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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Yea, you guessed it... More Tiredness

You'll never guessed what happened to me today.  Well, actually you probably would.


And tiredness.

So, not much to write about there.

All in all just an average day in my life.  Where I play badminton, and tire myself or hurt myself in some way doing so.  In this case, messing up my left Trapezius (big word I learned from GCSE PE).

And the painting is going along fine.  Despite me not helping out, because it is also tiring.

We finally managed to cover up the drawings in red ink.  We had to buy (insane, isn't it?) from B&Q - actually, my mum did - some sort of... ink cover-upper.  Heck, I'm not sure what the hell it's called but it works!  Can you say "Hallelujah!"


Probably not.  How about "GAWD-BOMB!"? 


No?  Geez, where's your mob mentality.  You've got to jump onto the bandwagon sometime.

On a totally unrelated note:

Rockstar TM is bringing Table Tennis to the Wii.  Like with the Table Tennis game they released already.  But with motion sensing.

What is that you say?

There's already a Table Tennis game on the Wii, in the form of this:

Not to insult Nintendo or anything.  But that table tennis game SUCKED.  No really, it sucked.

It was pointing where you wanted the bat to be, and it SUCKED.

Heck, pretty much all the games in 'Wii Play' sucked.  Except Billiards (or "snooker just a bit different"), tanks and maybe... the shooting game.

Easily the most irritable game of ALL-TIME was the Find Mii game.  That SUCKED.

But actually the game was not bad, why?  Because it cost 5 quid.  Technically it did anyway.  And I'll avoid getting into the technicalities here.

Basically, if the game cost anymore than it is currently priced at... it is a blatant rip-off.  Although I'd want to see if I could walk into GameStation and attempt to trade it in for an actual full-priced Wii game.  That would be awesome.

Anyway, onto the story.  And since it seems that Gavin has fallen off the face of the Earth (again, might I add).  We will have a minute silence to commemorate the memory of... er... his deeds.

Not necessarily good deeds.  But deeds, nonetheless. 

I believe I ended the last post with me loping this dude's head off.  So it continues from there.

The mangled head fell to the floor.  The cut clean at the headless body's neck.  I would now, I could see right down his half-chopped throat.

The head hit the ground first and rolled to face me.  As if to say: 'I'll get you back for this!'  But I wasn't fazed by this recent thought in my imagination.

Then his body fell down.  Seconds after his head hit the ground.  The blood started gushing from his neck.  I got some onto my shoes.

'You know... we could have used him to get some information...'  Lewis said.  Hesitantly.  As if I would turn around at that instant to dismember his head from his body as well.

I spun around.  And Lewis did retreat a step.  And I said: 'Opps.'  I looked down at my right hand and found it dripping with blood.  I wiped it on the dead guy's shirt.  'Well, I suppose it's too late now.'

'Yea.  And do you really think he would have said anything?'  Jill said.

'What do you mean?  Scum like him would have thrown away his loyalty to the Demon King - if he actually works for him - and grovelled at our feet.  Giving an answer to every one of our questions.'  Gavin said.  After also wiping his hands and cleaning his swords from the blood that came from our fallen foes.

Jill walked over to the beheaded guy's head.  And positioned her hand behind his head - just above where his neck use to be, and yanked.

Out came a device.  It looked like a cross between a needle and a microchip.  And it had been implanted quite deeply into the back of his head.

'You see this?  This is the Demon King's way of making sure that none of his subordinates and henchman ever give away any of their information.'  Jill said, confidently.  'There's a microphone in here, which records what is being said.  And if the Demon King doesn't like it.  BOOM!'  She gestured using her hands as well.  An explosion gesture.  'It also prevents traitors from getting their way.  It's win win for our little Demon King.'

I nodded.  'That makes surprisingly a lot of sense...  Hey.  What a moment.  How'd you know so much?'

Jill's face suddenly changed colour.  It went pale.  She didn't expect to be asked this question.  'I... er... I use to work for him.'

We all let out a gasp, as if she'd said she murdered someone.

'Wait, wait.  Listen it all the way through.  I betrayed him in the end.  And I got away.  Only to be chased by these bastards'  Jill motioned towards the dead guy.  'They eventually caught me.  Yesterday.  And you found me.'

'That sounds all fine and dandy.  But how'd you get away so easily?  Wouldn't that thing'  I pointed towards the device.  'have had exploded?'

Her face now went from pale to very pale.  'Well... you see... I managed to find this person who... er... could remove it without it exploding.  And without it killing me.'

Yeah right.

I was about to challenge her further when Gavin tapped me on the shoulder.  He gave me that look:  Don't overdo it.

Gavin knew as well.

Lewis seemed blissfully unaware that Jill was obvious lying.  And Glen.  Well, he showed no emotion.  His face just looked solemn... and old.

'Fine fine.  Your story makes a whole lot of sense.  I totally believe you.'  I said this so sarcastically that you wouldn't have believed it could have been done.

But Jill seems to not have noticed my sarcastic tone.  And just cheered up, believing what I just said.

Oh great.  Another idiot.

After this conversation we left that place as quickly as we could.  The place was now marked.  Marked with blood.  If what Glen says is true:  'Wolves will be here soon.  We wouldn't want to get involved with them.' 

He ushered us along.  Even though I wanted to have another look at those devices.  He wouldn't let me have one.

I managed to catch a glimpse of my first victim.  The one who landed on his head.  The head was split right open and I could see his brain.  It looked like it was still pulsing, but I knew that he was most definitely dead.

There was much less talk than before the incident happened.  But no one was really concerned about it.

After that bloodbath, I'm surprised no one has thrown up yet.


How will things go from here?

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