water.

As i stepped into the desert straight away i knew i won't be able last long, i had no water or food. I had to find shade soon as the heat would soon affect me.
How have i've been walking for....1 hour...2 hours.....i didn't know, the only thing i was aware of was i needed to get home and inform WJUK i was okay. Then all of a sudden i saw something moving in the distance, a cloud of sand dust with a small figure, travelling at speed towards me....I grabbed both katana handles and was ready to fight.....it was getting closer...closer...it looked like a trolf mounted on something...I drew my katana's.

The trolf had a mace and had some armour on this could be troublesome. He got into striking distance, the trolf swung his mace at me, i went airborne and evaded it easyily, this should be easy. The trolf turned around on his mount and let an almighty Battlecry out, BOOM i shot the trolf straight in the forehead, Guns are so useful The creature now unmounted fled frighten of the bang from the gun, I knew more trolfs would be coming my way soon i had to hurry, i checked the trolfs corpse for anything useful, HUZZAH! a hip flask half empty with water, I continued walking

After walking for several hours taking small sips of the water knowing its all i had to survive I came across a gaint door which was open, it seemed to lead no where just a gaint door stuck in the middle of the desert with no purpose or meaning, what? foot prints? could it be?, after quickly examing the footprints i knew for certain, Gimely and WJUK has been here looking for me, finally i knew what i had to do, track gimely and WJUK down before they enter the Trolfs lair.

I followed the footprints for what seemed like hours but i knew it wasn't that long.
I heard a loud murmer I drew one katana and slowly advance skimming the surrounds for and danger, AND there it was, a man with his face hidden in his hands crying, I walk over slowly and waste no time with introducions

'Have you seen a guy with a pengiun come by'

He looked up slowly giving me a a fierce stare

'what? did i do something wrong'

after a long conversation with this local called lewis, i found out Gimley had eaten his bestfriend a Parrot...what a loser...a parrot for a bestfriend

Anyways, lewis seemed friendly although he wasn't the smartest person i knew and the fact that he let me eat at his place eventhough the stench of urine was strong.

everything seemed to be going fine until a piece of firewood fell from the fire and in a matter of seconds the hut was on fire...


Great, i have a completely useless sidekick

To be continued

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