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Friday, 15 June 2007

Awards continued....

Following on from Wai Junes post about the awards

To be truthful not much happened after Wai June left
Ashley was singing along to songs with some input from me and Alex. Oh, Kris when he was around, most the time he was on the dance floor with some of the other students like Kirt and his friends

Me, Ashley and Alex tried to get the DJ, who was called Steve i think to play Sugar hill Gang- Apache Jump on it so we could dance along to it, You know the dance that was in the fresh prince of Bel Air

but the DJ decided to play some old Classics instead which we wasnt happy with 'cos we didnt get to dance but we were happy 'cos we got to sing along to some songs.

Thats all that really happened after Wai june left.

Oh, wait, Daisy, you know the drama girl that messed up the drama exam? well her older sister was there and she lost her bag which had: 2 digital cameras, a phone and some house keys, so they spent the last hour or so looking for the bag, and they didnt find, Rumour has it that the police are now involved and they have no leads to who may have taken the bag, the search continues.

and with that note im off, cya

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