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Sunday, 3 June 2007

1000! Cleanilessnesses?

Ninja Protagonist Not much happened today [again] - I hope you weren't expecting to much. I'm not some protagonist out of a movie or TV show where every five minutes something bad happens to me. That'd be hell. Albeit it'd keep my life more interesting.

I have no idea what the picture to the left is. I presume it's a ninja/protagonist person - to coincide with this post. So he shall be named the... Unnamed Ninja Protagonist... dude.

Woot! The blog has officially - somewhat unofficially - broken the 1000 hits mark! Can I get a Huzzah?


No? How about a yea?

You boring people. Anyway, it's a great day for the blog and I am pleased to have started it. Even Gimely is proud - he's doing that throwing up trick again, never fails to amaze me. It seems the only way for this blog is forward! Not backward. Not left. Not right. Not up. Not down. But forward.

According to the statistics thing, I've been getting hits from all over the globe. And I mean all over. From Dubai, to Hong Kong and even Buenos Aires! I feel warm and fuzzy inside - mentally, not physically. Before you say anything.

As people say... 1000 is the lucky/magic number. Or something like that.

Oh, damn I almost forgot. Something did happen today.

We Someone managed to knock over a bottle of some-sort of cleaning liquid. I believe it was called something like W5 or a stupid name like that. Well, because of that we spent 20 minutes just cleaning this closet. It was troublesome.

The funny thing was, afterwards we looked on the ground and seemed cleaner. Not totally - it was just in some spots. We found that the cleaning liquid actually did it's job - for once. Where it landed there were patches of cleaner tiles. Not sparkle sparkle clean, as I stated before: my life is not a TV show. And sparkle sparkle clean only happens on TV.

Anyway. The floor looks funny now, because we couldn't be asked to clean the rest of the floor to match the cleaner tiles. We just walked off to eat and said: 'Hey, lets just call it modern art.' I like my family.

I never thought it could be done, but it's here. Some dude managed to compare the LOTR trilogy, SW saga and Matrix trilogy. I know you're all fanboys at heart, and I bet you must like at least one of these trilogies/sagas (trilogii? Ashley: It's Mongai! [Regarding our argument about the plural of mongoose]). So, for you're amusement: One Trilogy to Rule them All. It's a hefty read. If you do read it, be

Who do you think will win? Place your bets. Personally, I don't care but... meh.

Psst. Star Wars wins. But I didn't tell you ok?

That's pretty much it for today. I am not looking forward to tomorrow though. Because I have *gulp* exams! Not good. Geography in the mourning and Maths in the afternoon. Double whammy. Pray for me people. Pray.

'Gimely's a good boy!' <<< Heh, my penguins kicks the ass of your penguin. Mine talks.

In my absent mindedness, I forgot to embed a video. It's tradition now, and you can't break tradition now, can you?

Fits in nicely with what Kate told me to say a few days back... or was it yesterday. Meh.

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