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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nothing much to say

Not alot has happened in the last few days.
I had a graphics exam on friday which was rather boring. I mean one of the questions was about making a box for a slice of cake, not a full cake, a slice of cake....it was for some party planning thing anyways. Most people found it hard. Personally I found it hardish.

Also I was at Daisy's "leaving party" but we havent completely left school yet.
The party involved alot of drinking, i do believe most people were drunk by about 9pm when the party started at 6pm, lightweights the lot of you apart from the odd person who actually drank a large amount of alcohol in that time.
Also several of us decided to have a food fight in the backgarden, the food getting throw ranged from pickled onions to chicken wings. Trust me, A chicken wing to the ribs hurts and leaves a grease patch on my top.
Also around 10:30ish i got dared to climb over to next doors garden and take the small trampoline back over to the party for our amusement, after awhile i threw it back over as if nothing had happened.

Thats all from me, if we are lucky Wai June will post soon.

1 comment:

2HB said...

you liar! you weren't dared to get that trampoline, you just wanted it!

well, atleast this party you weren't comparing how much everyone drank. and you were sober by the end. i think.
how the hell could you remember otherwise.

and i don't remember this food fight :( sounds fun.

..yeah, this is kate by the way :)


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