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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Dead Arm

Today I woke up with a dead arm. During my sleep I somehow maneuvered my arm so it was behind my head and - I'm sure you've tried it as well - it does that thing where all the blood drains out or something. I woke up. Sat up. Only to see my left arm flop beside me. It felt like I'd been punched (several times) on my arm by a pretty strong person. It felt like this for about 10 minutes. During that ten minutes I could hardly use it - that pissed me off. I could only type with my right hand etc.

What is the moral/point of this story? There isn't one - if there was I'm not aware of it. Or <insert Lewis pun here>.

I just thought I would share my gracefully painful story to the world. Open-mouthed

Let's see... what else happened today? Not much. Woke up at 1pm - against my will & with a dead arm (can't get any worse) - then played badminton till 4... that's it. Oh and I pwned this kid in MSCF. One game ended up 25 - 0. OWN3D! Lmao.

A new Transformers: The Game trailer, courtesy of GT.

I actually feel hyped up about this game. Could be pretty awesome to protect and destroy stuff - especially destroy stuff. I wonder if there is a Nuclear Power Station in the game - because it would be so awesome if you could destroy that and make the surrounding 20 miles into desolate wasteland... my mind is drooling at the idea.

I haven't even talked about the transforming bit yet! It looks like it's a smooth transition from uber-mega-robot to vehicle. Nice. Plus, vehicles are different as well! Land, air - maybe water.

I'm picking up this game. But if it's not good - someone's getting a serious beating. And this time, I'm not joking.

Then GS managed to get a look at Bioshock and here is a video:


With the new video player I don't think you can embed so, the link is the best I can do.

Bioshock... what can I say. Bioshock = must buy. Although I'm unsure whether my computer can handle it. It looks awesome and -more importantly- plays awesome.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow I have exams again. Which is bad. Maths in the mourning and Geography in the afternoon. I'll tell you how it goes. Although I'm not sure what to do in between the two exams. And plus, I have no idea what to revise for the exams. Maths? What maths? Geography? I don't know anymore...


lorelai236 said...

That Transformers movie looks pretty intense.

Jackskle said...

"Dead Arm" happens to me frequently along with my fingers. Game looks good, but you can't expect too much from games based off of popular franchises.

WJUK said...

To lorelai236: Yes it does. May go and watch it.

To jackskle: You've got a point there. Guess I'll just wait for the reviews.


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