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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Brain Damage

So, WJUK had sucessfully distracted the Gaint Turtle.
Lewis was scare senseless once again why did we bring him with us?
I was on the turtles head waiting for WJUK signal.

WJUK drew his swords, that was the signal, it's time for me to make my move. I made a dash for the turtle's right ear, jumped into it, and ran into it

First the eardrum needs to be destroyed, I let out a huge "Spinning Satsuma Slash" I pierced the Eardrum and made my way through and the turtle yet out a huge roar of pain.

That's the ear drum gone, now it's time for the main target, WJUK plan seems to be working.

I slowly approached the brain, drew my swords, I wonder how I can attack it...

Chocolate cake slice, the brain spilt into two straight down the middle.

I ran out quick, leaping out the the turtles ear, the turtle fell to the floor, I hope WJUK wasn't under him, but more importantly where am I going to land.

An open window, great, I reached for the window ledge, and managed to get one hand on it, I tried pulling myself up but started to loose my grip.

'WJUK, HELP ME!' I yelled

"Great", I thought to myself "Nearly falling from a window screaming for help, how much worse can it get"

With that the turtle exploded, I looked down and saw that the turtle had exploded into millions of small snapping turtles, One might say It got worse.

Will Gavin fall from the window ledge and how will the guys take care of the snapping turtles?

Answers in the next part.

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