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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Overlord; hate...

Well, today I got a newsletter from Codemasters - funny, I don't remember signing up to a newsletter from Codemasters. It detailed that the new Overlord demo was available for PC. So I'm trying it out - but it is taking forever to download. Currently at 25% with about 2 hrs and 20 mins left. It's 1.06GB! I'm downloading from FileFront (figures) because all the other download links didn't work - not even the one that said: 'UK: Codemasters.' At this rate the download should be finished at about 3:10-ish. As of writing it is currently 1:00-ish.

Boy do I hate downloading. That's like number on my internet hate-list. Followed by installing etc.

At wits endWJUK's Internet Top-10 hate-list
  1. Downloading - especially from slow servers
  2. Installing - especially if they install a lot of unnecessary things
  3. Pop ups - self explanatory
  4. Spammers - stupid spammers
  5. Trolls - stupid trolls
  6. People who shout random insults that don't make any sense during online matches - like on Halo (not all people on Halo)
  7. Slow loading pages - we've all been there
  8. Ads - especially the ones with sounds *shivers at the thought of them*
  9. Overly cluttered web pages - also produces number 7 (double-hate)
  10. Misspelled domain names - e.g. Goggle instead of Google. Sometimes brings you to very inappropriate sites *wink wink*

Got any hates? Post them in the comments!

Oh and I found out something cool today - well, actually last month but I just remembered to post it today.

Can you read this?

It is cool taht you can raed tihs eevn wehn the ltetres are srcamlebd up. Can you eaiplxn tihs penhomnimon?

It's Prttey fnuny how we can raed tihs einrte snetnece wtih all tehse ltters all out of palce, and we can cnotniue to keep raednig and sitll mekas snece of waht we are raeding. No mttar how mnay tmies you raed tihs oevr and oevr you can sitll mkae snece of it.

As long as the first and last letter of the word is in its correct position, you can position the middle letters in any order and still make sense of it. Our eyes just glance at he first and last letters of a word.

Just thought I'd note that I didn't write the messed up words up there. Would have taken too long. And time is money - as they say. Plus I cba. That was the main factor.

EDIT: I'm dead pissed off now. I went downstairs and left the downloading thing on for the Overlord demo and now it's just disappeared! And I seriously cannot be asked to go and download it again. Agony.

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