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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Little Lilac Attic Room - Round 2

As you may know from the previous post, I went to Lewis' house again. And his unnecessarily messy room. Which is lilac by the way.

At the beginning we played MSCF again. And Lewis got lucky and beat this time. Making it 2 - 1 to me overall. Then Ashley left so we decided to play on the XBox - yea, the old XBox; I thought it was dead too...

We played Burnout: Revenge and it was ok, took some getting use too. A lot of crashing and 'Instant Revenge' and stuff. It was stuff of the norm. Then we put in TimeSplitters. Originally, we only has a - pretty large - map to the three of us, so me and Gavin could get use to the controls. Then we added some bots - and all hell broke loose.

We were playing in the 'Mexico' level or something like that; with western weapons and stuff. Cliche, huh? Just for the record I was a ninja monkey, then a cyborg monkey and finally a droid security guard. Lewis wanted to be a fishbowl, then a robot. Gavin opted for... a large yeti kind of thing. Then a ninja monkey. The monkeys were uber fast but there was a problem with them, you couldn't shoot over these walls that posed no problem to people that were less vertically-challenged.

Anyway, back to the Mexico level. I managed to pull of more kills than Lewis (who has played the games a hell of a lot more times than me. But that was due to a thing called the flare gun. Where I essentially shoot it into a bunch of enemies and they all burnt and died. Sweet. Lewis seemed to like camping as well... ah, fits his persona... I guess.

Then came the level on... this big icy place. Can't remember what it's called. But it was bloody cold. lol. We started with baseball bats - later on we started with double machine guns. Anyway, this was the one I went crazy on. I got into the car - as the ninja monkey (NINJA MONKEY FTW!) - then literally went beserk. I plowed right into the opponents base - we were playing CTF - and parked the car into the entrance. Every enemy that touched the car died... nice. A lot of people got ran over, and I was enjoying it. I jumped out of the car and plowed right into their base, with nothing but my ninja monkey fists. Bad idea. I was gunned down in the hallway. Oh well.

Finally we played a level where it was close-quarters combat. And it was close. There was literally hardly any room to maneuver once you got into a firefight. I did good by just picking up the proximity mines and tagging them on staircases etc. because there is no jump button... or sprint button. What the hell is up with that?! One time I found that I could pass this bit where a half foot high wall was there. I was a 2 metres tall robot...

Anyway, it was a pleasant experience and it was no doubt fun. Will probably be back there, probably on a exam day again. Goodbye for now.

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