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Friday, 13 July 2007


Not much happened today.  Woke up at 2:30 PM.  Was bored.  Ate fishcake.

That was about it.

Moving swiftly on...

The story.  Since Gavin has left me in such a peculiar position.  I have no idea what to do.  More spontaneous improvisation.  I guess...

We were escorted by guards to the palace.  An extravagant palace.

It makes Buckingham Palace look like a dog house.

We enter through the main gate into a garden.  A garden of such beauty and sereneness, it is beyond the capability of words to convene.  Exotic animals, like flamingos, line the lake to the left.  Woodland to the right, teeming with life.

And ahead of us; a giant palace.

We enter through the main door, into what seems like the royal courtroom.

'Welcome to my home!  Heroes!'  The emperor shouts at the first sight of us.  He looks happy.

'Come come.  Take a seat.  We have much to discuss.'  He continues.  Chairs and tables are bought in, food and wine are also presented.

'So.  What are we here to talk about?'  I ask frankly.

What looks like a general to the left of the emperor reacts fast.  'Why you!  No one speaks to the emperor in that tone of voice-'

'Stop it Klar.  They are guests of honour.  Besides, I like his straightforwardness.'  The emperor interrupts - rather rudely, may I add.

'Sorry, you majesty.  I was wrong for speaking out like that.'  Klar replies solemnly.

'Very good.  Now on to the main topic on the agenda.'  He returns his glace towards us.  His eyes a shade of dark brown, almost black.  'It's about the monsters you three have been fighting.'

'Yes.  Any information will be helpful in this matter.'  Gavin says for the first time since entering the palace grounds.  'We really have our hands full in this matter.  And they aren't exactly getting any weaker.'

'I know a great many things that you may want to know.  I know that you three are not of this world.'  Our faces turned to that of shock.  'You fulfill the requirements of the prophecy.'

'Prophecy?'  I butt in.  This was starting to sound like a very cliched novel.

'Yes.  The prophecy.  Left down by our ancestors who supposedly got it from celestial beings.'

Lewis finally speaks aloud.  'Wait.  So your telling me that we are heroes that are defined by this ancient prophecy, supposedly given to your ancestors by aliens?'  His tone of voice sounds so ludicrous it's almost funny in this serious discussion.

'Yes.  Albeit you put it in more layman terms.'  The emperor replies.  Unfazed by Lewis' rash outburst.

'So.  What does the prophecy say we do next?'  I ask.

'Well.  According to it.  You three must travel the lands and cross the seas.  To reach: 'Kuros' or the "Land of Demons."  Once there.  You must slay all demons in your path and execute the Demon King - which we unfortunately get no information of in the prophecy.'

'Tsh...  Talk about a hard task...'  Gavin says.  As he leans back on his chair.

'Is that it?  Does it tell us what location?'  I ask again.

'West.  Where the Sun sets.  It is a far far place.'  He speaks in a manner that shows itself to be wise - and yet, his words sound foolish.  Well, to any one in the 21st Century with a rational mind.

Lewis speaks once again.  In a babble of questions.  'What happens once we slay the Demon King?  Does the balance and order of the world be restored?  Do we banish the evil back to their domains of the darkness?  Do we get forever marked in history as awesome people?  Do we-'

The emperor interrupts:  'I do not know.  So cease with your incessant questions.  The prophecy states nothing else.  Only that you will kill the Demon King.'

'Great.  So, that probably means we won't get any rewards...'  Lewis says frustratingly.

'I'm not convinced we can do it.  That last monster took a lot out of us.  And the Demon King will probably be a lot harder.'  I pronounce clearly.  Harder echoes throughout the large expanse of the room.

A long pause ensues.  Where the emperor resumes into a thinking posture.  After what seems like an eternity, his face changes quite dramatically.  Into one that shows he has thought of something, it was quite comical.  And I probably would have laughed if it weren't for the serious of the numerous guards in the room.

'I suppose - that being the gaijin that you three are - you won't know of our world's magic.'  Gaijin meaning foreigner.

'Magic?  That stuff only happens in stories and films.'  Lewis says as he stood up - probably without knowing it.

'Sit back down.'  Lewis did.  'In answer to your question:  In your world, yes.  Magic only exists in books, novels and those of creative minds.  But in our world... magic is real.  As real as fire is hot.'  The emperor exudes a certain awe when he says the last line: As real as fire is hot.  Probably an old proverb.

'So.  What about magic then?'  I speak aloud - probably sounding rude.

'You're going to be schools in the art of magic...'


Huzzah for magic!  Now all manner of things can happen.  Interesting...

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