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Monday, 4 June 2007

Maths Exam

 Maths exam.  *gruntage*

It was bothersome.  I managed to complete it 1 hour and 10 minutes early - yea I counted, proved how bored I was.

Out of the whole paper, I just had to leave 3 questions out.  And I managed to work out two and guessed - educationally - on the last one.  It was relatively easy.

The only question I guessed at was this triangle one.  Where I had to find OV.  I tried numerous ways and none of them worked.  Then I guessed 11.6, I think I have a chance of getting it right.  Sweet.

I think it turned out better than the geography exam, although it felt equally as hard - because of quantity not quality.

I was looking back on my bookmarks - and boy are they a lot.  And I found this.  It's certainly interesting.  Check it out.


Check out f/a -18.  It's fun to mess around with.  Molecules is also good.  Free flight is kind of like f/a - 18 but it's with paper aeroplanes.  Sweet.  Fan and ball is like a golf game, kinda fun to mess around.  Physics-style.  Just check it out.

Be check back tomorrow for... er... exam coverage.  Dunno why you would wanna know but... meh.

Oh and Gimely says: 'Hi! *throw up*'  Yea... he likes to do that.  It's the third time this week I've had to change carpets.  Where'd I get the carpets from, you ask - since I am in Antarctica.  Well, it's tricky.  First, I dig a whole in the ice.  Fish for a seal.  Then go to the local post office (named, ironically, Antarctica post - they're the only ones that do post to here).  I post it all the way around the world to Santa.  Who sends me the carpet.  Done.

Have a good day!

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