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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Awards &... Alcohol

 Well there you have it!  I'm back home in one piece with no injuries - yea I know, I'm surprised too.  Was an awesome way to spend a Thursday night.  I'll try and put everything that happened today into chronological order.  Just before that, I'd report that I still got to eat at the buffet even though I didn't pay.  HA!  Lmao.  I just walked up, took a plate and ate.  Although the food wasn't that great.  At one point we were thinking of going to KFC.

Firstly, we had to get there.  My mum took us there and she adamant that we had to be there by 6:30.  I said it was 7 that we were meant to be there.  But no, she doesn't listen - and seeing as she was the only mode of transport; I had to go along.  It ended up with us standing outside for about 15 minutes.

Some time passed and nothing happened.  Then some more time passed and still nothing happened.  Well, there were people coming in.  I knew the occasionally few: Kirt (or Kirtan), Sean, Liam etc.  After a while, nobody from our school came and I was getting a little worried - sure there were people I knew there, but friends make a party so much better.

Huzzah!  About 5 minutes later, Anton comes along.  In a suit.  Yes, a suit.  This is Anton we are talking about (he's the dude that is extremely lazy - more so than me - a lot of times he doesn't go to school, even if he does he arrives late).  Then we waited some more.  My impatient self was getting impatient - I'm prone to do that.

Finally.  Gavin, Ashley & Kris arrive.  In the same car.  And they were all wear suits.  Well, except Gavin he was wearing a shirt.  And there I was in a black shirt and jeans.  Nice.

We decided to enter then.  It was getting quite cold outside - it's been like that for countless days.  We proceeded to sit at the adjacent table to Kirt & Sean and friends.  Other people from out people arrived later on.

At this point.  The ceremony started.  With a rather cheesy films being shown - if I may add.  Just before the actual award ceremony started they showed their staff film.  Which this year was titled on 'Back to the Media' - if you haven't already noticed, it's a blatant rip-off of 'Back to the Future.'  The staff films for the awards always appear on YT.  So I'm waiting for their film to surface there so you can see.

The first part of it was rather civilised - no one was drunk yet.  Apart from the occasional tribal chanting that happened.  Which strangely seemed to be coming from our table a lot.  With shouts of 'Take it off' etc.  Gavin managed to pick up the 'Achievement in Photography' award.  And was very - and I mean very - proud of it.

More stuff happened which I wasn't very aware - or bothered - about.  Then Kris won the award for 'Achievement in Multimedia' which was a real surprise.  The award was from Toby's class.  The very same class in which Kris said Toby smelt of 'curry' straight to his face.  Kris never even finished the course properly.  We (as in me and Ashley) devised that they pulled out the register, closed their eyes and randomly pointed at one.  Probably true.

Unsurprisingly, we won the award for 'Best Genre Film' - seeing as we were the only real group to finish the film properly.  Sure, some other films finished like 'AMP' (stands for something like: 'Asexual Metallica Productions' or something) and Anton's group.  But their films are sub-par, well below average.  Ours wasn't that good either but theirs... I don't wanna talk about it.  On a scale from 1 to 10, ours is about 5/6 and theirs is like... -25.  Ouch.

Then something really really surprising happened.  Josh won the 'Best Student Award'   OMFG!  It was Josh.  The ginger dude.  He was probably the least likely to win (out of the ones that actually did work) save for Daisy.  He got a man trophy (like Oscars) whereas we got a trophy depicting stars.  He also got an envelope.  In it was a 10 pound voucher (not to VIVA LA COLOCHA WOTEVA) to Virgin.  I We were gob-smacked.  He didn't even know he won the award, he was at the back behind the glass screen.

After the ceremony which lasted a hefty time.  It got mildly crazy.  Still no drunks or throwing up.  The buffet was open.  Which I stated before that I got to eat for nothing.  While others paid a fiver.  There was also a rodeo bull thing.  Yes one of those.  It was a beast of a bull.  That made the party a party.  Other stuff happened which I wasn't very aware of again.  Drinks got served to under-aged people etc.

Then we ended up at the back; behind that glass screen.  That's where stuff happened.  By about 10, Gavin & Ashley were doing the YMCA and Grease Lightning.  They were also trying to catch chocolate eggs and minstrels in their mouths.  The was also a 'throwing fight' where stuff was thrown.  Especially this metal tube which used to house a cigar but not anymore, Alex bent it bad.  Daisy was undoubtedly the target.  Gavin managed a 3-in-a-row headshot on her.  Which I applaud.  I lmao'ed bad.  Then more stuff happened but I had to leave about 10:30.  Since I had an early mourning tomorrow.  Heck, the party should be still going on now.

I'm sure Gavin will fill you in on the details that I missed out and what happened after I left.  I'm thinking some throwing up, although Lewis wasn't there.

Tell it to them, Gav.

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