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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Hurt foot ~ RH3 - Why wasn't I told earlier?

Well, I hurt my foot yesterday night (or is it yesternight?).  And it hurts.  Duh.

My little toe has swollen up and it hurts everytime I attempt to use it.  But I'm still going to see if I can play badminton tomorrow.  :P

Another thing.  Do you remember Rush Hour (1 & 2).  Well, they're making a 3rd one.  I'm sure I was told before but seriously don't remember.  I only found out (again?) when someone pointed me towards the website where there is -supposedly- a crappy game that can be played on the Wii.

Rush Hour: Game

OMFG!  It is really really really really... bad.  Horribly bad.  No, it transcends the boundaries of badness, it's so far past bad that it's pathetic.  I've only tried it on PC, maybe playing on the Wii is better.  But seriously though, it sucks.  Majorly.

But according to Wiki: 'In one scene, basketball player Sun Ming Ming, the second tallest Chinese person and seventh tallest person in the world, fights Chris Tucker.'

Which is kinda cool.

Oh, I found the trailer on YT.

I'm so good to you guys.  By the way, the last bit at the end makes so much sense.  'Your Asian, stop humiliating yourself.'  Gonna watch this film.

I've also spent the mourning watching stuff - or parts of stuff.

I watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix at SilverStone.  Not bad.  Watched for about 45 minutes than switched over to watching a movie, you probably won't have heard of it.  It's Chinese.  Even if you have you won't know, because I have no idea what it's called in English.

Then after the movie, I watched Wimbledon.  The men's singles final.  I watched a bit (again) about 1 hour, I think.  Then I find out Simpsons was on so watched that.  Then turned back and finally came onto the internet.  I heard that Alonso won the race, with Kimi in 2nd and Lewis in third.  And the final match; between Federer and Nadal; is still going on.

Hmm... I'm still short on story ideas.  And Gavin being a lazy b&*#@! doesn't help.

Again, I'm going to wing it.  Wish me luck.

We left them at the entrance to the portal, find out what happens next...

'Let's do this.'  I say, not taking my eyes of the portal.  It felt evil, yet good at the same time.  Black and white.  It seemed different to the one before.  It gave off a feeling of pleasure and pain.

'I dunno.  Maybe we should think this throu-'  Lewis says.  But it was too late.

I was already through the portal with Gavin not long after.  I couldn't hear Lewis anymore and his incessant whining.  You have no idea how much of an urge I got to say: 'Kowabunga!' or something stupid like that.  But I had a reputation to uphold.

Finally, Lewis joined us about 2 seconds after.  We were floating.  In nowhere.  It was pitch black.  No light at all.  I have a bad feeling about this.  No, wait in the distance.  There was light.  And we traveling towards it.  Very quickly.  The whole thing lasted no more than 10 seconds but it felt much longer.

We hit the light.

I close my eyes.

Once we were through - I could feel that we were through.  The unnerving pressure had lifted off my shoulders.  I open my eyes. 

Blue sky.

I found myself lying on the floor - spread eagle.  Of what seems to be an alley.  Gavin and Lewis were beside me.  The portal was still there, at the far end of the alley.

I stood up, dazed but my mind was still functioning.  Gavin had already stood up and was looking out the alley, unmoving.  I lifted Lewis up who was still in a state of half-unconsciousness.

I propped Lewis against the bricked alley wall and walked to stand next to Gavin.  I saw Gavin's face for the first time since leaving the portal.  It was a face of shock and awe.

I looked forward as well.

Holy f*&@!

Japan.  That's where we were.  Japan.  But not the when you think we were.  It was the feudal age.  Holy crap.  This is awesome in so many ways.

'You seeing what I was seeing?'  Gavin suddenly spoke.  Breaking out of his mindless stare.

'Er... yea.  We're in... Japan.'  I reply open-mouthed.

Lewis had managed to get up by now and had also joined us.

'Holy crap...'  Lewis gaped.

'Cool, I think we're going to have a lot of awesome adventures.'  I know we are.

Suddenly the earth shook.  It trembled menacingly.  The feudal folk started running.  Earthquake?  No.  It's not. 

The feudal folk started shouting: 'It's here!  Run for your lives!  God Kamue is here!'  Ka-mu-way.

More earth shaking.  From the far end of the street I could see it.  A giant beast.  As large, if not larger, than uber-Kate.  It looked like a lizard.  A giant lizard for that matter.

A congregation of samurais have gathered at the foot of the beast and attempted to attack it.  To no avail.  The beast merely sweeped it's foot and they were all down.  Presumed dead.

'Let's go!'   I shout and dash off towards the ensuing fight.  My swords drawn.  It was finally some time for action.

'Come on Lewis.  Don't make me drag your ass over there.'  With that Gavin joined me in the running.  Lewis was slower and trotted behind us.  I wouldn't be surprised.  He was genuinely scared.


Will we defeat the beast?  I dunno.  Gavin is finally going to update today.  So, he will tell you.  :)

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