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Thursday, 28 June 2007

More of the story......which has no name

Okay, so where did i finish off last time.......Oh yeah, i had just left the trolfs "safehouse"

Well, I had managed to get out without hardly no trouble which was a suprise as i thought they would of put some guards on the door, but they didn't, it makes my job of escaping easier.
So, i took my first steps out of doors, which were suprising gaint, either trolfs are messy creatures or they had just moved in, i don't know much about trolfs, WJUK knows strange creatures better than me.

So, i took my first steps out, the door made a huge bang as they shut, which worried me as trolfs might had heard it and they may come sweeping in at any moment and capture me again, but they didn't. The first thing that caught my eye was the ground, the mud was thick and gripped my foot, Was I in a Swamp of somekind? neverless i continued trodding along keeping a keen eye incase everything was watching me.

Crossing the swamp was tiring indeed, I was lucky to avoid fighting as the the terrain wasn't my style and I would of died for sure.

To my prevail I had left the swamp behind me and I stepped out into the blazing sun....A DESERT, nothing but sand, nothing but sand, this walk could be harder then the swamp, after all i had no water.....

Thats all i got time for today, check back tomorrow or later for the rest

Also Maths test suck!

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