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Monday, 25 June 2007

I'm back!

I'm back - officially!

Well, I have a wealth of things to do - especially catching up on all the stuff I missed. Tons of emails and stuff to sort through (well, not tons - it's just a figure of speech, don't take it seriously).

Ok, I'm not joking about this bit. I was really really really bored over there. It felt like time slowed over there. Really slow.

My only saving grace was the PS2; which in hindsight was a great idea to take over there. Star Wars: Battlefront 2. GTA: Vice City. It all came back to me.

Oh and also sudoku. Yes. Sudoku. That's how I've been preparing for the upcoming maths exams.

You: But it's got nothing to do with maths. All you need is logic.

Me: ...

You: ...

Me: Shut up. It's got numbers. Hasn't it?

I'm starting to get pretty good at sudoku. I can finish one in five minutes. When the recommended time was 20 minutes. I totally own3d that newspaper.

Where to start...

Well, I managed to get a pretty bad gash on my knee because I jumped over a wall. I cleared it - easily - my knee just nicked the top of the wall. And the wall (must have been hungry) took off a massive chunk of my meat. You could see my knee cap! And I touched it. It feels... bony. Duh.

I think it was my knee cap, if it wasn't then... I guess it's something else.

What? You wanna see a picture? Ok... I guess. It's mostly healed up so don't expect anything big, bad and ugly. The mirror will suffice for that job. Sorry about the low picture quality - deal with it.

Apart from that not much interesting happened. I fixed my uncle's computer - I've been doing that a lot recently, I should start charging for it. I also managed to find and install the sound driver to match the sound card and whatever; which was a royal pain in the ass.

Good news is I got to eat quite a lot of stuff over there.

Next. Moving on to videos.

Roosterteeth have put up the new episode for 1-800-Magic (which is frickin hilarious by the way). Actually, they put it up quite a while ago. But I wasn't here to tell you about it.

LMAO at the glowing tree. Caboose or Bitterman was awesome too. His voice is awesome.

Then we have the illustrious Kung Fu Jimmy Chow.

This had me ROFL. Both 'purple nurpling' each other. LMAO

Let's see. I've just about wrapped it up there. Except...

RE: Previous post by Gavin.

Was that it? Seriously? You went to a party and the best you can come up with is: 'We I stole a trampoline thing and threw it back over.' I thought I knew you man...

Give us the details. Who was drunk - not pissy ass drunk, but falling down drunk?

At least tell me someone fell out of a window or face planted the ground. It was a party. People are meant to (in order):

  1. Arrive partially late and blame it on others
  2. Start talking to people and drinking
  3. Get really drunk
  4. Start doing stupid things
  5. (OPTIONAL) Get hurt doing stupid things
  6. Wake up naked in a bed next to someone (opposite sex preferred - although not usually) you have never seen before - AND have no rare collection on what happened last night
  7. Scream: 'Bloody Mary' or something like that
  8. Run around like your head is on fire
  9. (CRUCIAL STEP) Jump out the window
  10. Manage to land in a small glass of water Sorry that is what cartoons do. I always gets mixed up. LOL. For this step, just face plant or something.
Setting yourself on fire is a common 'Stupid thing' you can do.

There you have it. What you do at parties. Of course you can do optional stuff, and stuff like (throwing trampolines - although that is classed as stupid things I guess) in between these steps. But that is how parties generally go.

I am not liable for anything stupid you do while following that guide. Copyrighted to UGOTPWN3DBYWJUK LTD. Also don't scream: 'Bloody Mary' three times in a row - you'll regret it. Something... bad happens. Like the women from 'The Ring' gets you, or something. I dare you to try it.

That's it! I'm officially back.

Regular updates tomorrow. Gavin will be staying as an author - as I am too lazy to do anything about it.

If things go well, I may add other people to being authors. For the sake of it.


EDIT: Lmao at my family. They just did the nOObiest thing I've seen in a long while. It was straight from something like IT Crowd. Here's what happened:

While I was away, they acquired a new all-in-one printer & scanner - for very cheap mind you. An 'EPSON STYLUS PHOTO RX620' to be exact. Nothing wrong there right? I'm just getting to the good bit.

They set it up, install it etc. And it works fine for 3 days. Then suddenly, it just stopped working. So they leave it. I came back have a look at it...


Plug in the socket. And BOOM (the printer didn't actually make that noise, or I'd probably be dead - some way or another) it worked again!

LMAO. Should have phoned tech support people like in IT Crowd.

'Have you tried turning it on and off?'
'Is it plugged in?'


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