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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

WJUK+Gavin Vs. DK

DK let out an almightly roar and whipped his tail around and hit Lewis. Lewis was sent into a spin and hit a wall.

'Lewis, Are you alright?' WJUK called over...no answer came

'See what happens why you fight against me, you have one chance to surrender and may make you my pets' DK growled

WJUK was quick to answer with a determined 'NEVER! Gavin! Get ready to launch me!' WJUK burst into a sprint towards me and i crouched down and made a X with my swords.

WJUK came running in and pounced on my sword, I pushed upwards (Thank God WJUK isn't to heavy!) and sent WJUK flying into the air as he flew upwards he let out a loud 'ARGGGGHHHHH!'

'You think this will stop me' DK laughed and swiped his claw at WJUK. WJUK was lucky and managed to slip inbetween DK middle and index finger and wedge his sword into the claw.

Lewis stood up and felt his head, warm liquid came oozing out of the side of his head, he was drowsy, he had to support himself up against the wall he had crashed into a few minutes before.

'Alittle help would be nice' WJUK yelled with alittle sacasm in his voice, he was getting flunge around by DK clinging on by just one sword, the sword from WJUK mouth fell and hit the floor with a loud clanging sound. This was becoming ugly at a terrible speed, I had to do something quickly, but what?

I glanced over at Glen with a look of desperation hoping he had a spell up his sleeve.

'Now you want my help?' Glen spat out , he was obviously angry that we don't let him help out unless we are in dire situations, 'Fine'

Glen tooks a few steps towards me and whispered an incantation and finished with both of his palms open facing me, 'That should help' Glen smugly said walking off.

I felt no different, i turned round and looked at Glen when it happened. My body was filling up with energy, from my head down to my toes, even my grip of the sword was more fierce, I felt like I could do anything, NO!, I could do anything.

I turned and faced DK who was still shaking WJUK, I didn't need anyone to launch me like WJUK did. I bent my knees and brought both swords down to my sides and pounced straight towards the hand of DK, I sailed up towards him, it was as simple as walking.

I brought both swords over my right shoulder and slashed downwards at his wrist and sliced it straight off, and jumped on to his falling hand,WJUK and I held on to the hand tightly and it landed with a loud bang which brought up a dusty cloud.

'Glen! Cast that spell on WJUK!' I yelled jumping down from the hand and getting ready for another pounce but this time I need WJUK helps to take down the DK once and for all!

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