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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

White wall...

I've just got a break from painting which I talked about yesterday.  They managed to get me to paint as well today.  And it kinda sucks:

Because we are painting white over a light blue wall.  But that's not the reason.  My sister - unwittingly - decided that she should (well, not only her) draw ALL OVER the wall.  So, every time we paint white over the RED PERMANENT MARKER it disappears (and we go: 'YEA!').  Eventually though, it seems to seep back through...

Which sucks.

On a good note though:  After a while we applied so much paint to these 'redspots' that some of the marker was coming off and it looked like blood was seeping from the walls - just like in horror movies.  Bad news, the red still shown through...

Right now, I just cleaned my hands.  The rest of me is still full of paint.  My hair.  My feet.  My legs.  You name it; they'd probably be some paint there.

I'm waiting my turn to use the shower... sucks don't it?

Ok, since I don't have much time... I'll get right into the story:

The heroes were last heard of when they were traveling through the desert and meeting bandits.  They prepare to engage-  wait.  You know what?  Why don't you read the previous post, instead of me posting this short summaries?

'Do you really think you can beat us?'  I shot the "leader" a glare as I said this.  His horse withdrew a bit be he seemed unfazed.

But he was.

He simply lifted up an arm and pointed towards us.  Then he followed his action with a command: 'We'll see.  CHARGE!'

His underlings (or generic henchman) charged forward.  Swords raised in the air.  Battle cries ringing from their mouths.

They close the several feet gap in mere seconds.  We reacted fast.

We had to.

I counted them.  7, no.  9 of them.  The two of them at the back were momentarily shielded from my view.  But when the brawl started, no could shield themselves from our attacks.

The first two that formed the peak of their formation was quickly cut down by the two of us.

I swung low to take out the horses leg with my two swords.  My horse abruptly stopped and flipped it's back up.  Catapulting it's rider and saddle up into the air and onto the blade that was in my mouth.

I impaled the person right through the gut.  I swing the sword in my mouth quickly to the left to get rid of the corpse.  It slid off and the first casualty of the battle landed on his head.  I could hear it crack.

But no time to check now.  Another was coming.  Gavin had managed to dispatch the other one at the front.

2 down.  7 left.

The next two grew wiser from their comrades death - yet their eyes showed no emotion but the emotion of bloodlust.  They came in at the same time at me.  With the sword in my right hand I thrust the sword at the horse's head.  Using the sword in my left hand I sliced at the horse's mid-section.

My right sword pierced right through the horse's head and into the thoracic cavity of the rider.  I could feel the sword jolt as it went through the ribcage.

Simultaneously, the left sword did a clean horizontal cut right through the middle of the horse.

The bottom of the horse dropped to the floor.  The top half continued to fly forward past me.  The enemy atop still screaming his battle cry - without his legs.  They landed with a loud "THUD" and the person was out of action.  He couldn't participate in the fight anymore and was losing blood fast.  He knew that even if he survived he'd be dumped by the ones he called friends, since he is useless now.

As this was happening; Gavin also took down 1 more and was swiftly onto his third kill of the day.

The last and final rider managed to get around Gavin and was now attempting to ambush him from the back. 

I put a stop to that.

Gavin killed no penultimate one only to find his back was open to an attack by the last one.  I jumped in and sliced the last head off.  I landed to the right of the horse and headless rider.  The horse continued to run in the direction it was pointed and didn't stop.

Only the leader left now.

I looked back over to where he was.  His face was in shock.  'B-but, they were my BEST FIGHTERS!'  He sputtered out.

'Obviously, not good enough.'  I said.  Tasting the blood in the hot desert air as I did so.

'Stupid man.  You should have fled when we were fighting.'  Gavin added.  Making more of a mockery of the subordinateless leader.

As if Gavin was his commander, he promptly attempted to turn his horse around and make a dash for it.

But his shock had also affected his riding skills, as when the horse saddled up he fell off.  Onto the hard-baked ground.  Hurting his back in the process.  The horse galloped away, thinking his master was still atop it's back.

'Don't kill me!  P-please I b-beg of you!'  Tears ran down his cheeks.  Babbling like a little baby.

I walked over to him.  He was trying to crawl backwards, but his hurt back prevented him from doing so.

'Mercy is for the weak.'

His head came clean off.


Howzat for a fight scene?  Stay tuned as Gavin will be here with more of this fantastically interesting story.

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