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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Net Improvisation

T'was badminton today. And I have it tomorrow. I'm going to be shattered,

It was funny today because we didn't have the keys to the storage cupboard - where all the posts and nets are (and basketballs).

But undeterred we made our own net. Out of two large curls of mats, two hockey sticks and several pieces of skipping rope. And I was actually quite proud when we finished building it. Although it drooped a bit in the middle...

But anyway, apart from that I just wanted to say this:

I managed to hit the basketball rim using a tennis ball. Not impressive, huh? Well, lemme just say I was under the net on one side of the sports hall (which is over 4 badminton courts wide) and I threw the tennis ball. And managed to hit the rim. Impressed now? No? Geez, you people are so hard to please.

Oh and KP showed me a comic and in her words: 'also, found a picture that reminded me of this blog'

To be honest I have no idea what is happening at the bottom panels but it looks awesome enough...

By the way, I'm the dude that is running by the car. Or the ninja. Either way I win.

This gives me an idea to make my own comic...

<Some time passes>

I present to you: 'A day in the life of WJUK'

Click for better quality image.

It's that time again... Yea, you get the idea...

Our heroes were left in a dire situation in the last post. Will they survive?

I'm done for...
I shut my eyes on my impending doom.

CLANG! WTF? Clang? I open one eye and find that our of gut reaction I unsheathed my katanas and managed to block the swipe. The 'big cat' is less than amused.

We may just win this...


WTF? Chomp? Gimely...

I peer over the big cat's shoulder to find... Gimely. His fangs firmly planted into it's buttocks. Go Gimely go! The big cat isn't quite sure what is happening. Surprisingly he hasn't let out a scream of pain. He turns his head around to look at his behind... then lets out the girliest scream I've ever heard. And I've heard quite a few.

I take this chance to react. I push the big cat away and he falls onto the floor, gently licking and caressing the wounds on his extremely misshapen buttocks. Gimely had fallen off by now. He is a penguin, but he's not stupid. I dash towards him pick him up, jump onto the big cat's head. And jumped towards the jungle.

I just managed to reach the tree. By now, the big cat has realised what has happened. He definitely wants to exact revenge. Damn. I hung to the treetop with my right hand while managing to hold onto Gimely with my left.

'So... what's your plan?' Gimely asks, distressed by the sudden height we have reached.

'Plan? What plan?' I reply without looking at him. I was keeping my eyes on the big cat.

'You know... You've got to have an idea - that's why you brought us up here.'

'Uh-uh' This was coupled with a shake of the head. 'It was a whim. I was hoping it couldn't climb trees. I think it worked.'

'But what do we do now? You're bound to lose your grip sometime...' Gimely looks towards the big cat - which is encircling the tree now. 'And I think it knows.'

In a comical cartoon way, I had a brainwave. Like a light bulb just lit up in my head. 'I have an idea?'

'Somehow I'm afraid to ask. What is it?'

'You ever heard of Tarzan...'

With that I released my grip on the tree. Gimely let out a shriek that defeaned me ears. Simultaneously, the big cat lunged upwards towards us. I managed to use it's head again as a stepping stone and grabbed hold of a vine. We were swinging!

'Ah~ah~ahahahahaaaaa' I shouted. Enjoying the moment.


Snap? WTF? We travelled forward a few more metres. Then began to drop. The vine had snapped.

'Great plan...' Gimely managed to murmur before we hit the ground with a THUD!

'Ouch...' No time for ouch.

The big cat was there. And I had to do something.

I guess I'll have to use that.

I drew my katanas and shouted: 'ONIGIRI!' I sliced. Sending my power down my arm and into the swords. It let out a shockwave so powerful it knocked the big cat into a tree. It was out cold.

'Why didn't you do that in the first place?' Gimely asks. Stroking his head, as that is where he hurt himself when we landed.

'Oh that. Well... I just made it up on the spot.'

'WTF does onigiri mean then?'

'Dunno. Rice ball or something.'

'I could have known it was about food.'

'Quit your whining. Let's move.'

We trudged forward once more. Not knowing what we will find.

Some time passes. I couldn't tell. I didn't have my watch, and the sun was blocked out by the canopy of leaves. We finally reached the other side of the forest. Not meeting anymore of those 'big cats'. We got lucky. I thought.

I pushed aside the last bush in our way and peered through. We're here. There stood a building. A dull grey building.

WTF is in that?

Finally got Kate's video. She uploaded it to YT - so no editing by me. You don't see much though...

Kate's video:

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