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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Badminton; English Exam

 Today was a close call, as I decided to play badminton before going to the exam.  I'm surprised I even made it.

But I was on the end of a horrible accident.  Someone came down with a smash - good thing I was fast, or it would have hit my head - BOOM!  It cut my hand.  My right hand.  The one I write with.  Then I have a English exam.  Damn.

A photo of the wound.


Lmao, only joking.  It's not that bad.

But it still f*cking hurt all the way through the english exam.  Regardless I wrote 8 pages!  Phew...



The English exam was pretty hard.  I totally forgot what we were being tested on - again. Especially that poems from different cultures thing.  I was like 'WTF?!' in the exam - I didn't shout it out loud, but you could see it in my eyes... or something.  Anyway, it was a real pain in the ass.  I'm glad that test is over.  And the good thing is: I HAVE NO TEST TOMORROW!  Nice, huh?  I laugh at everyone who took history and have a test tomorrow.  I laugh and laugh... and so my laughter continues.

More videos!  These two are the Japanese adverts for Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on the DS.

To think Nintendo are trying to do something different with this again.  Apart from the obvious control methods in the videos above.  There will be a 'master dungeon' which Link can explore from the very beginning.  That's right, from the start of the game.  Although you won't be able to clear it in one sitting, which would be cool though.  You have to clear other dungeons (and probably pick up some 1337 equipment) to be able to progress further.  And get this Link can has a boat.  Nothing special, right?  Except it's a STEAM BOAT.  If that won't make the game sell, I don't know what will.  Oh wait,  the boat has CANNONS.  Now, where can I get a DS for free... and then the game...

Why does the sailing part in the above paragraph remind me of One Piece.   Nevermind.

More video-viewing-pleasure.  Not that kind of pleasure, you dirty-minded idiot.

Overlord.  Nuff' said.

Would be cool if that minion dude was an advisor and said that everytime you walked into the throne room.  Then one day you decide you have enough of him saying that so you hit him while he is saying it - or behead him on the spot, if you are truly evil - so he doesn't say it again.  There should also be a 5 year-old kid as an advisor.


He doesn't do anything but he's five years old, give him a break.  He could be the dude behind everything though - you never know with this generation of fugly children.

One last word before I go.  Apparently in FIFA '08 (or if you want to my awesome made up name for the Wii version: Miifa) there is going to be a new feature called: 'Be a Pro.'  If you haven't guessed already - 'Gamers will work to improve the skills of a single player on their roster.'  It's just like the recent iteration in Madden: 'Superstar Mode.'  This could turn out quite well.  Maybe one day we can play 11 v 11 across the Internet...  who would want to be in goal though?

Oh yea, I wonder if you can be the goalie.  That would be funny.

That's me done for today.  Check back tomorrow for... me doing sweet F.A.  Sweet...

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