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Saturday, 2 June 2007


Well, originally this post was meant to be from and about Windows Live Writer. But due to some unforeseen problems, that will probably be for tomorrow. Instead I copied and pasted the HTML of the post over to blogger. Annoying really. Oh well.

Turns out I needed a FTP server to upload or something to Blogger, due to Blogger not being able accept images like that or something. But right now I'm waiting for an email concerning the FTP server and it's getting on my bloody nerves just sitting here... waiting... waiting.

You'll just have to wait until tomorrow for a Windows Live Writer post. It's not such a big deal really, but it just one of those things that get on my nerves.

Now, another video for you all to enjoy!

Because I know we've all got a Star Wars geek/nerd inside of us. Well, you anyway. Top Ten Star Wars Games. And I've gotta say they got it pretty right. CHEWBACCA FTW. Sorry, could resist.

Maybe the new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will redefine this list, you never know.

A little heads up regarding the new WLM 8.5 BETA. Remember yesterday, I said that MsgPlus Live wasn't compatible with it - so you couldn't participate in the awesome competition that Patchou is holding. But not anymore, it has been updated to be compatible with it. Awesome.

In his own words:

"As I didn’t want to force you to choose between testing a new Messenger and trying to win one of the great prizes of the 6th anniversary contest, I spent the last 2 days working on some quick fixes for the beta.
Messenger Plus! Live 4.22 adds support for Messenger 8.5.0517 and that’s about it; some bugs were fixed too but not that many.

Download it here: Messenger Plus! Live 4.22.274

Mess.be have also updated their 'Mess Patch' to make it compatible with the recent BETA release of WLM 8.5 BETA.

'Now that the 8.5 cogs are set in motion, all what's needed is the eagerly-awaited Mess Patch, with its 80+ features to help you make Messenger your own. So what's new in this release?

- Another HOT exclusive option that transforms your conversation window to look like the contact list.

- A new option to remove partner links from the display picture window (as requested by Markus).

- Patching profiles have been removed. - Bug fixes: Dynamic display pictures now appear properly when viewing full-sized display pictures in the contact card (reported by the andyman), in addition to a dozen of other minor bug fixes.

Worthy of your attention, is that this version of Mess Patch shows a license agreement page if any of the ad-removal options is selected. Advertisements are what keep Windows Live Messenger free and we discourage messers from removing them. Please make sure you read the license agreement thoroughly.'

Download Mess Patch here. Note: This is an English version release only. Mess.be says that a multi-lingual version is coming soon.

Well, that's about it for today. Check out the feedback form if you still haven't (below). And be sure to come back tomorrow!

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