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Monday, 2 July 2007

Prize Giving Bonanza

I've always wanted to use bonanza somewhere.  Well anyway.  Back on-topic.

I'm a shattered today.  It feels like I've ran a marathon... took half an hours rest.  Than decided to run another.

Although I still managed to smash awesomely.


That's about it.

About the prize giving thing.  I got home and to my (un)surprise there was a letter - I've been getting a hella lot of them lately.  I swear someone is signing me up to random useless crap.

Well anyway, it was about School's Prize Giving Ceremony thing.  Duh, hence the title.  It's on the 12th of July, and I have to be there at 6:30.  What a pain in the ass.  I'm still considering whether to go or not - well, I have been to every single prize giving in the last 5 years.  So might as well.  There is free food too.

Tired of those boring 3rd party accessories for the Wii?  Like that crappy pack of Wii sports peripherals that do nothing to enhance the game?

Well, fret no more!  Make your own!

Sorry, these were to awesome not to post.  He must be some kind of genius...

More here. 

The part that needs no introduction...

We left the brave adventurers at the doorstep of the giant dull building.  What will they find inside...

Gimely whispers: 'Ok, so let's think this through.  Gavin will be locked away somewhere deep inside-'


'Why the hell did I follow you...'

Holy sh*t.  A large congregation of trolfs came running out of the door.  There were different kinds to the ones I saw last time.  They tended to be split up into ranks.  The ones wearing least armour are probably grunts - the ones I met last time.  Then there are ones wearing robes - probably magic casters of some sort.  And finally, the biggest ones, wearing the most armour of them all.  Probably the generals.  There were only 3 of them.  The group in front consisted of about 30 trolfs, by my reckoning.

'So, anymore bright ideas?'  Gimely asks.

'Hey, my last idea worked.  Didn't it?'  I replied hastily.

'Not the way you think it did.'

'Don't make you kick your ass.'

The large group charged.  The ones wearing robes and the generals stayed behind.  At least 20 of them were coming towards us.

'EPILEPTIC CHEESECAKE SLASH!'  I cried as loud as I could.  Potentially shaking fear into the enemies hearts.  I could see that some were caught off-guard by my shouting.  But most were fine.

I swiped with my attack.  This attack proved to be more powerful than my 'ONIGIRI' attack.  It wiped out 9 of them.  11 left.

'DANCE OF THE NAKED PENGUIN!'  It was Gimely's turn for his attack.  He moved -somehow- elegantly in between 5 of the trolfs.  It actually looks like dancing.  He was doing backflips and everything.  He's like a penguin version of Yoda.  This thought amused me a bit and it managed to draw a smile onto my face.  Despite our little predicament.

After dancing between the 5 trolfs.  Gimely landed smoothly and stopped.  Nothing happened.  Then the trolfs were cut into pieces.  Blood was gushing everywhere.  14 down.  6 to go.

The six that were left over learned from their fallen comrades mistakes.  We were a force not to be reckoned with.  They stayed just out out range and only swiped when they saw an opening.  But they didn't see one.  It's not that we didn't have any, they tended to be simple-minded creatures and weren't ask quick as us.  Mentally as well as physically.

'I've got an idea.'  I said to Gimely.

'Oh great.  Another one of your crack-pot schemes.  What you gonna do now, throw me into-'

I picked up Gimely before he could finish.

'GO!'  I threw him into the bunch of them.

'ARGH!'  Gimely shouted.  Flying not so elegantly this time.  Taking out the remaining six trolfs.

'Strike!  I win!  Huzzah!'

Not yet.   I turned towards the remaining ten trolfs.  This won't be as easy.  Gimely was getting up now.  He waddled back to my side and he looked pretty ruffed up.

'Sentou ryoku wa ku-sen ijou!'  I told Gimely.

'WTF does that mean?'

'His power level's OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAND!'

'Where'd you get that?'

'Dragon ball...'

'You sick degenerate...'


Whoosh?  WTF?  What the hell is up with all these crappy noises?

'It can't be...'  I looked up.

'Can't be what?  What's that sound.'  Gimely followed my gaze now.

Sure enough, there in the sky.  Something was dropping.  And it was big. 

HIDE!'  I shouted.

We dashed into the cover of trees just in time.  I'm pleased to say that the trolfs didn't make it.  At least I don't think so.  The giant thing landed right on top of the grey building, demolishing it easily.

'GAVIN!'  I wheezed.  Trying to keep the smoke and dust out of my lungs.

It was beginning to clear again.  The trolfs definitely didn't make it.  But WTF was the thing that fell from the sky?

It was a big grey block.  That was it.  It reminded me of tetris.  Who or what is piloting the thing?  It can't have just fallen from the sky from it's own accord.  Can it?

I'll have to leave it there.

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